Dance Moms Miami Recap: Fire and Ice

After a week’s hiatus from Dance Moms: Miami, the crazy is ba-ack, and this week they are heading north!

Victor and Angel are embarrassed over their last showing–fifth place is a joke at Stars studio.  Kimmy makes the top of the list for missing first place in her solo competition by one point.  Sammy is at number two for her great solo.  Jessi finally works her up from the bottom, and Victor praises her from improving her behavior.  Lucas gets a tad misty to see he is fourth on the list, which means Hannah is on the bottom.  While she’s improving, it’s not at the same rate as her teammates.


The crew will be competing in Michigan this week.  Kimmy and Jessi get solos.  Sammy will be doing a duet.  Lucas will be benched, and Bridgette wonders why she’s even bothering to take her son to Michigan if he doesn’t have a solo.  Debi and Abby are both shocked to learn that Sammy’s duet will be with HannahAngel wants the kids to learn discipline so he plans on treating them like convicts during training.  He also has the brilliant idea to make the dancers guilty of their mothers’ crimes.  Lucas will be charged with tax evasion.  Having just paid off four years worth of back taxes, Bridgette does not find this amusing.

The group dance is a contemporary style.  Bridgette decides to stir the pot by asking Abby her take on Sammy and Hannah’s duet.  Both moms manage to be equally snippy about the others’ daughter ability.  Jessi and Sammy are teary after banging foreheads during rehearsal.  Angel and Victor have a long road ahead for this competition.

We learn that Sammy and Abby travel an hour each way to get to Stars.  Abby’s husband is not at all on board with how much time they are devoting to Sammy’s dancing.  Jessi is really working to prove herself with her solo, and Hannah is worried that her duet with Sammy will be a disaster as they have different styles.  Victor has set up the duet in hopes of teaching the future sassy Hannah Montana wannabe some humility while forcing Hannah to step up to the plate with her skills.  While Debi likes to say that the girls have “different styles” (Hannah’s been listening to her mom!), the other mothers prefer to say the girls are on “different levels.”  As you can imagine, this does not please Debi.

Victor and Angel are concerned about the duet and the trust issues between Hannah and Sammy.  They decide it will be a great opportunity to utilize the trust fall.  Sammy falls back into Hannah, who catches her.  One down!  Hannah just can’t seem to fall backwards.  She says she knows Sammy will catch her, Hannah just has a fear of falling.  She leaves the training room in tears, but Victor and Angel are adamant…no trust fall/no duet.  After a tiny bit of coaxing, Sammy is able to catch Hannah and all is well in the land of duets.

The kids are rehearsing outside, and out of nowhere a giant wall of fire starts approaching the studio.  Stars is evacuated as the firemen are going to have to shut down power on the street.  That is one huge fire!  The kids are in chaos, and Victor finds himself consoling one little dancer who isn’t featured on the show.  She is terrified because no one is coming to take her home.  Angel decides he’s going to take all the parentless children back to his house until they can be retrieved.

Kimmy is practicing her solo which is called “It Feels Good to be Bad.”  She is a self-described nerd, and she loves it.  Angel wants to know if she’s ever done anything bad.  Kimmy admits that she’s stayed up past her bedtime to do homework.  I love me some Kimmy.  Angel recruits requisite bad guys Lucas and trophy-stealing Jessi to school Kimmy in the art of bad behavior.  Lucas is hilarious, citing his additional reaction to Kimmy’s bad girl solo was “good luck with that!”  Angel tries to get Lucas and Jessi to admit to some of their wrong doing, but they won’t utter a word until their mothers are dismissed.  Lucas reveals that he recently hid all of his mother’s bras in the trash.  Kimmy is given her dance homework…she must do something bad in the next twenty-four hours.

Victor isn’t thrilled with the Hannah/Sammy duet.  Hannah is dancing a quick beat behind Sammy, and Victor scolds both girls for not paying attention to their counterpart.  Debi keeps going on about “different styles” and Hannah being set up to fail while Abby rolls her eyes to Susan, and Bridgette is sick of listening to their bickering.  Basically, she tattles to Angel and Victor about the moms’ bad-mouthing of the duet in hopes of getting it kicked to the curb so Lucas can snag a solo.  Victor is beyond peeved to hear that Debi thinks he is personally trying to sabotage Hannah so she’ll remain at the bottom of the list.  Victor basically hands Debi her a$$ on a platter before storming out of the studio.  I don’t blame him…he wants these kids to succeed and it’s beyond obvious.  I’m shocked to learn he’s only twenty-three!

The crew arrives in Michigan.  Victor urges the moms to follow their children’s examples.  Jessi performs her solo, which brings Susan to tears.  She truly is an amazing talent.  Angel calls her solo flawless, while Victor touts it as “jaw dropping.”  Kimmy’s bad behavior was to throw a nut at Jessi in retaliation.  Instead, she tries to channel her inner Victor.  It works.  Kimmy delivers another stellar solo.  Victor and Angel are beyond proud.  Kimmy places fourth overall, and she is super excited.  Jessi, on the other hand, is disappointed when she gets second, not first.

Bridgette is scolded for not supporting the solos…she disagrees–she really only doesn’t support the duet.  Debi is appalled at Bridgette’s new mean girl status.  The group dance is showcased first, and Kimmy thinks they nailed it.  After the dancing, Angel dismisses the children so Victor can have words with the mothers.  Debi tries to defend the context of her statements, and Ani goes to support her when she storms out of the room.  Of course, she’s Kimmy’s mother…she’s the only sane one!  Ani states that she hopes Hannah never hears anything the women (I’m guessing Debi included) have to say about her dancing.

The girls are stressed about their duet, but they do much better than in rehearsals.  Sammy is hoping to prove to her dad that Stars is the right studio for her, and Debi is hoping that Hannah will have her time to outshine her mini-nemesis.  The saddest part is that poor Hannah is the first to admit that Sammy’s better, but that doesn’t mean she’s bad.  The kids are so much smarter than the adults on this show.  Hannah exits the stage in tears after all the pressure to perform.

The group dance garners first place, and Victor is glad to see his dancers make up for such an atrocious showing last week.  Hannah and Sammy even receive a platinum award for their duet.  Victor and Angel are super proud.

Next week, Bridgette and Mayra get into an heated argument, Susan wants more respect from Jessi’s sassy mouth, and Hannah is on the verge of a pre-solo breakdown.