Last night’s Don’t Be Tardy for the Wedding , has Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann send Brielle off to her homecoming dance in style, while Kim tries to everything she can to keep her mom away from Colin Cowie.

I must say that I love the conversations between Kim and KJ.  Poor kid doesn’t even know he’s part of reality history…but at least he gets to wear a sweet cap.  Kim’s excited about planning the wedding, but her mother is causing her major stress.  Brielle is having her hair did done for her homecoming dance.  Holy crap, for my high school dances, I didn’t have hair and make-up, I had my mom zipping up my JC Penny’s dress…and that’s it.  Kim threatens Brielle’s boyfriend of two months, asking if he’s ever grabbed her daughter’s butt.  Brielle can’t win, stating she’s never made out with her beau, but she has pecked him on the mouth.  Kim is dreading having so many kids and parents at her house pre-dance, but it’s adorable to see Kroy’s relationship with his soon-to-be stepdaughter.


Brielle is sporting a very Kim type dress for her school dance.  It has feathers, and Kim dons her with some fancy jewels.  Kim is the happy photographer at the homecoming pre-party, and Kroy plays the dad role better than I could have ever imagined.  But enough about Brielle’s outing, Kim has a list to conquer if she wants her wedding to come across without a hitch.  She’s concerned her mother will be another super fan if she hears Colin Cowie’s back in town.  Kroy is supportive in Kim’s quest to have her mom as far from the wedding plans as possible.  No cake tasting for Kim’s mom!

Colin is in Atlanta full force, with flowers, food, and decor.  Thankfully for Kim, the tasting is sans Mama Z.  The food Colin is offering looks amazing, but Kim is overwhelmed by the choices.  She also may be a bit on a different plane from Colin as she tries to commandeer the menu.  Kroy states that he isn’t a fan of hush puppies…he also isn’t a fan of fioe gras.  Same thing.  It is pretty cute so see Kim and Kroy interact about the wedding food.  Especially since neither of them knows what they are talking about.  Kim is horrified to hear that Kroy stayed silent when finding a hair in one of the offerings.

Kim and Jen discuss the important topic of wig maintenance for the wedding.  Derek J arrives for a hair testing ppointment.  Kim needs a hair piece trim so that she can avoid looking like Cousin It on her big day.  She needs her brand new wig fixed for the big day.  As Derek is working his magic, Kim reveals she wants a tattoo on her shoulder.  Jen warns her that a shoulder tat could potentially be tacky.  She advises Kim to get a tat under her boob to be more classy.  Kim and Derek get into it when he wants to trim her wig on the wedding day.  Kim is appalled.  You don’t get a wig trim on your big day!

At the end of the day, Kim and Kroy enjoy some wine to relax in the midst of planning.  Kim’s mom has read Kim’s twitter and learned that she was left out of the menu tasting.  Kim can’t believe that her mother is considering boycotting her wedding day just because she wasn’t invited to try Colin’s treats.  Kim is beyond livid and yells at her mother.  While her mother tries to backtrack, Kroy comes to his future bride’s defense.  He doesn’t like that Kim’s mother is being so passive aggressive.  Kim relays the same to her mom, but with a great deal of cussing.

Next week, Kim look for porta-potties for the reception, and she tries to mend fences with her mother after the Colin Cowie debacle.


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