Dancing With The Stars Finals: An Almost Perfect Night

The Dancing with the Stars powers-that-be did what we hope for all season and kept the first part of the finals competition to just one hour.

William Levy & Cheryl Burke are up first with an energetic ChaCha to “Raise Your Glass”. The colors on Cheryl’s dress were fun, but something about the cut/style just didn’t suit her for some reason and I was distracted by it. In my unprofessional opinion, there didn’t seem to be much content for what should be the “knock their socks off final dance”. Len disagrees with me, saying it was the best he’s seen in 14 years. What do I know?


Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas dance their way to another perfect score with a paso doble.

Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd dance the Argentine Tango. I was fearful that Peta might suffer a wardrobe malfunction – that dress was literally hanging on by a thread. But it was a HAWT dress. Two of the three judges deem it worthy of a 10, except for Len, who just never seems to want to give Donald the credit he’s owed.

Each couple is performing a second time tonight – a freestyle number. I think they should do more of these throughout the season to spice things up.

William and Cheryl give a red hot freestyle performance and Len isn’t impressed. Len says all William is doing is shaking his butt and getting the women screaming. He’s fed up with it and wanted something more. The spicy number got Bruno pumped up, not that we’re shocked by that.

Katherine and Mark’s freestyle impresses the judges and Carrie Ann says it was the dance of a champion. Len loved it and says it was a freestyle as it was meant to be. The judges give them another perfect score. It was a fun number and they did a lot of daring moves, but I might need to watch again, because I swore I saw a few little missteps?

Donald and Peta are up last and decide to pay homage to Donald’s roots in two ways – by blending his inner Texan cowboy with his football team (the Green Bay Packers) with green & gold costumes and turn the dance floor into a country barn dance on a football field. It is by far the BEST performance of the entire season, in my very biased opinion! In some freaky body swapping twist, the dance moves Carrie Ann so much that she’s STANDING on the judges table, something that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Bruno.

Tomorrow night is it! The couples will dance one last time for the judges and we’ll see who our Season 14 DWTS winner is!

Finals Scores

William Levy & Cheryl Burke: 30 & 29

Katherine Jenkins & Mark Ballas: 30 & 30

Donald Driver & Peta Murgatroyd: 29 & 30