Are Bethenny Frankel And Jason Hoppy Headed For Divorce?

Nothing Bethenny Frankel does is an accident, and it’s starting to look like making the demise of her marriage a central plot line to her reality show may have been a segue into its real life dissolution. The ever reputable Star magazine reports that Bethenny and husband Jason Hoppy are headed for divorce court with a source claiming it was “imminent.”


Making the situation even more interesting is the fact that Bethenny is moving to California in order to film the trial run of her new talk show. California, as we all know is the land of the easy divorce, and it would be easier for Bethenny to end it there than in her home state of New York. Star also reports that Bethenny had an “iron-clad” prenup before she got married and amended it afterwards to account for the money she earned with the Skinnygirl acquisition deal.

“Bethenny has watched plenty of her friends over the years get divorced and has always vowed to never end up dependent on a man for financial stability or security. The prenup clearly outlines that ALL of Bethenny’s business deals, endorsements, Skinnygirl, are hers, period. The prenup was modified after the couple got married, but Skinnygirl is and always will be Bethenny’s, and Jason waived any rights to it.

“Bethenny had just started dating Jason when Skinnygirl was in the beginning stages. Skinnygirl was sold to Jim Beam after the pair got married and this is when the prenup was modified, but Bethenny still has an active role with the company.”

I’ve never believed that Jason had a true role with Skinnygirl like it’s often been portrayed on BEA where his actual job has been kept a secret from the audience, so it’s easy to believe that he has no financial stake in the company. However, another tells source tells Star that Jason thinks he “feels absolutely entitled to half of her fortune.”

He might feel this way because of the rumors that Bethenny is cheating on him with her business partner, Matt Hesse. Bethenny and Matt have been spotted having dinner together and a snitch told Star they looked very friendly:

“They walked through the restaurant with his chest pressed up against her back, and she leaned back and he whispered in her ear. Then, they went up the stairs to a private dining area together, literally with their arms wrapped around each other.”

Anyone who watches BEA knows that Bethenny literally flirts with anyone so who knows what this means. But if they are cheating, a source says Jason will talk: “Jason has said that when he is ready to officially file for divorce, he is ready to call Bethenny out on her infidelity and name Matt in the papers.”

Never one to shy away from trashing her daughter, Bethenny’s mother Bernadette says she saw this coming, and that Bethenny has “no respect for marriage.” She says, “His problem is he’s too nice, and she’ll grab another nice one. He is replaceable. Nice is boring, and Bethenny gets bored with nice.”

Well, regardless of what some gossip magazines are saying, E! News is claiming things are absolutely peachy for the Frankel-Hoppys. Yet another source insists the couple is fine and still very much together.

A “friend” of Bethenny’s also came forward declaring the couple is happy. “They are still together and want to make this relationship work,” the Huffington Post reports. “This is not Bethenny’s style. If she wanted to leave Jason for Matt she would do it,” the friend adds “She is not the sort of girl to sneak about behind anyone’s back. She is honest to a fault and has no problem saying exactly what she wants, including when it comes to her marriage.” Hasn’t she admitted to cheating in the past?

Bethenny, herself, addressed the divorce rumors on the Twitter and hinted that fans will get the skinny on her upcoming talk show. “We’re going to talk about EVERYTHING on my show! June 11 on@foxbroadcasting,” she promised.  That Bethenny – never one to miss an opportunity to self-promote! Well, this just reeks of a publicity stunt to promote her newest venture!