Last night was the season finale of Bethenny Ever After. And it really felt like both the end of an era and the beginning of a new one. Julie Plake left, Jason Hoppy and Bethenny Frankel finally moved into their new apartment after a season-long HGTV show of decorating it, and Bethenny announced that the talk show is really happening.

I have to say, I’ve long had a love-hate relationship with Bethenny. I’ve loved her on Real Housewives of New York. I’ve adored her on Bethenny Getting Married?. And I’ve resented her and been in awe of her for complaining about having it all while actually accomplishing it all on BEA.

With that being said, I think it’s time for the Bethenny of reality TV to come to an end. She’s seems done. Frankly, the show seems done. And I think most of the viewers are ready to see the silly, fun Bethenny they fell in love with again. Which hopefully will happen on her talk show.

I can’t say enough about how much Bethenny is willing to let it all hang out – literally and metaphorically – and give us the very best and very worst of herself, but it seems she’s maybe given too much and it’s time to move on. I mean, case in point – do we even care about the revolving door of employees that have now come to dominate the show as Bethenny’s so-called friends and confidantes? Nope. Sorry, Jacs!


I’m not sure I’ll watch her talk show. I’ll probably check it out since, well, I write about reality TV for a living and Bethenny has been a part of my life for a long time – whether I like her or not. At the end of the day, even the Bethenny detractors have to admit – she’s become an amazing success and who knows what’s next for our Skinnygirl! Let’s get this recap started!

Things begin with the Skinnygirl team Christmas party. Everyone’s there, even Nick and Dawa. Last to arrive is newest member, Jason! Who is still not sure if he’s totally on board. Everyone is nostalgic about Julie leaving, although Julie seems both overjoyed and a little sad. They toast to all the players and laugh about the good times, but also the over-whelming ones they’ve had through the year. Dwayne is really indulging in the margaritas and starts waxing poetic about how much he loves everyone but Jackie, but hey she barely talks so who cares!

Bethenny muses about how they’re all misfits (they are?) and this is such an untraditional Christmas party. She’s clearly impressed with her ability to believe she’s cutting edge. In some ways she is, but what exactly is untraditional about a holiday party at a Mexican restaurant? Dang, I must be living on Mars I’m so untraditional!

Bethenny heads to Glamour Magazine for a photoshoot to accompany her monthly advice column. Her head isn’t in the game because she’s so upset about Julie leaving. Bethenny points out the irony that the subject of the photo is balance but she’s a total wreck.

She and Julie share some tears and have a couple touching moments thinking about how many shoots they’ve been through together – and how much life in general. Bethenny blow-drys her eyes and the show must go on! Who did the styling for this photo shoot? First a Muppet dress then some sort of Hawaiian print blouse my grandmother owned in 1955.

Therapy Time! Bethenny talks about how she must accept that thinking positively matters and explains her self-fulfilling prophecy realization about relationships. She has to start thinking that she doesn’t suck at relationships, and instead see them as challenging. Dr. Amador seems to be advising Bethenny to focus more on her intimate relationships with her husband and daughter and not so much on her business and friends-for-hire, aka staff. Bethenny agrees this is the Year of Acceptance – and she better roll with the punches.

It’s Julie‘s last day and she’s forced to endure one last run as the Starbucks bitch. Jason interrupts the last-day meeting to point out that Bethenny‘s shirt is see-thru and her nipples are hanging out. Bethenny’s like, ‘Who cares, no one’s here and we’re all girls’. Except the TV CAMERAS, which are broadcasting this all around the nation. Jason decides he’s going to start rocking out with his [email protected] out to prove to Bethenny that she better nip it in the bud.

In the middle of office work, Bethenny gets a call from her publicist and she has some top secret news! Surprise! She’s doing a talk show in LA, so eff that new apartment, Jason – it’s time to relocate! Bethenny wants her team to move with her and she warns them their jobs are not in jeopardy.

Jason is totally supportive, but still overwhelmed by the sudden news. Apparently Jason owns two apartments in NYC – did we know this? – and is frazzled about what to do with them. Everyone is in tentatively, but they need to do some juggling. And they all agree to take it one step at a time.

Julie‘s good-bye party commences with a cake, some tears, and a nice bonus. Jackie doesn’t seem sad in the least that Julie is fleeing the coop, but Bethenny is a sobbing wreck. We get a montage of Julie and Bethenny’s good times together. And I have to admit I teared up too.

Skip to Three Months Later:  It’s Moving Day! The Frankel-Hoppys are about to relocate to the brand spankin’ newly remodeled digs. Jason and Bethenny go through the pros and cons about how much their lives have changed and the influence of fame. They decide it’s not totally bad given the amazing opportunities, but they do worry about how it may affect Bryn in the future.

On the final day in the old apartment, Bethenny and Jason are in a rush to clean everything out and start over. They negotiate about how to handle the moving of the sex toys and the porn and how to hide it. Jason apparently didn’t know Bethenny owned something Bedroom Kandi in nature. Bethenny rips the Skinnygirl banner off the wall and the office is done! They reminisce about how much has happened to their family in this little TriBeCa apartment.

And finally! It’s the new apartment. Truly, it looks fabulous! The bar is an amazing touch. I gotta say props to Bethenny! I hope their family is very happy in the new space. Jason is overcome by a sense of calm that their family is good and even though big things happened and more will, they’re together.

Too bad they have to move out and relocate to LA almost immediately. Bethenny learns that she needs to be in LA in a month to start filming the talk show. Jason seems to be taking it in stride, but Bethenny looks like her heart stopped. And then Bryn knocks over a vase and spills water all over the coffee table books and fancy new ottoman and they’re back to reality. Living the dream, indeed!

Side Note: I want someone to deliver iced coffees to me.


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