Chris Harrison Talks Favorite Franchise Couples, Emily Maynard Discusses Her Approach to the Show; Plus Bachelor Pad Spoilers!

It’s your daily dose of Bachelorette with a heaping side of Harrison…add some Bachelor Pad for dessert sprinkled with just the right amount of hook ups, implants, and shame.  Let’s dig in, shall we?

The always lovely and good-natured Chris Harrison, host of all three train wrecks love quests, opened up to The Huffington Post about his favorite couples through the years.  He reveals, “Trista and Ryan [Sutter] were just lightning in a bottle. I don’t know if we’ll ever capture anything like that again. That one will always stand out.”  The couple was the first of the franchise to actually wed (on television, of course), and now they have two children together.

Another of Chris’ favorite love birds were our current Bachelorette Emily Maynard and two-time Bachelor Brad Womack.  He tells the site, “I felt like the two of them were meant to be and it was gonna work. When they broke up, I was really sad.”  Well, you certainly know if you’re tuning into this season that Em has stolen Chris Harrison’s heart along with those of her suitors.

“Everybody’s had this appetite for her,” Chris continues. “She’s so contagious. You just want to care for her, you want to root for her, you want her to do well, and that really makes for a perfect Bachelorette. When her name came up [to be the next Bachelorette], we started bantering about and it was a unanimous home run. It’s very rare that it’s unanimous.”


However, Chris isn’t all about recycling former contestants.  As it stands so far, every Bachelorette has made it far in a previous season, and the network seems to have given up on finding new blood for the Bachelor.  Chris admits, “That’s something I’ve been fighting for years. I get when you have someone like Emily, it’s a no-brainer you bring her back. If (someone) is not a unanimous choice, let’s go outside of the family. Let’s start over. I would love to see us start fresh. … I want to get back to that and go back to our roots. Then if you find someone from our show that you can’t deny, it’s OK (to bring him or her back).”

As for Chris’ position as the host with the most, he describes his job is “a hell of a ride.”  It certainly is, and now he gets to spend this season with one of his favorite contestants.

Speaking of, Emily has gained criticism for doing the show after repeatedly saying she wouldn’t consider it.  Add that with her soft spoken “bless it, ya’ll!” demeanor, and some are touting her as a tad boring…not me though.  I think she’s cute, genuine and likeable–even more so for bringing Arie onto my screen each Monday!

Emily speaks to Access Hollywood about her time passing out roses.  She says, “I hope that people can see how genuine I am in truly wanting to find somebody. I would never put myself through all this again if I didn’t really believe in it.”

Emily explains, “Every date I feel like I kind of repeated myself a lot because I wanted to make sure the guys were, you know, hopefully falling in love with me as a person and not with Emily ‘The Bachelorette’ and I really wanted them to get to know me as me.”

Discussing Little Ricki, Emily reveals that she would support her daughter if she wanted to go on the show well (well!) into the future.  “I hope it never gets to this point for her, but I would because I had a great experience,” Emily tells the site. “I want my daughter to be fearless and to follow her heart and her faith and do whatever that leads her to do, whether I approve or not.”  I wonder if Emily would approve of her daughter going on the Bachelor Pad?

Moving on to the Bachelor Pad, that guilty pleasure is set to start filming next week according to Reality Steve.  As for who will be binge drinking and filling the hot tub with germy germs, nothing is set in stone, but Steve does have a list of those who are “pretty much confirmed”: Blakeley Shea, Jaclyn Swartz, Jenna Burke, Nick Peterson, Ryan Bowers, and Kalon McMahon.  Wait, what?  You’re saying the douchey luxury brand consultant doesn’t make it till the end with Emily?

“Rumored” to arrive at the house are Ed Swiderski (I am SHOCKED he and Gillian didn’t work out…he seemed like he was really ready to settle down.  Bwahahahaha!), Reid Rosenthal (love!), Lisa Morrissey, Ames Brown (bring on the seersucker), Erica Rose (gracious), Ryan Park, Craig Robinson, Lindzi Cox (she dodged a monochromatic bullet, didn’t she?), Rozlyn Papa (will Chris Harrison even be able to stomach seeing her again?), and Michael Stagliano…I can see why he’d want to relive that experience after last time.  Hmmm.

The new season starts Monday, July 23rd at 8ET on ABC.  Personally, I couldn’t be more excited!