Report: Joe Giudice Will Likely Serve Jail Time! Plus VIDEO: Albie & Chris Manzo Talk Family Drama And The Giudices!

On June 27th Joe Giudice will return to court to finalize negotiations for a possible plea bargain resulting from his 2011 indictment for obtaining a fraudulent license and other associated crimes. Joe negotiated more time to attempt to arrange a deal and previously rejected a plea bargain offered by the state to serve five years in prison with no restrictions on when he would be eligible for parole.

Joe has been hoping to avoid jail time in exchange for an extended probationary period, however Passaic County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Jay Mc Cann has announced that’s simply not an option. According to North, McCann commented that at least “some jail time” must be part of any plea agreement the state accepts as Joe’s charges are “too serious to allow a probation-only sentence.” Well, there you have it – it looks Joe will be headed to prison sometime soon.


Teresa Giudice has vowed to stand by her husband no matter what. However the rumors that she will get a spinoff centered around her life without Joe could be coming true as it seems he will be temporarily indisposed while vacationing in the big house.

Moving on, Albie and Christopher Manzo have been hard at work pimping BLK Water, but since nobody cares about that, every press opportunity turns into a discussion about Real Housewives of New Jersey. Most recently, Albie and Chris did a sit down with Us Weekly where they opened up about the strains amongst the cast, their relationship with the Giudices, and the status of Caroline vs. Dina Manzo.

Albie reveals that Caroline ran into Dina on Mother’s Day while visiting their mother Nettie. The two sisters tentatively spoke and then spent time texting the remainder of the day. Albie says the sisters are taking baby steps towards reforming a relationship, but it’s a long way in the making.

Meanwhile Dina continues to be friends with Teresa – which is likely stalling the reconciliation process given Teresa and Caroline‘s tempestuous relationship.

Albie and Christopher also opened up about how they’ve been dealing with the drama on the show – and the ‘everybody hates the Giudices’ frame of mind.

Christopher explains that he always considered the Giudices his “mother’s friends” and was more concerned with his own friend group and issues than the drama on the show. While Albie admits he once had a very close relationship with both Teresa and Joe.

“I got to spend a lot of time with Joe and Teresa,” Albie shares. “We had a really cool relationship. It does bother me that everyone’s in this different mind frame with each other.”

Albie hints that the drama is different from an inside perspective and that it’s been hard on everyone to deal with the disintegration of the relationships that once made up the show. “We had a front row seat to a lot of this stuff. We’ve seen how television can change a person’s personality — it’s tough for us,” Albie adds. “It’s a shame.”

Neither Chris nor Albie place blame for all the problems, they just concede that the dynamic has been awkward and unfortunate. “It’s a shame because it was a lot of fun hanging out with the girls,” he says of missing spending time with Teresa‘s daughters.

I have to say I found Albie to be really well-spoken, honest, and impartial in the video. You can check it out yourself below.