Mob Wives Chicago

It’s the second installment of Mob Wives: Chicago.  These ladies aren’t pulling any punches…they are coming in guns blazing.

Renee Fecarotta Russo is embarrassed that the women are fighting in such a classy place.   Christina Scoleri pulls out Pia Rizza’s weave.  Someone has taken Drita 101.  Pia gets kicked out of the restaurant, although she seems confused as to why she was asked to leave.

Nora Schweihs goes to talk to Renee.  Neither can believe the debacle from the previous evening.  Renee thinks that both women were acting a fool. Nora tries to defend her friend’s behavior.  Nora convinces Renee to call Pia to see if she would be willing to call a truce.  Renee invites Pia over to have coffee with her and Nora.


Pia arrives at Renee’s for some coffee talk.  Automatically, with Renee’s “classless and despicable” comments, Pia is on the defensive.  Renee doesn’t end here…she reminds Pia that she’s a stripper who needs to apologize to Christina.  Not gonna happen.  Nora pipes in, saying the entire situation was so embarrassing for their group.  Pia compares Christina to a butt boil.  I’ll leave it at that.

Christina meets with Leah Desimone.  On one hand, Christina is mortified by her behavior, but on the other hand, she is happy she stood her ground.  Christina fills in Leah about the brawl.  Leah gets heated hearing the circumstances behind the fight.  She can’t believe that Pia didn’t have her friend Christina’s back.  It’s funny that Pia and Christina seemed to be the closest of any of the “ladies.”  Leah reveals that had she been in attendance for cocktails, none of the craziness would have happened.

Christina isn’t willing to reach out to Pia, but she would be open to entertaining a Pia apology.  Nora and Renee go to where Nora’s father should be buried.  The government confiscated his body before his burial, but he’s supposedly back in his plot.  Nora wants to go to her father’s burial site to get closure.  Renee thinks that Nora is a bit of a conspiracy theorist.  At the graveyard, Nora still can’t say 100% that her father is buried there.  She plans to “resume” his body.  Poor Renee reminds viewers that she means “exhume.”  Nora is on a manhunt for her father’s body.

Christina can’t believe her luck…she’s stuck living with her ex-husband due to financial and family stresses and she’s fist fighting with her biffle.  She meets with her therapist who gets to the root of her issues.  I really want to know where VH1 finds these counselors.  Christina feels bad for how the arguments went down, and she’s willing to reconcile with Pia.  Such is the lifestyle…brawl and be fine, minus trust.

Christina and Leah meet for lunch.  Christina relays her most recent therapy session.  Leah is confused for a bit thinking that Christina doesn’t need to be crying to her chiropractor.  Once the ladies are on the same page (doctor-wise), Christina reveals that both Pia and Nora have defriended her on Facebook.  Wow…such a tough and harsh world in which these mob princesses live.  Ending a Facebook friendship is much like breaking someone’s kneecaps.

Leah is embarrassed that Facebook is even a part of their conversation.  Leah can’t stand Nora, so she thinks that Christina should be throwing a party since Nora will no longer be liking her status updates.  FYI, Nora once was rude to Leah at a neighborhood party (and by neighborhood party, I mean witness protection get together), and Leah can’t wait to see her again to fit her for some concrete slippers.

Renee and her daughter Giana head to a local deli.  Giana is beautiful and she’s clearly poised to be the next big reality star ala Ashlee (Ashley?) Holmes.  Renee admits to her eldest daughter that her most recent husband is taking her to court over custody of her other daughter Isabella.  Giana thinks that her former step-dad is trying to use Isabella as a pawn to get back at her mother.  Renee hopes the judge will see through her ex’s criminal ways.

Christina is meeting with Nora to find out why Nora felt the need to defriend her on Facebook.  Wow, these women are hardcore.  Nora doesn’t really want to hang out with Christina, but when she’s bombarded with her Facebook deleting actions, she’s floored.  Who cares?  Exactly, Nora…you took the words right out of my mouth!  Nora claims that due to a Facebook glitch (thanks, Mark Zuckerburg!), she lost her profile.  Christina isn’t buying that.  Facebook doesn’t make mistakes.  Nora, realizing her excuse is weak, begins to pontificate on how she hates people talking poorly about her dad…aka, Nora isn’t thrilled that Christina called her father a hit man.  It’s a very Drita/Karen Gravano conversation.  Both admit to what they said, but both think the other is the only one in the wrong.  Nora lays down the ground rules…she will never be friends with Christina.

Pia heads to Nora’s apartment to support Nora in her trek to find out where her father’s body is buried.  Nora’s mother and sister handled his burial, and she hasn’t spoken to her family in ages.  As Nora didn’t sign any of the paperwork, nor did she see her father’s body in the casket, she doesn’t think that her dad is in the ground.

Nora admits that she met with ChristinaPia is beyond pissed.  Her friend should try to make up with her before going to chat with a semi-nemesis.  Meanwhile, Christina heads to Leah’s to give her take on the women’s discussion.  Leah is getting very intimate with Toby Keith’s red solo cup.  Leah can’t believe the nerve that Nora has.  Leah is frightening.  Christina is determined to be the bigger person and try to rectify her relationship with Pia.

After going to the funeral home, Nora gets a mysterious manila envelope from the funeral director.  Nora can’t believe that her family didn’t make sure that it was her father’s bones that were going into the ground.  She hopes her sister, who signed her father’s burial paperwork, chokes.  This is weird.

Renee calls Nora on the way to her custody battle.  She reminds me of a poor man’s Lauri WaringChristina invites Pia to talk about their knockdown drag-out fight.  The women are cordial, but Pia starts in her old friend immediately.  Pia is angry that Christina met with Nora, Pia’s enemy, before making amends with Pia herself.  Pia believes that Christina’s loyalty is skewed.  Christina storms out when Pia announces that she doesn’t care about repairing their ten year friendship.

Nora takes breakfast to Renee’s to hear about the custody dispute.  Things don’t seem to be going in Renee’s favor, and she is inconsolable.  Renee doesn’t think there is an attorney who is brave enough to go up against her ex-husband.  The only person I am sad for is her poor ten-year-old.

Next week, Renee doesn’t trust Pia around her boyfriend, and Leah confirms her suspicions.  Pia tries to defend herself to Renee.  Leah wants to incite a brawl among the ladies.



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