VH1 follows the lives of five women who were once married to Hollywood A-listers on Hollywood ExesVH1 sets up the show – “Simply put, these girls are starting over.  They all divorced young and got married even younger, so now is when they need each other’s back the most.  From raising kids to starting new businesses… these exes are ready to tackle a very busy year.”  And they’re going to let us watch! Tonight’s premiere is mostly meet and greet.

Andrea Kelly was married to R. Kelly for 12 years.  Unfortunate for all involved, R. Kelly was busted for peeing on a teenager during that time. They divorced in 2009.  Andrea started as “Robert’s” (R. Kelly) choreographer.  They no longer keep in touch. Andrea is moving to LA to spread her wings and open a dance studio. Andrea is wearing earrings as big as dessert plates. They’re making me hungry for cheesecake.

Andrea introduces us to Tony, her assistant, friend, and partner in crime.  The name on his shirts suggests he also answer to “Slick.”  Andrea is moving to LA ahead of her family. She’s very emotional.  Andrea is best friends with Nicole Murphy.


Nicole Murphy was married to Eddie Murphy for ten years and is the mother of his five children. They have been divorced for six years.  Eddie and Nicole are still on good terms.  Nicole admits it is hard to adjust to “normal” life after living such a lavish life.  She’s engaged to former NFL player Michael Strahan. She has two businesses that keep her busy – a jewelry line and a fashion line.

Sheree Fletcher was once married to Will Smith.  They were only married for three years a very long time ago.  They have one son together, who is now 19 years old.  Their current relationship is good.  Sheree is now married to Terrell Fletcher.  The former NFL star is now a pastor. Sheree has known Nicole Murphy for 18 or so years.

The next ex we meet is Mayte Garcia. She was married to Prince for three years and later engaged to Tommy Lee. Mayte and Prince no longer keep in touch.  Mayte lives with her mom, seven dogs, two cats, and four birds.  She’s an actress looking for a new man!

Jessica Canseco is the ex-wife of professional baseball player Jose Canseco.  She met Jose at only 19.  They were married for four years and have one daughter, who is 15.  Jessica owns a cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills. Jessica and Mayte are already friends.  They meet to talk about dating.  Mayte swears off musicians.

Andrea arrives in LA wearing even larger earrings.  Right away, she’s not impressed with the LA driving situation.

Nicole and Jessica have been friends for eight years.  Jessica invites Nicole to help her with a little afternoon ELVR – external laser vaginal rejuvenation.  Now, I’m never been married to a big star and I’ve never lived in LA, but this seems like something you’d discuss ahead of time.

Mayte invites a matchmaker to her house to watch her get her hoo-ha lasered.  Oh, wait, wrong lunch date. Mayte is serious about finding a new man, so she hires a matchmaker. Nicole and Sheree meet for lunch.  Nicole opens up to Sheree about a tough time she’s going through.  Nicole put money to grow her businesses into a trust account and it was stolen.

Andrea declares it time to “get her get right right.”  I love this – and her personality! I have no idea what this means but I vow to use it at least once a day from now on.  “Excuse me, kids. It’ time for Mama to get her get right right.”  My luck, it isn’t child appropriate.  Andrea makes plans with Nicole to get this plan in motion.  Nicole is going to introduce Andrea to the other girls.

Jose and Jessica meet for lunch.  Side note – the ocean outside is beautiful!  Jose has an interesting proposal for Jessica.  He wants them to live under the same roof for the sake of their daughter.  Not as a couple, simply as a united parental front.  Jessica looks for a drink at the mere thought.

The ex-wives all come together for the first time in honor of Andrea getting her get right right. Sheree makes the wives pray before dinner.  Jessica says the only time she prays is when she wants a new Gucci top.  As a group, the women discuss love, love lost, and how to move on.

Five beautiful, mature, strong, down to earth women living their lives in CA.  This, my friends, is going to be a great show!

TELL US – What did you think of the premiere episode?  Will you be tuning in again?