PHOTOS & BIOS: Meet The Cast Of Hollywood Exes! Plus See A Trailer Of the Show!

Vh1 is about to unleash Hollywood Exes upon us. The show will follow the lives of five women once married to major Hollywood A-listers. Now that they’re no longer married to huge stars, the ex-wives are hitting up realty TV to resuscitate their images. Sadly, it probably won’t have the desired effects, but anyway, the drama on this show looks over the top and these girls are going the distance to get some attention!

Per VH1: “Simply put, these girls are starting over. They all divorced young and got married even younger so now is when they need each other’s backs the most. And from raising kids to starting up a new business … these women are ready to tackle a VERY busy year.”

“At a glance, all these girls are at a different phase in their relations with their exes. Some have remained friends while others can’t even say their names out loud, but either way, the girls have the support of each other to fall back on. These women aren’t exactly new acquaintances either. Some have known each other even before they were married so there is clearly a strong sisterhood within the group dynamic. ”

Hollywood Exes premieres Wednesday, June 27th at 9/8c on VH1

[Photo Credits: VH1]



Nicole Murphy: Nicole was married to comedian Eddie Murphy for 10 years and is the mother of five of his children. The forty-three-year-old is now engaged to former NFL player Michael Strahan. With two of her five children almost adults, Nicole is finally focusing more on herself and she wants to restart her modeling career. And apparently, she doesn’t want to set a date for her nuptials, because she’s been engaged for two years with no wedding plan in sight! Until VH1 steps in to throw an over-the-top fantasy wedding on their dime for ratings ca-ching!

Sheree Fletcher: Once married to Will Smith (pre Jada and only for three years), the ex-couple has a son together who just turned 18! Which means no more child support checks for ol’ Sheree. Can I just say how excited I am to have another reality Sheree in the rotation… please let her start a fashion line! Anyway, Sheree 2.0’s life isn’t as cushy as it once was now that, you know, the support checks have ended so she turned to reality TV.

Sheree is also married to former NFL-player-turned-pastor Terrell Fletcher and she reigns supreme as First Lady of his new Multi-Cultural Christian Ministry. And it seems we have another Jesus Barbie on our hands! Despite her strong Christian faith, Sheree doesn’t shy away from confrontation and isn’t afraid to say what she means! Uh oh…

Jessica Canseco: Ex-wife of former professional baseball player-turned performance enhancing drug martyr, Jose Canseco; Jessica is now single and looking for love! Besides being a mom to daughter Josie, 15, Jessica is also a business woman. Sadly, Jessica’s parenting style seems to be less “mom” and more “best friend,” which means mother-daughter drama. It also seems we’ll see some product pimping, as Jessica runs a cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills

Andrea Kelly: A former backup dancer, she was once married to – oh lord – R. Kelly what was she thinking?! Sadly during their marriage he got busted for peeing on a teenager. The couple divorced in 2009 after 12 years of marriage. Andrea is known for keeping it real – which means A-list drama! Andrea is still recovering from her divorce but she’s ready to move forward and start over. Oh, she also owns a dance studio and is a professionally trained dancer.

Mayte Garcia: Married to Prince for three years and once engaged to Tommy Lee, Mayte desperately wants to be a mother. She called off her engagement to Tommy because he didn’t want anymore children. Mayte now lives with her Puerto Rican mother, 7 dogs, 2 cats and 4 birds – and a ton of crazy! But that’s not enough, because she’s ready to take the next step and add a baby to her brood.