Hollywood Exes on VH1 features Jessica Canseco (ex to Jose Conseco), Nicole Murphy (ex to Eddie Murphy), Andrea Kelly (ex to R. Kelly), Sheree Fletcher (ex to Will Smith), and Mayte Garcia (ex to Prince).  They all have famous exes, but the show is about the these women living their lives as friends, moms, and business women.

Sheree Fletcher shows Andrea Kelly around LA. LA is a completely different world for Andrea, who recently moved there from Chicago.  They start at the Sprinkles Cupcakes “ATM” machine.  Andrea says, “Shut the door and check your email!” Andrea brings a ton of personality to this show.  But I might have to start watching it with closed captioning, because 54% of the time I have no idea what she’s saying.

Not many people realize that R. Kelly was married to Andrea.  Being a “phantom” took its toll on Andrea, she says.


Jessica Canseco and her daughter Josie have a friendly and open relationship.  Josie talks to her mom about the men in her life always leaving her.  This makes Jessica seriously consider Jose’s offer to live together.

Mayte Garcia hangs out with Prince’s second ex Manuela.  Manuela gushes about her new baby.  Listening to Manuela talk about her new baby saddens Mayte.  She carried a child to term.  Sadly, he only lived for one week.   She’s ready to be a mom again.

Andrea is house hunting.  She falls in love with a house in Hollywood Hills.

Nicole Murphy takes her mom to the salon.  Her mom gives Nicole a hard time about her lengthy engagement.  Nicole doesn’t seem to be in any rush to get married.

While out shopping, Jessica tells Josie about Jose’s idea.  Josie thinks he still loves Jessica, and she is all for the reunion.  Jessica feels obligated to allow Jose to move in.  Her friends hate the idea, but Jessica thinks it’s the right thing to do, for her, Jose, and Josie.  I think it’s a terrible idea.  But who am I?

Sheree, Nicole, and Jessica go out.  Nicole and Sheree grill Jessica about the Jose living situation.  Nicole admits she likes Jose but not with Jessica.  Jessica’s friends warn her – don’t do it!

Mayte’s matchmaker comes back to evaluate her house.  (Is the house getting a date too?)  The matchmaker is extremely uptight.  She hates Mayte’s dogs, mom, cups, cats, and kitchen.  Nelly, Mayte’s mom, doesn’t care for the matchmaker either.  Nelly keeps it real.  She tells the matchmaker that any guy who comes in and has immediate issue with the dogs, cats, or furniture will be shown the front door.

Matchmaker even makes a huge deal out of Mayte’s cleaning solution.  Because it’s purple.  (Purple Rain)  Matchmaker needs the opposite of  Jessica’s vaginal rejuvenation, to loosen up a little bit.

Mayte and Andrea are new friends.  They connected right away and have a lot in common. Mayte hangs out at Andrea’s house talking about boys. Andrea’s divorce is still very fresh for her.  She quickly turns emotional.

Andrea and Tony throw a housewarming party.  It’s a Wigging Out party.  Andrea’s Wigging Out party comes with valets outside.  Nice.

Andrea explains the rules of the Wigging Out party.  At a Wigging Out party, you are supposed to assume the personality of your wig… Andrea’s new friends in LA aren’t getting this concept.  She finds it hilarious. People in Chicago know how to wig out. People in LA, not so much.  With Jessica around, the party talk quickly turns to vaginas.  Jessica manages to both offend and over share.

Sadly, at the end of the episode, Jessica calls Jose.  She’s letting him move into her house.