Oh, isn’t irony a fun little thing… Plastic surgery’s biggest walking don’t advisory, Heidi Montag (who went from adorable to scary after 10 procedures in one day) is again reminding us why au naturale is better!

Speaking to In Touch Weekly the former reality star – who can’t get a job now since no one recognizes her – claims she regrets her decision to drastically alter her appearance. And she’s claiming all the liposuction has given her cellulite! How can someone who is that skinny minny possibly need lipo?


“I can’t believe I did this to myself,” Heidi muses. “Getting lipo is my biggest regret.” Heidi claims she had cottage cheese free thighs before her surgeries, but for some odd reason elected to do lipo anyway. Makes sense, no? However a few months following her massive overhaul photos emerged of cellulite on her thighs.

And despite spending thousands up thousands of dollars to make herself look better – presumably – and following a strict diet and exercise regime, Heidi feels worse about herself than ever.  “I’m so insecure about my legs,” she shares. “I rarely wear shorts.”

Heidi advises other women to learn from her mistakes instead of going under the knife.  “Try to lose weight and eat healthily,” she encourages. “It’s less painful, cheaper and more beneficial.”

Can’t she reverse some of these medical malfunctions? Get the boobs reduced? And her chin fixed? I mean, is it really all that permanent?

It’s kinda sad that the only thing keeping Heidi relevant is talking about how she messed up her appearance with plastic surgery. Poor girl. Oh, wait… I guess she just released her second album, titled: Dreams Come True. Have a listen to one of her singles, Heartbeat, below!


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