Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco Tie The Knot On July 4th

We knew it was coming, but we thought it would never happen. Yes- Evelyn Lozada officially became a wife. Finally! Evelyn married NFL player Chad Ochocinco!

The couple married in fancy-schmancy ceremony in Miami yesterday. The entire affair was filmed for their upcoming spinoff Ev & Ocho.

Basketball Wives producer and frienemy Shaunie O’Neal attended the ceremony, but Tami Roman was uninvited last minute because she’s bad for PR skipped. Also, missing the ordeal was Jennifer Williams who took a vacation to the Dominican Republic instead.


I was suspecting an eleventh hour cancellation, but then I remembered no way – there’s big bucks to be made in reality TV weddings and babies. And these two have a spinoff to promote!

Proving that he is a famewhore to the core, Chad LIVE-TWEETED throughout his wedding. No, this is not a joke. Among the gems: “Live tweeting from my wedding… should be a first I’m assuming, music is playing, can’t see my guest right now but they’re here… #nervous”

“This is bull shit… I don’t recall sending the butterflies in my stomach and invite… and why am I shaking like I’m in Alaska.”

And beating Kim Zolciak in the ridiculous wedding dress swap, Evelyn reportedly had FOUR dress changes throughout the day.

“How many times is Eve gonna change outfits… Is this normal to have more than 1 outfit besides the wedding gown?” Chad asked followers. “Well shit she’s on outfit #4 and i’m stuck in this damn tux.”

“F*ck that i can’t believe i just got married…,” he finally wrote.

And making good on their promise to invite superfan and widow Cheryl Minton, Chad tweeted a photo of them together at the ceremony. Well, that’s about the only nice thing Evelyn‘s done all year! Hey she needs some good publicity.

We’ll keep you updated on more details – including photos – as they emerge!