Vh1 is keeping Evelyn Lozada and Chad Ochocinco‘s wedding tightly under wraps in preparation for their spinoff, Ev & Ocho. Lucky for us Shaunie O’Neal attended the festivities in St. Maarten and while drunk at Essence Festival in New Orleans, she spilled some details on the nuptials!

“She’s a Johnson!” Shaunie gushed to Vh1, adding that everything about the day was perfect. As for the bride and groom they looked amazing according to Shaunie. Describing Chad’s outfit, Shaunie shares: “When he came down [the aisle], that boy was sharp! I’ve been talking about his outfit ever since I left. He look so good!”

Ocho sported a navy blue  “rich looking suit” that was “tailored perfectly.” And his shoes even matched his outfit. Well, that’s success!  “They went with that suit and that wedding,” a happy drunk Shaunie slurred announced.


Now onto the important things – Evelyn’s attire. Shaunie revealed that Evelyn had three outfit changes, one of which was a “hot” catsuit. Um… doesn’t Kim Zolciak already have claim on the wedding jumpsuit? Is this going to become a new thing for reality TV weddings?

“She looked so pretty, and everything was so beautiful. From beginning to end, we just had a ball!,” Shaunie dished. Evelyn apparently had a very, very good time and got quite drunk following the nuptials! I’d have to be drunk to marry Chad too. 

Evelyn was “busy taking pictures and hosting” the reception but when her duties were over her friends plied her with drinks galore. Evelyn ended up with “way too many shots.” Evelyn had a “shot bar” at the reception. Some photos of Evelyn and Chad following the big day are below!

In other wedding news, Shaunie felt she was at liberty to discuss post-cermony coital activities between the newlyweds and announced if any babies get made she will be the godmother! Uuuuhhhhh…

“You know Evelyn got it in,” Shaunie teased of consummating the marriage. “She doesn’t want kids anymore, but Chad does,” Shaunie overly disclosed. But if Evelyn changes her mind, Shaunie will have an important role as puppetmaster godmother in that child’s life. “He tried to trick me and say she that was pregnant, but she was like ‘No, I’m not,’ and I said ‘Can I be the godmother’ and they said ‘Yes.’”

Evelyn and Chad have not planned a honeymoon yet, and Chad announced on twitter: “Shit I had a damn honeymoon all last season, don’t need another 1.” He’s so classy!

As for Basketball Wives in attendance, Shaunie revealed that Tami Roman was absent! “I don’t want to speak for anybody,” Shaunie tentatively explained. “Tami was invited, but I don’t know. It was far… St. Maartin is a trek.” Surprisingly, Suzie Ketcham did attend the ceremony, but no one cares what she has to say about the matter. Photos of Evelyn and Shaunie at Essence Festival are below!

Moving on Tami may have missed Evelyn’s wedding but she’s not sitting at home crying over it. Tami took to Twitter to announce her new job. She is in the process of filming a family friendly comedy called “Belles.”

“On the way to New Orleans convention center! @tvonetv its going down!!! Keith David, Elise Neal and ME 🙂 come meet the cast of Belle’s,” she wrote. When asked what kind of show it was, Tami replied: “scripted 1/2 hr family comedy.”

[Main Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]


 Evelyn & Chad’s Wedding Rings [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

Evelyn’s Wedding Jewelry  [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

  Mr & Mrs Wedding Towels a gift from their wedding planner. [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

The married couple, day one! Not divorced yet! [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

“At my pool part after our BIG DAY” [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

Evelyn at her Essence Festival Book Signing. Those are some shoes! [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

Shaunie with Marvin Sapp at Essence Fest [Photo Credit: Shaunie O’Neal’s Twitter]

Evelyn & Eva Marcille at Essence Fest  [Photo Credit: Evelyn Lozada’s Twitter]

Tami with Dr. Alduan Tartt at Essence Festival [Photo Credit: Tami Roman’s Twitter]

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