VH1‘s newest reality TV stars Nicole Murphy, Andrea Kelly, and Jessica Canseco continue to open up about their public divorces.  Nicole is the one who brought them all together for Hollywood Exes.  She introduced Mayte Garcia, ex-wife to Prince, Sheree Fletcher, who was married to Will Smith, and Jessica to Andrea in the season premiere.

“All of women have been in similar situations where we’ve all been married to high profile men. We can connect on different levels and can experience some of the same things. Andrea turns on the radio and R Kelly is playing or Mayte hears Prince playing in a store,” says Nicole. “You get used to it and it becomes part of your life.”

Nicole, Andrea, and Jessica talk to RadarOnline about dealing with public divorces.

Nicole‘s divorce from Eddie Murphy had its awkward moments in the beginning, but they’re on good terms now.

“I am not complaining because I have had a great and happy experience with my ex-husband and I have no regrets,” says Nicole.  “Eddie and I are friends; he’s my babies’ daddy so we speak to each other and have a great relationship and I think that’s important when you have children involved. We can be in the same room and hang out, it’s all good!”


Andrea divorced R Kelly in 2009.  Their marriage held up through Kelly’s various scandals involving sex and young girls.  Breaking up under the scrutiny of the public eye must suck.  Adding in scandal – yikes!

“It makes it a little harder because people come with these preconceived notions of why you got divorced and they have a preconceived notion of why you got married in the first place,” says Andrea. “It doesn’t upset me because everyone knows that in a break there are three sides — my side, his side and the truth, and the truth needs no defense.”

According to R Kelly, the final straw that broke their marriage’s back is the movie The Notebook.  Writing that is just as entertaining the second time – he’s crazy.  Andrea shoots down the ridiculous claim.

Jessica and her ex Jose Canseco get along well enough.  Jose appeared on Hollywood Exes, begging Jessica to let him mooch off her move in with her and their daughter Josie.  Jessica spent some time sorting through her feelings with her therapist, then Jose skipped town for a better gig.  Jessica admits being in the public eye has been hard for her.

“He was my first love and I was so young when I met him, that was hard for me. Then as time went on he wrote a book and talked about the process, then of course whatever he does, they attach me to,” says Jessica. “I’d be out and about and get asked, ‘Tell me about Jose and his steroids.’ Do I have to talk about Jose’s cheating and his drugs forever?”

Being in the public eye isn’t easy for Jessica, and she doesn’t want to be attached to Jose for the rest of her life.  Perhaps going on a reality show as ex Mrs. Jose Canseco isn’t one of her brightest ideas.  Or, it might work well for her, if she can move away from the Jose story line and show us who JESSICA is.  Only time will tell….

“The biggest issue with Jose was his adultery. That killed me for a long time, I blamed myself and didn’t know why he was cheating. I didn’t understand it,” Jessica shares. “I understand him, it’s been tough all the things we’ve been through, but at least we can talk about them openly and we’ve gotten past a lot of it to be friends now. I wish him the best of luck because if he does well, then I do well.”

Nicole says she’s the “glue” that brought these women together, but it’s their similar experiences that will bond them together.

Short term?  Sure.  Long term?  For the sake of the feel-good show, let’s hope.

Bringing five strong-willed women together can have its challenges.  Just ask any of the Real Housewives of <insert your favorite city>.  But, for now, the Exes are on good terms, simply sharing their lives and hoping to empower other women.

Tune in to the next episode of Hollywood Exes tonight on VH1.