Reality Tea “Would You Rather…” Weekly Poll

We here at Reality Tea are often just shocked to the gills by the antics of reality stars. From the products they shamelessly hawk to the ridiculous relationships to the epic fights to the hilarious outfits – the fun never stops! With all the insanity reverberating from every corner of every network, low-budget to high, we’ve often wondered… which crazy would you rather?

In order to spread the fun, we’ve decided to start a weekly game called Reality Tea: Would You Rather? And for today’s question –  in honor of Real Housewives of Orange County‘s crazy reunion – and in honor of child support challenged losers; today’s Reality Tea Would You Rather is a doozy. So girls, get your birth control ready and weigh in:

If there were two men left on earth and one of them was Brooks Ayers and one of them was Slave Smiley, would you rather…

A) Bang Brooks

B) Have sexytimes with Slave

C) Never, ever, ever, EVER have sex again!

Give your answer below and don’t forget to spread the fun!