Project Runway Photocap: Two Looks Aren’t Always Better Than One

Last night was the premiere of Project Runway, Season 10 and since nobody cares about anything but the clothes, Reality Tea is providing you a snap-judgement photocap. C’mon you know that’s how you watch the show, too!

The Challenge: Take a garment that defines you as a designer and make a companion piece for an over-the-top Times Square Project Runway Promotion fashion show and have it judged by wacktastic former Sex And The City stylist, Patricia Fields and guest judge Lauren Graham (aka mute drone with no fashion pedigree).

Also supplying commentary, but no actual critique is Michael Kors (once innovative American sportswear designer – now PR sound-bite drone), Nina Garcia (once important and relevant fashion magazine editor), and Heidi Klum of the crotch short minis and crisp German accent.

So, that was a bust wasn’t it? Ok, let’s trash discuss some looks!

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 Alicia: ZZZZZZ… Oh, gosh, I’m so sorry – I totally fell asleep.

Andrea: ‘I, like, love and idolize Yohi Yamamoto. Like a lot. I also like prison uinforms. I’m so inspired by the cultural ramifications…’ NEXT I hate when people over-intellectualize clothes.

Beatrice: ‘Grey sweatpants are anything but boring basics. They can be transformed into practically anything, take for instance this skirt… Oh, I have to go home already?’

Buffi: ‘Forever 21 is my favorite store. And that’s exactly where I stole these outfits from. You didn’t think I actually made something in this short allotment of time, did you? And yes, most of this material used to be a garbage bag.’

Christopher: ‘I know Zac Posen has been making these dresses for years, and if it worked for him I don’t see why it can’t work for me. And that’s exactly why I won this challenge. And yes, women love wearing army green gowns with crotch-high slits. Well, at least Heidi does!’ At least these were technically strong.

Dmitry: Clearly he embraces Dynasty as the greatest show that’s ever aired on TV. And the best thing to come out of the 80’s was a pouff sleeve. Ok, these actually were pretty cute.

Elena: ‘I sell a lot of my clothes at Comic Con, but at least I can sew a sleeve which is more than I can say for some of the bitches you’ve had on this show!’ I do all kinds of love the black coat.

Fabio: I can’t believe I’m saying this but I actually kinda like these. I think they could sell really well at high-end boutiques and the tie-dye is kinda cool.

Gunnar: Slutty nurse meet slutty doctor.

Kooan: Hello Kitty is my homegirl. I could see him having a future with Victoria’s Secret for some reason.

Lantie: These are really pretty and well done. Did she get lost in a time warp and think she was applying to this show five years ago during the Bravo years?

Melissa: ‘I think I’m an Olsen. Please, please, please let me be a triplet with you guys!’ I do love that leather jacket. And I already own the one Rick Owens has been making for years!

Nathan: Nathan looks like he has a tendency to over-work things, but I bet a lot of reality stars would LOVE these dresses. I could see Jennifer Williams wearing the green one and caftan queen Kyle Richards in the pink.

Raul: Holly Hobby. Stop with the doll clothes. Those pants were frightful.

Sonjia: Really cool, very downtown. Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj would look amazing in those leopard pants. I think Sonjia has some fresh stuff that’s very urban and funky.

Venn: Barbie and her mom do lunch at the Plaza. Those pants are hot mess of hideous crazy and that whole look was incredibly Golden Girls.