Buckle up!  Last night was yet another crazy episode of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta.  I am really going to miss these ladies when the season ends.

We start–where else?–with Joseline wearing the most ridiculous “outfit” for a photo shoot.  She looks like a mermaid Beyonce in drag.  There is a lot going on to say the least.  Stevie J. arrives and he’s not feeling her ensemble.  Perhaps he wants her to dress more patriotic like himself.  He immediately goes off on her for texting his baby mama.  She has a name!  I mean, how hard is it to say, “Did you text Mimi?”  Joseline calls Mimi Faust a b*tch, and Stevie doesn’t like her disrespecting his family.  He storms out of the photo shoot.  Joseline goes back to her posing.

Momma Dee and Shay meet for lunch.  Shay knows she needs to tread lightly and get on Momma Dee’s good side so she can grow her relationship with Lil’ Scrappy.  Momma Dee is very happy that her son is with Shay, and she warns Shay that she may have to check Erica Dixon at some point.  She says they can either act like ladies or handle it with some gangsta sh**.  I have a feeling Momma Dee hopes it’s the latter.


Also dining (no surprise there) are Mimi and Karlie Redd.  Karlie wonders why Mimi didn’t have her back in her fight with K. Michelle.  She wishes that K. Michelle would either talk to her like an adult or “put her hands up” like an adult.  I am pretty sure that slapping each other silly isn’t adult behavior.  Karlie reveals that she met with Stevie and he wants her to do a song with Joseline.  Cue Mimi’s passive aggressiveness.  Karlie doesn’t want to be in the middle of their relationship (could’ve fooled me!), and Mimi tells her that she can see Karlie and Joseline becoming best buddies.  Geez Louise!

Because VH1 is the only place I know where people who hate each other spend lots of time together, Karlie invites K. Michelle to a photo shoot to discuss their altercation.  Karlie doesn’t think that in the small R&B world the ladies should try to be cordial.  K. Michelle counters with the accusation that when she googled Karlie a brand of vinegar was all she found.  Can’t these women just be fake to each others’ faces and then talk smack behind their backs like on every other reality show?

Joseline meets with her stylist who was lucky enough to see Stevie’s intimidation tactics at the photo shoot.  She reveals that she plans to apologize to Mimi as she has finally (FINALLY!) figured out that he continues to play them both while they bow down to his feet…which wouldn’t be a big bow given how short the dude appears.  Joseline is concerned that her career will be in jeopardy if she doesn’t keep sleeping with him.  She’s been contacting other producers behind Stevie’s back, and she’s changed her number in the event that he finds out about what she’s been doing.

Rasheeda arrives at a launch party for her new song.  Her husband Kirk Frost was in charge of the soiree, and she is beyond angry to arrive and find out that it’s not packed.  Yikes!  It’s not that there aren’t a lot of people there, it’s just that the venue is so large it looks empty.  Rasheeda introduces her new video.  Technical difficulties ensue.  Kirk is going to be hearing about this!

Who is with me to start a petition that requires Scrappy to have subtitles all the time?  He arrives at Erica’s house to move out his stuff, and the pair hasn’t seen each other since he stormed out of the restaurant after their last fight.  He semi-apologizes, saying he said what he wanted to say, but he just didn’t say it in the way he should have.  At least I think that’s what he’s trying to convey.  Erica isn’t stupid…she knows he needs something from her and that’s why he’s trying to play nice.  They both decide that while they aren’t together, they will always love one another and want happiness for the other person.  Scrappy sees his in to bring up the whole reason he’s been trying to be sweet…he wants to make sure that Erica isn’t going to be clamoring for child support now that they’re no longer together.  I gather she’d been giving him a pass on consistently paying while they were in a relationship.  He seems shocked and angry when she isn’t on board.  She wonders what happened to the money she asked for the previous week, and he says he “didn’t get around to it.”  Father of the year!  Perhaps he spent that money on the town car that drives him away.

Karlie is at Benzino’s house for the couple’s first date.  He’s prepared a romantic candlelight dinner, and she immediately asks how many women he’s seeing.  Benzino is ready to be a one-woman man.  She admits to researching him and not getting the best feedback.  Karlie is confused because he seems so nice.  Benzino doesn’t skip a beat.  He was raised right, and he just can’t stop thinking about her.  Karlie can’t tell if he’s running game or not, but she takes the opportunity to scoot into his lap so he can gift her with a book and some chocolates.  Cue the porn music and the make-out session.

Rasheeda seeks K. Michelle’s advice about her problems with Kirk.  She admits that she is going to meet with another management team in hopes of saving her marriage and taking the professional aspect out of their relationship.  K. Michelle hopes that she won’t be jeopardizing her marriage for her music career.  Rasheeda meets with a potential new manager who is concerned with her business situation with her husband.  She thinks that Rasheeda’s career has stalled due to her loyalty to Kirk’s company.  The agent has her in tears, but she assures Rasheeda that Kirk will understand if he truly wants her to excel.

Benzino and Stevie meet for drinks to dish on Benzino’s date with Karlie…because that totally seems like something these guys would do.  I know that this show is scripted because Stevie asks Benzino about the meal he prepared.  Stevie has never shown any interest in anyone but himself, and I don’t think in this entire season he’s asked someone a question just to make pleasant conversation.  The fact that he’s excited to hear about Benzino’s lobster and asparagus is beyond laughable.  Stevie is thrilled when his friend says he’s going to meet Karlie’s family soon.  However, he really needs to get some advice on his love triangle with Mimi and Joseline.  He doesn’t think it’s okay that Joseline has been sending mean texts to Mimi, but he can’t quite tear himself away from getting naked with her either.  It’s quite the conundrum.  Stevie thinks it ‘s totally over now that Joseline has disrespected his family.  He’ll never leave Mimi…not even for Halle Berry.  I am sure Halle is super disappointed to hear this news.

Over lunch, Erica fills in her mom about the recent details with Scrappy.  Erica thinks that Scrappy wants to get off child support so he can still have a hold on her when she needs something.  She believes he wants a situation where she’ll have to meet with him and see him when she needs money as opposed to depositing money right into their child’s account.  Erica’s mother advises her to call their social worker, but under no circumstances should she let Scrappy off the hook.

Rasheeda finally approaches Kirk about her meeting with another manager.  He’s very hurt.  They are screaming at each other.  Kirk doesn’t think that Rasheeda realizes how he sacrificed for her.  He’s her biggest fan and her strongest supporter, and he thinks she’s being very underhanded.  I think they both have valid concerns, but neither is willing to see the other’s side.  It’s a prime example of why you don’t mix business with pleasure.  I hate it for them because Rasheeda and Kirk are my faves…and not just because they are rarely on the show.  I genuinely think they are good people who love each other and are savvy about the music business.

Joseline invites Mimi to coffee to apologize for her threatening texts.  Mimi reminds Joseline that she will be always be a part of Stevie’s life since they have a child together. I have to hand it to Joseline.  She lets Mimi say her biting comments and then tries to explain how Stevie orchestrated the situation between them.  Joseline also apologizes for hurting Mimi by sleeping with her man, but she didn’t know that Stevie was still really with Mimi.  Mimi doesn’t believe her apology.  I have to say, I’d totally believe Joseline if I didn’t think she was reading her lines off a cue card somewhere off camera.  Of course, that goes for Mimi as well!

Next week, Kirk and Rasheeda continue to bicker, and Joseline threatens Stevie with finding another producer.  Shay isn’t happy with Scrappy’s child support situation, and Benzino gifts Karlie with a key to his house.  Moving quickly, I see!  Stevie and Mimi head to couple’s therapy.  I definitely can’t wait to see that!


[Photo Credit: VH1]

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