Emily Maynard’s Engagement Ring Most Expensive in Show’s History; Chris Harrison Spills on Past Season; Plus PHOTOS: Emily & Jef Holm!


Panda Kitty and One F Jef can finally share their love with the rest of the world.  Now that Jef Holm has proposed to Bachelorette Emily Maynard, we can start speculating on the future of their relationship and the future of the franchise.  I know I’m in the minority, but this was my favorite season yet.  I thought Emily was no nonsense in following her heart, and I wish Jef could be cloned…although I wouldn’t mind settling for Arie Luyendyk, Jr. either.  Of course, this is coming from a girl who likely watch a show that featured Chris Harrison reading from the phone book–dramatically (as if there is any other way).

Not only did Emily score a good man, she also got quite the ring finger candy.  Retailing at more than $150,000, the Neil Lane doorknob is reportedly the biggest and most expensive rock in the history of the show.


A source tells Wetpaint.com, “It’s huge.  It’s 100 percent the biggest any woman has received on either the Bachelor or Bachelorette.”  Luckily for Jef, he has ABC to help him foot the bill for the sparkler.  Not that he wouldn’t do anything for his Panda Kitty.

The couple has been tweeting up a storm to one another and posting pictures of their post-finale press whirlwind.  Below are pictures from the couple’s stints on Jimmy Kimmel, Live With Kelly, and Good Morning America.

jef-holm-tweet-panda-kittyFinally, Chris Harrison recently spoke with Seattlepi.com about the most dramatic season yet ;).  He discusses Arie versus Jef, as well as what Little Ricki thinks is happening between Jef and her mom.  That interview follows:

You set the bar high with the live finale. Will this continue from now on?
Chris Harrison:
I think we have to now! I think it added a completely different feel.Viewers felt like they were a part of something bigger, and we were able to surprise people more. And it was really fun!

If Arie had his final date with Emily before Jef, would it have made a difference?
I don’t think so, but honestly I think going into that last week she was really leaning towards Jef. Arie was hard to say goodbye to because he was such a No. 1 for so long. [But] when Jef started moving in heavily from London on, from that point he was growing leaps and bounds. But there was a part of her that just couldn’t let Arie go.

What went through your head when you found out Emily needed to talk to you?
I had heard things went well with Jef and he had met Ricki, so my immediate thought was that he’s the one. I kind of thought he was anyway at this point, but I wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do and I don’t think she was. If you missed anything in that talk [I had with Emily], it was her working her way towards that conclusion of what she wanted to do and how she would handle it. I had to let her figure it out, but she needed a swift kick in the butt to get her off the edge and do it. On the other hand, even though I knew Jef was the one, I really didn’t think she’d get engaged. She was against it. I thought she’d make sure Jef didn’t propose, and I thought if he did, she wouldn’t accept it. She copped to it a little last night, but I think it was an in-the-moment choice.

How do you think Arie handled the breakup?
Harrison: He was pissed, and I don’t understand people who break up and are like, “Ok, thanks!” He was on the edge, but is such a gentleman that he fought just hard enough to give her a hug wish her well and sent her on her way. But you could tell he was mad and hurt, and I think he walked that line perfectly as a real man, but also as a gentleman.

Does Ricki understand what’s going on?
Yes and no. She knows Jef is a big part of their life. She’ll know that he’s now moving to town, but they’re being very smart, and I’d expect nothing less from both. And good on Jef, who could’ve said he’d fly in and see them. He said, “If I’m going to do this, I’ll be there.” For not only religious reasons, but parenting reasons, they’re going to take it slow and live separately until they’re married. I think it’s just a huge, good start for them.

That said, do you think they’ll make it?
After 10 years and going through what I’ve gone through, I know this: What I saw this season and on the couch last night is incredibly sincere. They are two very good people very much in love and it’s the beginning of something wonderful. But that’s just it. It’s the start of something wonderful. Where it goes from here is real world problems and obstacles and things they’ll have to figure out. But it’s a beautiful start, and I believe in it. I know they do too and that’s as good as you can do at this point.

So, Arie for Bachelor?
I knew Arie was a great guy and would be in the mix. So the report that Roberto [Martinez] is signed – are you kidding? We would never [choose the Bachelor] before the end of a season, especially a season like this. There’s a great debate going on [about] who the next Bachelor is going to be, and I think it went from “Is it Arie or Jef?” to “Is it Arie or Sean [Lowe] for the Bachelor?”

So now that my dream season has come to an end, and my favorite puppeteers, race car drivers, and awkward single dads have gone gently into that good night.  I will have to get my Harrison fix with the almost as awesome Bachelor Pad.



[Photo Credit: ABC, Emily Maynard’s Twitter]

emily-maynard-jef-holm-good-morning-americaThe happy couple on Good Morning America…

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