Dance Moms Recap: Once Again The Moms Act A Fool While Their Dancing Daughters Are Nothing But Sweet And Cool

They’re ba-ack!  After Jill and Kendall studio hop from the Candy Apples, they head right back to Abby Lee Miller.  This should be good!  It’s just another dramatic night in the lives of the Dance Moms.

Holly is late for the pyramid reveal.  Abby isn’t happy about that, but she’s happy the girls did so well at their last competition.  Before Abby starts peeling off copy paper from the girls’ glossy pics, Jill swoops in begging for Kendall to have spot back with the troupe.  Maddie seems giddy.  It’s clear, once again, that the girls adore one another while leaving the cattiness, jealousy, and competitiveness for their crazy moms.  Abby won’t hear any of it at the moment.  I am getting a very scripted vibe, and I’m disappointed that Lifetime is fancying itself a less slutty version of VH1.  Jill brings in Kendall with her own 8×10 glamour shot to add to the pyramid.  Abby pretends to be floored.  She reminds the girls who are hugging Kendall that if they want to be friends with her they should invite her over for a good old fashioned sleepover.


Kendall and Jill slink back into the rafters while Abby discusses the week’s upcoming competition.  Young MacKenzie is on the bottom for being so off during her trio.  Nia is also on the bottom due to her faulty tumbling landing during the trio.  Paige is on the bottom by default…she was, after all, part of the trio.  Chloe is on the next level because Abby doesn’t think that she’s dancing up to par.  Brooke is with Chloe although Abby praises her greatly.  Once again, Maddie is on the top of the pyramid.  She will be performing a solo entitled “I Can’t Find the Words.”  Paige will also get a solo, along with Nia.  Nia’s solo is called “Working Girl” and the moms are curious to see Holly’s reaction to her daughter’s number.

A boy will be brought in for the group number.  The girls are beyond excited.  In the viewing room, Kelly and Christi find it hilarious that Melissa first mistook Jill for Cathy.  The ladies find it strange that Jill thinks she can show up and be back in the mix.  Abby has Kendall in the group number, but she still needs to think about whether she’ll let her back in the troupe for good after her mother defected the studio in favor of Abby’s nemesis.  Paige is rehearsing when Jill butts in again to find out Abby’s stance.  Abby finds Jill’s behavior inappropriate.  The following day, it’s fun to watch Abby choreograph Nia’s dance.  Abby thinks it appropriate to put Nia in a dance that echos her mother’s theme of career first.  No way.  Don’t get mad at Holly for being a successful doctor!  She’s the least drama of any of these moms!

Holly arrives to hear about Jill’s return.  Abby gets a phone call from the casting director at Drop Dead Diva.  She wants Maddie to be a part of the show.  Kelly and Christi are mean as heck, so Melissa can’t even enjoy her daughter’s success.  The girls are way less jealous than the moms.  The ladies believe that Maddie was cast way before the part was even announced.  Maddie relays that she just wants to be humble so as not to hurt her dance friends’ feelings.  Moms, learn from your daughters!  It seems to be my theme every week, right?

During the next group rehearsal, Jill sends in Kendall to dance with the troupe.  Abby exiles Jill to the viewing room.  The moms are less than thrilled.  Kelly thinks that Abby will welcome a sweet Kendall back just to anger Candy Apples Cathy.  However, adding Kendall to the group number means that some of the girls may be cut from the group number.  Nia’s hair is distracting to Abby, and she wants Nia to focus more on her solo.  Anyone want to guess who will be the first cut from the group dance?  Abby then pits the dancers against one another, asking Paige if she thinks that Kendall should replace her if she does better.  Paige is on the verge of tears while Kendall looks extremely uncomfortable.

Abby invites all of the mothers and dancers into the studio to talk about Maddie’s Drop Dead Diva role.  Abby thinks that the women and girls weren’t happy enough for Maddie’s success.  When Abby attacks Holly for calling the audition rigged, Holly comes back with guns blazing.  Abby counters that Holly should tame Nia’s hair.  Holly thinks Abby should look in the mirror before judging anyone’s appearance.  I am both proud and disappointed in Holly.  She’s always the passive mom who is trying to make peace, but Abby has been on Nia all week.  However, there is a big part of me that hates to see Holly stooping to Abby’s level.  The worst part is that these young girls are watching all of this grossness happen.

The solos need some major rehearsals.  Not shockingly, Abby needs Maddie to shine, and she thinks Maddie needs to learn that she will always be envied.  Abby makes Maddie bring in her crowns to “rub in the faces” of her counterparts.  Poor Maddie is mortified, while the mothers are pissed.  Melissa is stuck between a rock and a hard place.  Maddie really feels awkward bragging to her friends.  Melissa bursts in to apologize to the other girls.  She doesn’t want her daughter singled out and she thinks it’s unfair.  Abby blames her for discounting Maddie’s successes.  The moms chastise Melissa for allowing her to bring in Maddie’s crowns at Abby’s request.  Didn’t Melissa know what Abby planned to do?  Melissa cries, and for the first time all season, I feel very sorry for one of the moms.

The troupe arrives at the competition, and Abby has yet to decide who will be dancing in the group number.  A tearful Kendall leaves the staging area because she feels sick.  Abby is disgusted that Kendall is crying.  Jill is unsure why Abby is being so hateful towards her daughter.  I too wonder how all of these grown women can be so ugly to children.  Nia freaks during her rehearsal, and both Holly and Abby get on her to step up her performance.  Is Holly trying to run with the mean moms now?  She used to be so normal.  Poor Nia is being led to believe her big hair is faulting her dancing.  Nia proves everyone wrong and rocks her solo receiving a standing ovation.  Her teammates are more thrilled than the moms, but who is surprised by that?

Maddie’s performance is, as always, flawless.  This girl is beyond talented, and I hate she has to deal with all of the nastiness of the adult world.  Paige also rocks her solo.  If only these girls could get away from their crazy moms.  Abby has nothing negative to say about any of the solos…that has to be a first.  Paige laments that she hates competing against her best friends Nia and Maddie.  Nia garners ninth place, while Paige earns sixth.  Maddie wins the high scorer for her age group.  Everyone is thrilled at the outcome, but back in the rehearsal room Abby is upset to see that Kendall is sporting a white bow.  Only the girls who are dancing in the group number will wear a white bow, and Abby has yet to reveal who are the chosen ones.

Jill goes off on Abby for accusing her of stealing a bow.  Jill is appalled that none of the moms stick up for her…should she be surprised?  Abby has the girls do a standing back tuck-off (if that is a real thing).  Paige injures her toe, and she’s out of the dance.  Abby pulls Nia from the dance and follows up her final cut with Kendall.  Abby admits that Nia was such a shining star in her solo that she shouldn’t be upset about being pulled from the group number.  Maddie, Chloe, and Brooke end up taking the stage with random boy dancer.  I have to say the psycho woman knows what she’s doing.  The group dance is phenomenal, and not surprisingly they end up placing first.  Abby relishes in taking the top prize, and she wants to know if Jill has learned her lesson.  It’s all kinds of awkward, and I, once again, hate that they have these screaming matches in front of the children.  Jill calls all of the moms insane, while Kendall cries in Abby’s arms.  Abby tells Kendall that her mom is an embarrassment.  Christi and Kelly laugh as Jill storms out…they have certainly lost points in my book–not because Jill was right, but because they are totally condoning Abby’s horrific behavior.

In two weeks, Paige has a broken foot.  Thanks AbbyJill hopes that Paige’s misfortune will be her daughter’s in with the troupe.  Christi accuses Abby of sabotaging her daughter.  Good times!


[Photo Credit: Lifetime]