REPORT: Kim Richards Allegedly Addicted to Painkillers After Nose Job

Oh Kim Richards, say it isn’t so!  You finally got rid of the gay bull mastiff and were getting your life back on track.  As you all know, Real Housewives of Beverly Hills can be extremely uncomfortable to watch with all of the meltdowns, the bullying, and the addictions.  No good old fashioned table flipping with this group…they are all about booze, narcotics, and minimal food.

While Kyle Richards outed her sister at the end of the first season for being an alcoholic, we had to watch her slur and struggle her way through the ladies’ sophomore season, missing planes left and right and locking herself in bathrooms.  After heading to rehab, Kim seemed to be on the straight and narrow.  However, after her recent nose job, there are rumors that her surgery has her back on painkillers.


A source tells, “Kim has appeared to be totally stoned whenever I’ve seen her recently.  Her speech is slurred, her eyes are glassy and she’s incoherent at times.”

The insider blames her recent plastic surgery, explaining, “She recently had a nose job and was prescribed pain pills to help her through the recovery and she appears to have developed a real liking for them.”

One would think Kim would know better than to tempt herself, and the source reveals, “Addiction specialists advise all recovering addicts not to undergo any elective surgeries for at least a year after leaving treatment, for this very reason. A person that has substance abuse issues should not have ready access to strong, addictive medications, it’s just begging for trouble.”

So just exactly what is Kim taking?  The insider claims, “Kim was taking Vicodin for the pain while she recovered from the surgery and Ambien to help her sleep, and judging by her recent behavior, in my opinion, she is still taking them, in some quantity.”

The source is very concerned that Kim is up to her old ways, stating, “She mentioned recently that she wants to undergo a second nose job as she claims her dog jumped up and hit her in the face. She said she suffered some damage and needs corrective surgery. It just doesn’t ring true to me though and it is really very worrying.”

Well, it is pretty evident from season two what Kim looks and sounds like when she’s been popping pills.  I sure hope it wasn’t Paul Nassif who performed her nose job–he should know better!  Here’s hoping Kim finally gets the help that she needs.