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Welp, she tried. Another swing and a miss in the game of life that is Erika Jayne. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star is probably regretting any and all references to being XXPEN$IVE, and it might be time to pay the piper. Erika and Tom Girardi are in a heap of trouble. Tom managed to screw over some former clients in sensitive positions while he and Erika peed in gold toilets and propped Chagalls against the dining room wall.

Erika has been running into a lot of obstacles since she and Tom were both implicated in an embezzlement scheme involving the nonpayment of Tom’s clients. They are also being accused of using their divorce as a cover to hide assets to prevent them from being seized in the name of debt collection. Erika is doing everything she can to prevent her “household items” from being nabbed so widows and orphans can eat. Despite EJ’s efforts to block further investigation, the judge said, “How many fucks do I give? NONE, NOT ONE ZERO ZERO DONE!”

Kathy Hilton Kim Richards

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back, and with a bang! So far so good on season 11 being the comeback we not only needed, but deserved. Fans eagerly awaited the season 11 drop for not one, but TWO promising shake ups. The first is of course Erika Jayne’s downfall legal drama. Despite singing her husbandTom Girardi’s, praises in a recent episode,  fans now know Erika was already very aware of the litigation about to take place. Meanwhile, the other women seem to have zero idea what Erika goes through at night. I’m absolutely giddy to see how her otherwise loyal friends, Lisa Rinna and Kyle Richards take the news.

Speaking of Kyle, that brings us to our second shake up of the newest seasonKathy Hilton has entered the chat. Despite being on the periphery, Kathy has added more to RHOBH in days than her sister Kyle has in years. Don’t at me.

Kathy Hilton Kyle Richards Kim Richards

Kathy Hilton has just made her debut as a friend-of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but she’s already iconic. And proving she deserves a diamond 1000% more than Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave. She’s the goofy older sister of Kyle “Doogie” Richards and Kim Richards and the mother of Paris Hilton. She’s bringing the funny back to RHOBH with her poor eyesight and martini chugging, which is a welcome change after the Season 10 gang up on Denise Richards.

Kathy brings a fabulosity and light-heartedness to a show where many of the longtime cast members like to hide their secrets behind the smoke and mirrors of glam looks. Like, her asking if she can put mouthwash in her flask literally sent me over the moon last week and RHOBH is only two episodes in. Truly a queen and as Lisa Vanderpump says, she takes no-nonsense.

Kyle Richards Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards is still beefing with former co-star Lisa Vanderpump. Lisa left the show after a falling out with former bestie, Kyle, and the rest of the RHOBH cast over “puppy-gate.”

Apparently, absence didn’t make the heart grow fonder. Lisa and her husband, Ken Todd, were out to dinner and saw Kyle dining with a producer on Lisa’s E! show, Overserved with Lisa Vanderpump. As a joke, Lisa sent her bill to their table. “When I left, I gave the server an imprint of my credit card and I said, ‘Take my bill, I’m leaving now, to that guy over there,’” Lisa stated. “If he doesn’t pay it here’s the imprint of my credit card.”

Kelly Dodd Real Housewives Of Orange County

The Real Housewives of Orange County is due for an entire revamp after last season’s mayhem. Braunwyn Windham-Burke was doing the absolute most and it wasn’t fun to watch. Some fans even boycotted watching last season because of controversial statements made by Kelly Dodd about the coronavirus pandemic, other women and the Black Lives Matter movement. Despite what Kelly thinks, RHOC needed Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson to whoop it up last season to lighten it up. The new crew of ladies led by Shannon Beador was ultimately a bore with quite a lot of toxicity mixed in there. 

And while Bravo is taking its time before making decisions about the future of RHOC, Kelly is still getting into trouble. (And has yet to be officially fired, but even she’s expecting it at this point) But this time around, the trouble has to do with her little dog being vicious.

Dogs and Real Housewives whose names start with “K” apparently just don’t mesh together. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum Kim Richards had several issues with her dog Kingsley attacking people, including one of Kyle Richards’ daughters. Kim Zolciak had an incident when her son was bit by a dog. And now Kelly’s poodle Chloe is getting called out for some bad behavior. Like mother, like (doggy) daughter.

Scott Disick Amelia Hamlin

While the current season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills will likely center around Erika Jayne’s legal mess, Lisa Rinna has some “owning it” to do. She’s coming off last year where she betrayed her longtime friend Denise Richards and used her daughter’s eating disorder as a storyline. Rinna can be fishy at times, because we know she loves the spotlight and controlling the narrative around her. That’s why she’s never TALKED ABOUT THE HUSBAND, at least to Kim Richards.

Aside from Rinna’s bad behavior as a friend last season, she also might become in-laws with the Kardashians. However, Lisa’s fam probably won’t be granted their own 20-season-long reality show. The 19-year-old daughter of Rinna and Harry Hamlin, Amelia Gray Hamlin, is dating 38-year-old Scott Disick. Yes, Kourtney Kardashian’s baby daddy just can’t stay away from younger women. Maybe it’s a midlife crisis, considering Kourt and her new boo Travis Barker are #goals. Well, at least their Instagrams make it look that way.

Erika Girardi Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

Two truths and a lie. That’s what it’s all boiling down to on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. This game could lead to viewers finally getting their first set of answers about Erika Girardi. Enough of the cloud of mystery. People deserve to know the reality of what’s going on in her life. When you sign up for a show like this, you make it the world’s business. These are the same people who wanted full transparency from Denise Richards. Do the same.

If the previews are any indication, it’s also time for the newest wives to go to battle. Crystal Kung Minkoff & Sutton Stracke are about to find themselves at odds early on. It’s too early to fully commit to a side, but something points to Crystal coming out on top. Sutton’s oddball behavior might’ve met her match with Crystal. Lake Tahoe, work your magic.

Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills Denise Richards

We’re off to the races with yet another season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and it seems like this season has a chance of being as great as the good old days. Last year, despite the show successfully attracting plenty of viewers, was hard to watch. The group ganged up on everyone’s favorite raggamuffin Denise Richards after she wouldn’t admit to hooking up with Brandi Glanville. Brandi really finally thought she had a shot at getting a diamond back in her hand by outing Denise. But in the end, Denise has the last laugh (with a Casamigos in hand) because she’s a real-life successful actress with a happy family. And Brandi is just begging for Bravo to give her a check any way they can. And now blaming the whole rumor on her only friend Kim Richards.

Denise graced us with her presence on RHOBH and while she didn’t always tell the truth, she was a lot of fun. Whether it was talking about her husband Aaron Phypers getting happy endings or screaming the iconic words “Bravo Bravo F–king Bravo,” she was good housewife material. But after the mean girl gang made her hookup rumors the only storyline of the season, it’s no wonder she said “peace” and left the show for good. At least Garcelle Beauvais was there to be a kind and true friend to Denise, or she would’ve been alone to fend for herself.