EXCLUSIVE: Sheree Fletcher Discusses Her Perceptions Of Reality TV, Last Week’s Hollywood Exes Drama, And Her Religion!

Last week I spoke with Sheree Fletcher from Hollywood Exes. Hot on the heels of a drama-filled episode where Sheree experienced some conflict with Jessica Canseco, we talked about how the cast maintains true friendships and what her experiences with both reality TV and being thrust into the public eye have been. I also spoke to Sheree about merging her strong religious beliefs with reality television.

Sheree was so gracious and down-to-earth. She was open-minded, friendly, and we had an earnest conversation about her experiences with the show, the other women, and building her brand Whoop Ash.

An excerpt from our conversation is below:

Sheree shares that her motivation for joining the show was an appreciation of the concept. “I liked what the producers were trying to do. The focus was on the women; I wouldn’t have been a part of a show that focused on my ex.”

From the get-go the premise was to focus on a group of women who were once married to “high profile” men and had common experiences. “They wanted to put together a sorority of sorts where women could come together and share their experiences and empower and support one another,” Sheree explains.


Sheree feels that is a reflection of the true friendships the women share. We discussed how they all strive to be respectful of each other and remain focused on the relationships and not the drama.

“I’m sure it was a conscious decision on the creator’s part,” Sheree says of building the cast. Adding that it was intentional to keep the drama authentic and to a minimum. “There is a natural bond; there is a natural chemistry. We have a lot of fun together and we really do enjoy each other.”

As for ex-husband Will Smith’s reaction to her joining the show, Sheree reveals that he was supportive. “If there was any worry on his part, he didn’t communicate that to me. Out of respect to him, because we have a son together, I let him know when I decided I would be a part of this. His response was, ‘I wish you well.’”

Her son Trey had some initial reservations because of the nature of reality TV.

“Because reality can be a little crazy he was a little worried. I validated his concerns, saying, ‘This is going to be a different type of show.’ So, he was concerned, but he really likes the show – he loves the show – so he’s pleased.”

I asked Sheree what it was like for Trey growing up with such a famous father and while she admits Trey would be the better person to ask she did discuss what her perception of the situation is. “It’s never easy, because there are just things that you’re watching your friends and their parents be able to do, like for instance: walk through a mall and not be bothered. Trey has never been able to do that with his dad.”

“In a sense you do appreciate [the fan base] and you do want to honor them, but when they’re out and about; when they’re in public, Trey has to share his dad. I think that’s a hard thing to deal with. But Trey is 19 now, almost 20, so I don’t feel completely qualified to answer since it hasn’t been my experience,” Sheree clarifies.

I wondered if Sheree felt more prepared to deal with the public’s opinions and reactions based on her experiences being in the public eye prior to joining a reality show.

“It prepares you in the sense in that you know it’s there, you know it’s coming and anytime you do something on TV or in the entertainment industry it’s published. Now before I wasn’t directly on the front lines. When you’re married to a celebrity, they’re on the front lines. You don’t get the bullets directly, but this time you do – you’re on the front lines. There’s some preparation, but it’s really on the job training.”

“The majority of the feedback has been super positive and encouraging. The audience, the fans [they] have been amazing – super supportive of the show and loving it.”

“Unfortunately it’s that 5% of people that kinda sticks with us, because it stings, it sticks with you, and you have to build up a thick skin. You have to say, ‘You know what: this is what comes with the territory.’”

“It’s kind of like getting a new car and you’re paranoid about getting the dings, but once you get the dings you’re all set. So a part of you relaxes. I’m getting the dings, I’m getting over it and I’m getting understanding. It’s going make me stronger; it’s going make me better.”

Besides reality TV, Sheree has been busy expanding her brand, Whoop Ash.

“Some of the perception was that this was a new business venture and I’m trying to launch this product line. The product line has been on the market for three years now. What I’m trying to do is take it to another level. I’m trying to make it more accessible to the customers.”

On the show, viewers saw Sheree going into production to replenish the supply. Sheree has been working with her chemist, because although the product has already been manufactured, “somewhere along the line the formula got lost.”

“So now we’re having to reverse engineer my product. It’s been crazy.” Sheree warns that viewers may see her frustration with the process – on-going since November – in upcoming episodes.

Currently Whoop Ash is available at www.whoopash.comSheree is hoping the product will be in stores soon.

We also discussed her relationship with Jessica and what her reaction was to last week’s drama:

Jessica and I are friends,” Sheree clarified. “Things are good. What you saw happened a while ago. So, we’ve had an opportunity to go in and talk about things, make peace, ask each other for forgiveness, apologize, and move on.”

Referring to Jessica’s comments, Sheree explains:

“What happened in the moment was shocking to me, because there was information that was brought up that was like, ‘Wow! What are you doing? What are you doing here? No, no, no, no – you shouldn’t be bringing this up.’”

“Let me tell you something, alcohol and sun – don’t really mix. They don’t mix. Not a good combination,” Sheree joked. “So you had a little bit of that and a little bit of antagonistic behavior and poking and name-calling. That was really the first time that I’ve dealt with that from Jessica and it threw me off a little bit and it bothered me.”

“You see in the show that it was addressed and I wasn’t proud of the way I handled it. I think I handled it with dignity but I think I could have done it better.”

“I do want to clear up this misconception because some people are thinking that something was disclosed and told in confidence – that was absolutely not the case. If that was told to me in confidence there would be no way that I would have ever brought that up.”

As for why Jessica seemed to turn her frustrations towards her following Andrea’s announcement, Sheree believes Jessica felt safe confronting her.

“I honestly think that in her mind I think she perceived me as the weakest link, so to speak. I was the safe space to release.”

“I’m hoping that as the episodes play out that it becomes clearer, but you don’t know. We know what happened, but you never know how the story is going to be told,” she adds.

Jessica and I have made our peace and we both admitted that we could have – we should have – done things differently.”

Given the accusations that she does not drink hard alcohol on camera to protect her reputation, Sheree and I discussed if she feels pressure to behave a certain way because of her beliefs and her husband’s occupation.

“Yes, I’m a pastor’s wife, but that’s just an aspect of who I am. I’ll never be defined by any title that is given to me or that I get by default.”

“With that being said, there’s still a responsibility; I’m a Christian, I love God, I gave my life to the Lord in 1999.

“So, there is a responsibility that comes with that; there is a striving to be the best you, you can be, to do better, because when you’re at your best then you benefit other people. It behooves you work on your stuff, to work through your kinks, to always strive. But I won’t let myself fall into somebody else’s box. I’m not going to do that.”

“People do try to put you in a box. They have a list of the way you’re supposed to look, the way you’re supposed to be, of what you’re supposed to do and what you’re not supposed to do. That’s your box. That really has nothing to do with me. I have to live my life in a way that I feel honors God, that honors my family, because at the end of the day that’s who it’s about.”

Overall Sheree says she is pleased she did the show and doesn’t have any regrets.

“I’m not going to say regrets, because that’s such a strong word. There are things in retrospect that you think, ‘Gosh – I could have done that differently. I could have done that better.’ So I’ve had those moments.”

As for the infamous editor’s touch which many reality stars hold responsible for the public’s opinion of their behavior, Sheree does not subscribe to that viewpoint and believes she has been portrayed accurately.

“They really can’t use what you don’t give them. They can take things out of context, but still. You know what was shot, but you never actually know what’s going to make the cut.”

“I do think, yes, I am being depicted accurately when it comes to a certain aspect of my personality. I don’t think I’m being show in my fullness, but I understand too that they’re telling a story. I’m not disappointed with the depiction. It can’t be 100% accurate because you’re seeing a splice of who I am and of my life.”

Well we like what we see and we’re really enjoying this show. It’s refreshing to get honest relationships without manufactured drama. Reality Tea thanks Sheree for her honesty and a great interview!