REPORT: Russell Armstrong Is Finally Laid To Rest.

It’s been almost a year since Russell Armstrong‘s death and his remains have finally been laid to rest in both of his home states, Texas and California.

Although a funeral was held for Russell shortly after his death, his remains were not present and he was only recently laid to rest. Russell passed away on August 15, 2011.

According to Celebuzz the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star was cremated and following a long battle over where his ashes should be buried it was ultimately decided to divide his remains between Taylor Armstrong and his family in Texas.

Last Friday, Taylor finally laid her portion of Russell’s remains to rest at a plot in the Columbarium of Morning Hope section of the Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills, CA. “Taylor was due to go through with the ceremony months ago but it was canceled at the last minute. She finally was able to say goodbye last Friday,” a source shares.


Taylor attended the placement of Russell’s urn,” a source reveals. ”She was the only one to attend and left a single flower, at the site. Russell was interred in a classic cross mahogany urn.”

Taylor also had a heart keepsake jewelry made with part of Russell’s remains inside,” the source added.

The other portion of Russell’s ashes were sent to his mother John Ann Hotchkiss and were placed in the Roselawn Memorial Park in Denton, Texas. Russell grew up in Texas.

Taylor maintains that Russell was the love of her life and she misses him dearly. She continues to speak out against domestic violence which she claims was present in their marriage. Taylor serves as a spokesperson for the National Coalition for Domestic Violence and will be hosting a wellness and self-esteem building cruise to help empower women.

“I try to remind people that an abuser doesn’t ask you out on a date and punch you in the face. These things happen slowly. He was going through my cellphone, monitoring my phone calls and email,” Taylor shared in an interview with Denver Post.

“That grip starts to tighten. You wake up one day in Cedars Sinai hospital having orbital reconstruction surgery, thinking, how did I get here?”

Taylor promises the upcoming third season of RHOBH will focus on educating women on DV warning signs. “In season 3, I will definitely talk about what are those red flags,” she revealed.

“In reflection, I was so stuck in my relationship…maybe subconsciously I thought either the cameras are going to provide a degree of protection…or it would push us to divorce and I would have a new life,” she adds.

 Our hearts go out to Russell’s surviving family members, especially his children.