Days ago photos surfaced of Anderson Cooper‘s boyfriend being K-Stewed aka the paparazzi photographed him kissing a man whom is not his significant other! Oopsie. One may think Anderson – longtime Bravo TV lover and ardent fan – would be heartbroken by the discovery, but apparently Anderson was busy vacationing in Croatia with ANDY COHEN instead!

It would appear that Anderson and Andy (Andyson?) were on a cruise together when the news of the scandal broke and just who busted them? Why Instagram and Twitter of course! See it all happened like this (and this may have been intentional – I don’t know how the mind of Andyson works). Anderson posted a photo of a sunset seen from the boat and minutes later Senor Cohen posted the exact. same. photo.


Well, that prompted Anderson to tweet:  “Look who just took the same instagram pic as me @bravoandy,” along with a photo of @bravoandy on. the. boat. So… are Andy and Anderson a match made in cute couple heaven? Are they dating? If they are boyfriend boyfriend can Anderson still make fun of all the Housewives? Cause I need that to keep happening!

This isn’t the first time the two good friends have been rumored to be more than friends. Last year gossip speculated that the Watch What Happened Live host had a crush on the Silver Fox. But who doesn’t have a crush on Anderson? Full Disclosure: I met him once and he is so cute and charming in real life I wanted to whisk him away with me.

Photos of Andy & Anderson, their matching sunsets, and Andy basking in the glow of a burgeoning relationship are below. Awww… love made in bitchy heaven is always my kind of love. I nominate NeNe Leakes to officiate their wedding. And please invite me. Also, I’m going to need them to have a reality show.

[All Photo Credits: Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen’s Instagrams]


Heartbeat to Heartbeat, sunset to sunset … it’s Andy’s Croatia sunset

And BUSTED! It’s Anderson’s!

Oh, and haha – what a coincidence here’s Andy! They were both just there on a boat. In Croatia.

A photo the ever-vacationing Andy posted of him at an undisclosed beach from three days. Who thinks Anderson snapped the photo? Oh me! I do! Love.

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