It’s a RHONY Bravo Blog Round-Up!

Leaping lizards!  This week’s Real Housewives of New York followed the same formula it has all season: Heather Thomson is frustrated with Sonja Morgan and her toaster oven shenanigans, Sonja is flighty, Jacques gets more Gellar-like, criticism goes over LuAnn de Lesseps‘ head, Aviva Drescher has anxiety and a kinky, super tan dad, Reid is adorbs, Carole Radziwill is the voice of reason with a less than stellar wardrobe, and Heather’s Cheshire cat grin irks the poo out of pinot swilling Ramona Singer.  Lather, rinse, repeat.  So it was kind of a shock to learn that this episode was the most watched since the premiere with 1.7 million viewers tuning in to the Bravo show.

Thankfully, we have the women’s Bravo blogs to rehash the events of the week.  Let the passive aggressive digs begin!


As for her beef with Heather, Ramona writes, “The last thing I wanted was an altercation with Heather that night. Sonja had told me that she wasn’t being listened to at the photo shoot and that she wanted me there to make sure her voice was heard — and she told me point-blank that Heather did not want me there. Heather and I had a conversation a few weeks prior and she said that in the future she would communicate with me — so the London scenario wouldn’t be repeated. I was upset, as I felt she should have picked up the phone and said ‘Ramona,you can be a pain in the ass, so I don’t want you on the set.’ I felt Heather was being dishonest to me by not personally conveying I wasn’t allowed to be there.”

Heather, on the other hand, seems to have more of a grounded view of their altercations.  She blogs, “I can take the criticism, but I am NOT a liar and for Ramona to accuse me of that really floored me. Now that you have seen both sides, what do think?  I can tell you I have learned this: 1. Sonja talks out of both sides of her mouth. She tells you the version that you want to hear and not necessarily the whole story. And 2. Ramona only listens to half of any story — the half that she believes — then she walks away. She is operating in a bubble of partial information that fits into her paradigm. What is it with these women?!”


And speaking of Sonja, is she completely clueless about all the rigamarole?  Not in the least.  She explains, I think the underlining tiff between Ramona and Heather made the pressure more intense and also the fact that Heather is a very public business woman also adds pressure. The bottom line is when a friend offers to work on a project with another friends — one should never rub it in their nose that it’s comped or very expensive. It’s a gift between friends, whether it’s material or intellectual…Heather’s motto is to empower woman and make them feel good about themselves.  Sonja in The City throws many comped parties where not a dime is paid and I take the complaints along with the compliment — but I never say one never paid.”

As for the Countess, she can’t believe that Ramona is always causing drama.  She blogs, “Can’t Ramona go to a party without fighting with someone? Here she is at her own wine launch party where she should be concentrating on her guests and instead, she’s going at it with Heather! Sonja is playing both sides in this conflict, but both Heather and Ramona are on to her.”

For her part, LuAnn is more concerned that Aviva can’t get over Pinot-gate.  She writes, “Where is Aviva’s sense of humor? She can sit at dinner while her father makes bawdy jokes but she gets offended by a wine tasting where Ramona’s wine was only one of many wines that we tried that night? Please. . .let’s move on from this subject. . .I’m so over talking about that evening.”

Aviva, it seems, couldn’t agree more.  She shares, “We have beaten the wine situation like a dead horse. I should not have brought it up to LuAnn. However, up until this point I had brought it up to Ramona and not LuAnn. Luann was right, I was annoying. Jacques had a point as well — he was there and had Ramona started to falter he may have been able to come in for the save.  Best move of the night was Jacques drowning me out with piano playing! I starting teasing him calling him “mean” in french. For the record, Jacques is the complete antithesis of mean.”

Finally, the voice of reason, Carole weighs in on the drama of these ladies.  Her entire blog is hilarious, but she sums up everything nicely by simply saying, “Aviva talked behind LuAnn’s back. Heather and I listened behind Aviva’s back. Mario talked behind the front of Jacques’ back. Ramona chimed in over Heather’s back. I was trying not to talk behind anyone’s back, but there were so many backs! There were backs everywhere you turned.”  You can’t argue with that logic!


[Photo Credit: Bravo]