Big Brother 14 Recap: Live Eviction and HoH Competition

Last week, the Silent Six boldly evicted Janelle Pierzina from the Big Brother house. The Silent Six alliance consists of Mike Boogie Malin, Frank EudyDan Gheesling, Danielle MurphreeBritney Haynes, and Shane Meaney.

Immediately following Janelle‘s eviction, the houseguests all but handed the Head of Household to Frank. Frank, the ox-like creature teamed up with Boogie, who has escaped eviction three times in four weeks… makes perfect sense. But, it’s okay, right? The Silent Six should be safe. They promised!

Britney immediately came down with a case of “OH S**T!” In the end, Frank stayed true to the alliance thanks to Boogie‘s insistence, and nominated Wil Heuser and Joe ArvinFrank really wanted to nominate Dan. Boogie said no. Frank won the Power of Veto and really wanted to back door Dan. Boogie said no. Boogie is such a buzz kill.

The Big Brother week started with Joe as the target and Wil as the pawn. Then, Wil proved just how much he sucks at playing Big Brother. Wil’s flippant attitude left Boogie and Frank feeling uneasy. Who is evicted – Wil or Joe? 


There’s a Baby Zingbot! 

A Big Brother tradition is to get insulted by the Zingbot 3000. This season’s zings:

Jenn, you have a lot in common with a gossip magazine. You’re both covered in bad ink.”

Ian, for a chemical engineering student, it’s amazing how little chemistry you have with the ladies.”

Frank, Little Orphan Annie would appreciate if you would stop stealing her hairdo.” This is an insult to Annie, if you ask me.

Ashley, your smiles lights up the room.  Too bad it’s the only thing about you that is bright.”

Joe, how does it feel to be the old man of the house? Oh, sorry, Boogie, I didn’t see you there.”

Shane, my five-year-old niece called. She wants her pink tank top back.” He has a lot of pink clothes!

Britney, I have a half million dollars to donate. Please tell me about the charity you gave yours to. I think it was called the Brigade.” Funny!

“What do you call Fabio without the good looks, muscles, and sex appeal? Wil.”

Danielle, I hear Shane‘s going to give you a special gift after the season.. a restraining order.” Love it! 

Veto Not Used

Frank decided not to use the PoV because it might “rock the boat” too much. Well, thank goodness, let’s not shake things up or anything. At the end of the day, Dan is going to find out that Frank considered backdooring him, Dan is not going to like this, and Frank cannot compete in the next HoH competition. This week, Boogie and Frank’s safety is completely up to Boogie. Let’s hope there isn’t any big incentive to not win HoH… oh, wait…

Wil‘s reaction to the PoV not being used, “Are you kidding me? Seriously! Frank had a golden opportunity to get rid of a huge player in this house [Dan] and he chickened out. My plan for the next few days is to just play it cool.” Which translates to, roll over and play dead, as he really didn’t do too much to “save” himself.

New Rumors Surrounding Your Favorite Reality Shows!

Britney, Danielle, and Shane are hanging out in the bathroom. Britney is worried about the future of the Silent Six. Dan walks in – Britney and Danielle tell him that Frank almost backdoored him. They’re like, Dude, you were thisclose to being backdoored. Dan smiles. Britney asks Dan if he’s going to win HoH this week. Dan pulls an Ian and says, “It’s not in the foreseeable  future.” Then he says, “I’m always trying to win.” Yeah, as much as I’m always trying to eat an apple instead of a cookie.

Joe questions Ashley about her vote. She doesn’t say much. Joe says, “You go to your family members first. I went looking for a yes, got a maybe, and a maybe means no way, baby.”

Dan confronts Frank about the possible backdoor. Dan asks Frank what’s going on and thanks him for not putting him up. Frank admits to Dan that the thought crossed his mind. Dan says, “Frank telling me that he considered backdooring me tells me that I cannot trust him. If he’s going to entertain the thought to backdoor me right now, he’s definitely going to do it at a later part in the game. If I get the opportunity to shank Frank in this game, I’m going to do it.” Operation Shank Frank is on!

Wil talks to ShaneBritney, and Danielle, trying to figure out how they’re voting. Not getting anywhere, he says, “For all I know, there could be one big group that’s just picking off Joe, Ashley, and me.”

Cut to – Ian‘s nervous-energy hammock swinging. His constant swaying is nauseating.

Operation Shag Frank

Ashley asks Frank if he wants to go on an ice cream date. Ian pouts, “That’s supposed to be my flirtmance.”

“There’s no ice cream in the house,” says Frank. “I hope cocktails are okay.” Clearly, Big Brother is not going to provide ice cream when alcohol makes people loose and stupid. Is it even safe for Ashley to mix alcohol with all the drugs she’s taking? Ashley tells Frank she’s lonely and that she needs some “manly testosterone” in her life. Frank doesn’t miss a beat. He says, “When we finish these cocktails, we can make out on the couch.” How romantic.

Apparently, it is an offer Ashley could not refuse. Can you blame her? How could anyone resist Frank‘s manly odor and luxurious locks? Meanwhile, poor Ian is sulking in the backyard.

Ridiculous Filler

Joe‘s family makes fun of him for screaming in the Diary Room.

Jeff Schroeder – minus Jordan Lloyd – is invited back to talk to Julie Chen. Honestly, I hate Jeff with the fire of a thousand suns, so I will not spend a lot of time on this blessed event. Surprise boot: Janelle. Running the house: Boogie. Hopeful winner: Ian. When asked about the status of his and Jordan’s relationship: “There’s plans. Things are rolling very nicely,” Jeff said. “I have a deadline from Jordan. There’s some breathing room, but there’s a deadline.” The deadline is his birthday, which is June 5.

Because we haven’t wasted enough time, there’s a Current Events pop quiz. Britney is crushed to learn that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have split. Poor Brit Brit.  

Live Eviction

Wil‘s last ditch effort for votes, “You’re all snoops and liars! No, I’m just kidding. <hahaha. only, not really.> I want to keep it real this time. This is a win, win situation for me. If I stay, obviously, it’s a win. I get another week, possibly more, with some of the most incredible and awesome individuals that I had the privilege of spending my summer with. If I go home, I go home to the most amazing parents, brother, and friends that I miss everyday since I’ve been in here. If I walk out, I know I have played this game for myself. Make your decision for you. I have been loyal to a lot of you and I’d make a great team player to a lot of you.”

Joe starts, “I heard out of Wil’s campaign that I was loud. I’ve got news for you. I’m taking classes at night right now called Human Whispering and I’m getting better. I’ve always heard that you’ve been spreading that I have a Sharon Osbourne game going on in here. Sharon Osbourne? You’re Sharon Osbourne!  I heard somebody say that Wil could possibly be my son. I’m not your Daddy, it’s Fabio and Sharon Osbourne….”

Chenbot interrupts, “Move it along, Joe.”

Joe finishes, “Keep it real and I’ll keep feeding everybody.”

Votes to evict:

Ashley –  Joe

Boogie – Wil

Julie Chen sums it up for us thus far. The vote is one to one. Thank goodness Julie’s there.

Danielle – Wil

Jenn – Joe

We see the HoH fish more than we see Jenn.

Dan – Wil

Britney – Wil

Shane – Wil

Worth mentioning, Shane compliments Julie’s beauty. Julie promptly changes her name and phone number, fearing the wrath of Danielle.

Ian: Wil

By a vote of 6 to 2, Wil and his braid are evicted from the Big Brother house.

Wil is Wil’s Biggest Fan

Wil walks out the happiest person to ever be evicted from Big Brother. Wil thinks he’s too big of a threat. Or, maybe, just a bigger threat than Joe. Wil makes a lot of jokes and looks to the audience for their reaction/approval.

Joe‘s goodbye message, “I know you’re from Kentucky, the heartland. I loved you for that. Going against Janelle and going against your whole team broke my heart.”

Dan, “Believe it or not, I wanted to work with you in this game. I wanted to keep you in this game, because I thought you would go after Frank and Mike Boogie. I think you’re a good player, I just think your emotions got the best of you in this game.”

Ashley, “I’m going to miss you so much. You don’t like to kiss Frank butt. But, it’s the name of the game, and sometimes you have to do it. That’s probably why you’re sitting on the outside right now.”

Boogie, “Of all the rookies, you were one that I really wished I could have coached. All you had to do was be the funny guy and you would have coasted to the final five. <very true!> You got a little antsy, you tried to make some moves. Now, you’re sitting there. I wish you the best.”

Julie Chen tells Wil about the Silent Six. Wil mocks the alliance’s name and, again, looks to the audience for their reaction to his comedic genius.

Head of Household

Swamped – we’ve seen this competition a thousand times. Fill a tiny teacup with as much liquid as possible, travel down a slippery lane, depositing the liquid that hasn’t spilled into a big jug. Inside the bowl is a cork that gets higher and higher with the liquid. Win by removing the cork.

What we haven’t seen a thousands times – temptations! There are two smaller jugs with prizes to temp the hamsters. If they’re tempted and win a prize, they’re no longer eligible to win Head of Household. The prize on one jug is $10,000 and the prize on the other is safe for one week.

Remember when I said Frank and Boogie‘s safety is in Boogie’s hands this week. Well, they’re both screwed. Boogie is going for the $10,000.

I’m not sure what Joe and Dan are doing. Ashley might as well just sit this one out. She hasn’t a chance at anything.

Shane, Ian, and Danielle are most definitely playing to win HoHJenn and Britney are playing for safety.

So much has happened in the Big Brother house since the live CBS episode! Stay tuned for spoilers.  


Photo credit: CBS