Is the party over for these two?

Going into the latest Head of Household competition, there were two alliances (worth mentioning) in the Big Brother house – the Silent Six and the Quack Pack. The Silent Six alliance consists of Mike Boogie MalinFrank EudyDan GheeslingDanielle MurphreeBritney Haynes, and Shane Meaney. The Quack Pack is Dan, Danielle, Britney, Shane, and Ian Terry.

Last night’s episode included the went-on-too-long HoH competition, Joe‘s outrageous stories, Ian‘s armpit hair, Ian and Ashley’s pizza date, and Shane’s nominations. Shane is the new Head of Household, Britney won safety, and Boogie won $10,000. Frank says, “I hope that not backdooring Dan won’t come back to bite me this week.” Boogie is glad Frank listened to him. He’s feeling good.

Shane nominated Frank and Boogie. Ouch! How’s that feel Froogie?

How do Frank and Boogie react? Who wins Power of Veto? Spoilers ahead!


Boogie likes to greet the live feed watchers when he wakes up in the morning. Boogie’s take on where he stands following the HoH competition:

“Well, Britney took the safety, and Shane got the HoH. I built some trust a couple of weeks ago, so I shouldn’t go on the block.  I had no need to win the HoH, but you never know, Brit could pull a fast one. Shane wouldn’t do it on his own. On the 1 to 10 confidence scale of not being nominated, I’m a 9. If it were just Shane, I’d say a 10, but with Brit, I’d say a 9. Shane is more physical, but I respect his attitude. We need to keep him a while longer because he is a big target. He’s won five of the last eleven comps. He’s loyal too, so we will keep him. Shane can win all the comps he wants because he keeps me and Frank safe. He has to go before the end. I plan not to get nominated and to play in the PoV. As long as I’m safe, I don’t want to win it.”

Of course, by now, we all know that Shane nominated Boogie and Frank.

Boogie blames Britney. Can’t trust a woman, of course.

Frank blames Dan.

Frank and Boogie talk to Shane immediately after the nominations. Shane goes along with Boogie’s idea that Britney made him do it. Frank mentions Dan‘s name, but Shane insists Dan isn’t responsible.

Britney is not happy to find out that Shane blames her for nominating Frank and Boogie. She whines, “It sucks. It makes me a huge target. I realize you have to do what you have to do, but now I’m a huge target. All I ever tried to do was help you. I don’t understand why I had to be thrown under the bus.”

Shane says, “I didn’t entirely throw you under the bus.”  Britney was just there, waiting for a guy to run her over, as that’s what Britney does best. She was there – Shane drove over her, threw it in reverse, backed over her, threw it into drive, and drove over her again. Then, just go be sure, he got out of the bus and kicked her. Standing before Frank and BoogieShane took absolutely no responsibility for his nominations.

Britney goes to Frank and Boogie. Damage control. To save herself, she sells out Dan. Boogie and Frank remind her they were in a position last week to backdoor anyone they wanted to, including her, but they didn’t do it. We’re going to hear this too-late-to-matter threat all week. Britney says, “I had many people telling me that you were thinking of doing that in the future, and I shared that information with Shane.” Dan and Boogie think Dan is the only one who could have given that information to Britney.

Boogie says “Dan got us nominated.” Frank agrees. Britney is no longer on their radar. Yet, Britney cries to everyone in the house about Shane throwing her under the bus. Brit whines constantly about the horrible position she is in. She wonders how she’ll ever recover. I mean, she’s not on the block, she won safety for the week, and she’s able to play for the fast forward Head of Household. Horrors!

Remember how Britney treated Willie early in the season… constant brow beating and belittling and “woe is me, look at what you did!” – she’s doing that to Shane now.

Britney cries SO much that Frank ends up consoling her. For crying out loud, Frank is nominated! These people are beyond ridiculous. Frank is mad that nobody in the Silent Six gave Frank and Boogie the head’s up, so Boogie could have played for the HoH. Remember, Boogie was greedy and played for $10,000 instead. Boo-freaking-hoo!

Britney even cries to Ted. Ted tries to get away!

Okay. That didn’t really happen. I had the picture tucked away in case I ever needed it.

Back to Boogie and Frank, they want Dan to pay. First, one of them needs to win the Power of Veto. Then, their master plan is to backdoor Dan. They have no power. They’re making all sorts of threats and plans. Again, they have no power. Even if one of them wins the PoV, Shane names the replacement nominee. Their arrogance is truly mind boggling.

Boogie tells Ian, “It’s not Britney we need to be mad at. It’s Dan. He told Britney how we talked about getting Shane and Britney out. Dan is the only person I told.”

The funny thing is, Boogie also told Ian this information. Boogie has zero respect for Ian as a player, so it never occurs to Boogie that Ian could be playing him and Frank.

In response to Boogie‘s claims about Dan, Ian says, “Dan is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

Well played, Ian!

Sadly, Dan is starting to turn on Ian. I think he feels threatened. Ian is essentially playing the game Dan played (and earned him the win) in season 10. Dan is starting to see where it’s going to take Ian and he’s getting nervous. Dan is planting seeds – nobody has a chance against Ian. He warns them all –  if Ian gets to the end, he’s going to win with a vote of 7 to 0.

But, for the sake of the Quack Pack and the invaluable information that Ian gets from Boogie and Frank, Dan’s keeping Ian safe. Plus, Dan has been working both sides and his cover is all but blown. When Frank and Boogie confront Shane, Britney, and Dan, Dan takes the blame, protecting Ian. He’s not happy about it though. Dan says to Britney and Shane later, “I don’t know how much longer I can take the heat for the kid. I don’t like my name being dragged through the mud.” If Boogie and Frank weren’t so full of themselves, they would pick up on the subtle clues coming from both Dan and Britney and realize Ian is the sneak.

Frank is alone and thinking out loud: “I hope one of us comes down and the other gets the votes. I can handle being in the game by myself if that happens. I’ve played the game with integrity. I had the chance to get Dan out twice and I didn’t do it. I should have done it, but I took Boogie’s advice. If you don’t trust the advice of your closest friend in the house, what can you do?”

Frank thinks Big Brother production is helping him along this season (Britney thinks this too!) because “America loves Frank and Boogie” so much. Frank and Boogie think they’re so very special. Frank says, “This must be good TV right now, with us on the block.” Addressing the live feed watchers, he says, “I hope you’re saying ‘No, not Frank and Boogie!’ ”

Frank and Boogie are talking about their position. Again, blaming Dan. Frank buys a clue – but he gets said clue in the damaged isle so it’s not worth much. Frank says to Boogie about Ian, “Surely he’s not the mother f***er who ratted us out?”

Boogie says, “No, I don’t think so. If that’s it, we might as well pack our bags!” Oh, the sweet glorious ignorance!

Boogie also says about Ian, “He’s just a stupid 21-year-old kid. He has no strategy. He’s not even playing. He owes us.”

Playing for the Power of Veto:

Shane (HoH), Frank (nominated), Boogie (nominated), Ian (owes Froogie, apparently), Jenn (useless), and Ashley (medicated)

Frank wins the Power of Veto. Shocker! The competition is probably – If your dad is a famous wrestler, say I!

Something happened during the Veto competition that the houseguests are not allowed to talk about. Following veto, the feeds were turned off for hours.  Too many hours. Now, anytime the hamsters talk about it, we get fish. Seems as if Joe accused Frank of cheating. According to Joe, Big Brother knows this and has determined what Frank did not effect the end result, so it doesn’t matter. Frank says he wasn’t cheating. Rather, he was getting help from Boogie.

Boogie is in trouble. Poor Ted has to listen to everyone’s problems.

Frank and Boogie are back to hating everyone.

Boogie‘s strategy for the week: “I’m going to demand to know how people are voting. If they don’t vote my way, I’ll tell them you [Frank] will be going after them with a vengeance when I’m gone. I’m not tip toeing around. You will tell me where your vote is and if you’re not voting for me, you are eligible for the wrath of Frank.”

A Boogie gem: “Britney is a woman. I can work her over because of her emotions.” Everyone else is inferior, morons, idiots, or mother f***ers. Boogie and Frank decide intimidation is the way to go. Frank starts with Jenn and Ashley. They call Frank a hypocrite. They remind Frank – when you turned against Willie, you gave a righteous speech about bullying and now you’re bullying us for our votes.

Boogie and Frank tell Ian their plans for the week. Hilarious. Boogie and Frank want Dan nominated; however, they’ll “settle” for Joe. Boogie’s (assumed) best case scenario is to be on the block next to Dan. Worst case – Jenn or Ashley. As of right now, Shane‘s plan is to put Jenn on the block at the Power of Veto ceremony.

Do you realize only three people have won HoH and PoV this season? Shane, Frank, and Danielle. Week 1 – Willie doesn’t count as a straight win, really, but Shane was on his team. Shane won PoV. Week 2 – Frank (HoH) and Shane (PoV). Week 3 – Shane and Shane. Week 4 – Danielle and Danielle. Week 5 – Frank and Frank. Week 6 – Shane and Frank.

If Boogie leaves, I kind of want to see Shane and Frank join forces. But, I’m torn between a Frank and Shane finale and a Britney and Ian finale. Then there is Dan. Is Dan worthy of another win? I just cannot decide yet. Who are you rooting for?