Hollywood Exes Recap: Check Your Email… They’re All Friends Again!

The Hollywood Exes are focused on their individual business ventures this week.

Sheree Fletcher and Nicole Murphy meet for breakfast. Sheree isn’t willing to relocate to live with her husband, Terrell Fletcher. Terrell lives in San Diego, but Sheree is in L.A. She’s come to realize that she fears losing her identity. She doesn’t want to be reduced to “Pastor’s wife.” Nicole can relate. She says, when she was married to Eddie Murphy, no one knew who she was and her plans were put on the back burner.

Andrea Kelly returns to Millennium to talk to the owner Robert. Andrea is disappointed by the attendance in her dance class. Andrea is stressed – she left everything in Chicago to come to L.A. – but she’s not attracting the crowds she is used to. Her ego is a little bruised, I’m sure. Robert suggests a showcase… and all is right in Andrea’s world again. Andrea leaves excited and hopeful.


Mayte Garcia and Jessica Canseco meet to talk about Palm Springs and the glass throwing incident. Jessica explains how she often relies on humor to avoid pain. She can make a joke about anything, but she is starting to realize that she needs to be more mindful of those around her.

Jessica says to Mayte, “I feel bad that you were hurting. I can make anything a joke,  and I touch lightly on a lot of subjects. I put up a barrier for pain, because I don’t want to feel any pain. I don’t want to show emotion. But, I never meant to hurt you. I’m growing and learning, thinking maybe I need to be careful when I talk.” Jessica explains that the humor and the walls she puts up are her survival mechanisms.

Mayte understands. She, too, apologizes to Jessica for making her feel uncomfortable. “That’s what girlfriends do. We fight, we kiss, and we make up,” Jessica says. The waiter brings out their snacks and drinks, and Jessica asks for plastic cups. They laugh.

Mayte’s Movie Career

Mayte meets with her manager. Mayte has been studying acting for 11 years. Gladys is excited to tell Mayte about an audition. It’s for a romantic film set in the world of competitive dancing… right up Mayte’s alley. Mayte is excited to read it. Mayte prepares for her audition with her overly dramatic mom surrounded by animals. She lives in a zoo. Hopefully Mayte doesn’t take Nelly to the audition with her… she’ll totally steal the show.

Sheree’s Whoop Ash

Sheree meets with Ron Robinson of Fred Segal  to promote Whoop Ash. Ron likes the product, but he doesn’t care for the name. Sheree says, “Older white men don’t usually get it.” She explains, “But that’s what it does. It whoops… ash.” Ron feels as if he could sell more of the product if it has a classier name. Sheree seems receptive to Ron’s feedback.

Nicole Murphy’s Fiancé Michael Strahan A Serious Contender To Be Kelly Ripa’s Co-Host!

Andrea’s Dance Showcase

Andrea tells Jessica about the showcase. She’s making it a benefit for her foundation, which supports domestic violence awareness. Andrea shares that she was once in an abused relationship. She started the foundation to “celebrate the women who made it out.” She says people often wonder, how did that woman end up with that man in that situation. Andrea tells Jessica that grew up with a slanted view about love. She learned love is painful, demeaning, and violent. So, when she found herself in an abusive relationship as an adult, it felt normal. Now, Andrea sees herself as a survivor, not a victim.

They talk about body image, sending messages to children and women that they’re not good enough, etc. Andrea finds that she and Jessica have more in common than she thought. She says, “Our adult experiences are pretty much parallel.” This seems like a HUGE turnaround for Andrea. She just spent three episodes bashing Jessica, even threatened to stab her with flaming forks, and now they’re suddenly BFFs again.

Andrea is looking forward to the Hollywood Exes working together on her benefit. She enlists Mayte‘s help for the dance auditions… hips, hands, connects, pops aplenty. She’s not interested in “no janky presentation,” so she watches the dancers closely. Andrea’s definitely in her element, she’s beaming.

Andrea meets with her people to talk about the showcase. First problem, they haven’t found a suitable venue. The place they found is too small. “I said intimate, but dammit this a closet with chairs,” says Andrea. Andrea stresses the importance of the showcase – this makes or breaks her dance career in L.A. “I’ll be in a little white room, with a jacket, in the corner, with my baby hair, if you don’t fix it,” she warns her people.

Nicole’s Clothing Line

Nicole has designed a clothing line that is comfortable, travels well, and looks good. The poor girl is tired of looking a mess when she gets off a plane. I don’t think it’s possible for Nicole to look bad. Ever.

Nicole‘s getting ready to present the line to potential buyers. Jamie, Nicole’s business partner, lets Nicole know where things stand. Nicole is annoyed and stressed – there are issues with the fabrics, changes are being made without her approval, and not much is set in stone for the upcoming presentation. Jamie tells Nicole the timeline is tight. As Nicole leaves, she tells Jamie, “make it happen.” Jamie looks at her assistant and says, “We’re screwed.”

The day of the showcase, Nicole shows up, expecting everything to be ready to go. Nothing is ready. The clothes aren’t even there yet. Jamie has the clothes, and she is stuck in traffic. Nicole is freaking out. Sheree and Jessica team up to get the ball rolling. They say, the less Nicole has to worry about, the better. Andrea and Mayte arrive… still, no clothes in sight. Andrea says, “This is bad.” The guests are waiting. If I were Nicole, I’d be firing those in charge.

The models finally make an appearance.

Andrea says, “Check your email on the fashion design!” Everyone loves the fashions. Nicole‘s daughter Bria shows up to support her mom. She’s just as stunning as her mother. Bria likes the clothes. Nicole lights up, it’s obvious how much Bria’s approval means to Nicole.

The Hollywood Exes head out for dinner and drinks (uh oh) to celebrate Nicole’s successful show.

Next week on the season finale, Nicole fears getting married again, Andrea pushes Mayte to pack away the Prince china, Jose wants to play house with Jessica again, and Andrea gets hurt (badly) while rehearsing for her dance benefit.


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