The Hollywood Exes‘ getaway to Palm Springs wasn’t the nice relaxing time they all hoped for. The Exes dealt with some controversial subjects, including animal rights, religion, and abortion. Seriously, could the topics get any more intense? Whether shopping or participating in drunken acrobats, there were certainly some good times shared as well. However, the bad times dominated the trip and many feelings were hurt. This week, apologies are made with mixed results.

Andrea Kelly meets her new boyfriend Percy for lunch. Percy’s peeking at Andrea’s cheeks, and they’re all smiles. Andrea is happy with Percy. She says he gets her and they have fun. Percy asks about Palm Springs. Andrea’s like, “Oh, you should be asking what didn’t happen in Palm Springs!” Percy is surprised to hear about Jessica Canseco and Sheree Fletcher‘s fight. He’s says, “They don’t even seem like they have anything in common to argue about.”


Andrea fills him in about Jessica calling Sheree a hypocrite.  Andrea explains it to Percy like this: Jessica doesn’t have a filter. For better or for worse, Jessica speaks her mind freely. With her “girls,” it’s usually okay. They play it off, thinking, “Oh, that’s just Jessica.” At a certain point, Andrea feels even friends need to stop enabling Jessica and make her own her words. Andrea says the “that’s just Jessica” way of thinking is getting on her nerves. She says, “Lovely girl but the mouth is off the meters.”

Percy and Andrea talk about their relationship. Andrea impresses Percy. Percy says, “You could have rode out the stigma of being R Kelly’s ex-wife, but you’re, like, pushing yourself above that. That’s attractive.” Andrea tells Percy she really likes him. He jokes with her, saying, “Then you need to give it up.” They laugh it off. They have easy conversation and good chemistry. Her true (dare I say, toned down) personality shines when she’s with him. I hope he’s the real deal and sticks around.

Sheree and Jessica meet to talk about Palm Springs. Jessica is upset Sheree brought up the abortion. “I told Sheree about the abortion as a way to open up to her, so for her to throw that back in my face and use that as a weapon was not cool,” Jessica says. Jessica apologizes to Sheree – she doesn’t want to lose any friends over what happened. Sheree also apologizes to Jessica. Sheree tells the camera there’s still a scar, however. Sheree says she’s not proud of her part in the fight either, how she lashed back at Jessica. The conversation is going well, then Sheree brings up her faith and Jessica talks about the Bible. Sheree says, “Being a Pastor’s wife doesn’t make you perfect. It’s like imperfect people preaching a perfect message. We’re all going to fall short. We’re all going to miss the mark.” Jessica tells Sheree she’s open to learning. Jessica loses Sheree when she interprets what she has read in the Bible. Sheree simply shakes her head and laughs it off.

Nicole Murphy‘s realtor Bob shows her a new house. This house is run down; however, it used to belong to Judy Garland and has an amazing view. The breathtaking view seals the deal for Nicole. She writes an offer.

Mayte Garcia visits a fertility clinic to see about freezing her eggs. Mayte shares her history with the doctor. He explains the process and the rate of success. Unfortunately, for women over the age of 35 there’s a lower rate of success and higher risk of chromosomal abnormalities. Mayte is 38. “It’s a lot to think about,” she says. “I left knowing basically that the treatment to buy time is not promising.”

Jessica operates a cosmetic and medical tattooing business. Nicole visits Jessica to have her eyebrows done. While Jessica is working on Nicole, Bob calls about the house. The sellers accepted Nicole’s offer. Nicole feels like it’s her lucky day – new eyebrows and a new house.

Mayte, Sheree, and Andrea meet for a girl’s night out. Mayte tells them about her appointment at the fertility clinic. Sheree feels bad for Mayte, so she changes the subject. Andrea brings up Palm Springs. Mayte and Andrea clearly sided with Sheree in Palm Springs. “I would have been cool with it if hypocrite hadn’t come out of her mouth to you,” Andrea says to Sheree. “Because I don’t feel the same way does not make me a hypocrite.” They all have issue with the word hypocrite being used. In an attempt to keep the conversation light, they’re laughing and making jokes. Andrea commends Sheree for her self control. She says, “She did not not drop one F bomb? I was like, Baby, there is a cloud in Heaven with your name on it in diamonds because I would have gotten kicked out of heaven that day.” Sheree tells them about her recent talk with Jessica. Sheree says, “I believe Jessica was as sincere as Jessica can be.” Still, she admits she’s not over it.

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Mayte chimes in. Mayte is struggling with how easily Jessica talks about her abortion. She’s hurt and angry. “It’s not for me to judge or anything, but I kind of feel like the way that it was said hit me deep in my heart because of what has happened in my life,” she says. Sheree suggests Mayte talk to Jessica – with Andrea and Sheree for support.

Knowing that the talk about her abortion has been filmed, Jessica decides to tell Josie. Jessica wants to be sure Josie hears it from her before anyone else. Jessica got pregnant at 17, went to a back-alley establishment for the abortion, and suffered complications as a result. Jessica loves that she and Josie are close, but she’s also sad  Josie’s father Jose Canseco isn’t there for them.

The Hollywood Exes meet for dinner. It’s the first time they’ve all been together since Palm Springs. Mayte isn’t thrilled about seeing Jessica. “My walls are up,” Mayte explains. “There’s a huge-ass elephant in the room and it needs to be addressed.” While the other women are looking at the menu and making small talk about food, Mayte jumps right in. Mayte says to Jessica, she’s sick of the small talk and thinks they need to address the elephant in the room. Jessica is caught off guard. She all but looks around for a real-life elephant and clearly has no idea what’s coming. Nicole looks horrified. I imagine she’s thinking, not again! Also, it seems as if the women chose to sit in the loudest and most public spot in the restaurant. Mayte’s talking, Jessica’s laughing because she cannot hear her, Mayte’s forced to yell her personal business – it makes the entire exchange more awkward. Definitely not the time or the place for this conversation.

Mayte tells Jessica she’s bothered by how she talks about her abortion. Mayte says, “You know I lost two children. The way you said it, the way it was so nonchalant, was really hurtful.” Jessica apologizes. Jessica goes on to say, “I didn’t mean for you to take it in that manner. I didn’t know it was a topic you were sensitive about.” Mayte, Sheree, and Andrea look at Jessica like she’s insane.

Jessica reveals she has reached out to Mayte since Palm Springs, to talk about it all, and Mayte ignored her. Nicole asks Mayte if she’s against abortion. Mayte says no. This seems to change Jessica’s attitude. She’s asks, “So, it’s okay for them and not me?” Jessica suggest Mayte has “old wounds” and Mayte loses her temper. Jessica asks, “Why wouldn’t you talk to me about it?” Mayte yells, “Because there’s nothing to talk about!” Clearly, there is, but the conversation isn’t going the way Mayte hoped. And, typical Jessica, she doesn’t let it go. Jessica probably feels attacked since she tried to reach out to Mayte, like she did with Sheree, to discuss Palm Springs. When Mayte didn’t respond, Jessica assumed everything was okay. Mayte warns Jessica about her passive aggressive attitude. Mayte’s like, just apologize and then stop. Jessica tells Mayte she has “issues” and is “crazy.”

Jessica continues to run her mouth. Mayte is repeating her words back to her, getting more and more angry. Jessica laughs and asks, “Can’t we just eat?” Mayte says no. Jessica tells her she should leave, then. Jessica pushes, saying, “Do you want to go home? Do you want to leave? What’s the problem? I’m having a good time.” Jessica signals the waiter for a drink. Mayte says, “She needs an ass-whopping. That’s what she f***ing needs.” Nicole tells the waiter, “I’m going to eat.” Mayte is seething. Jessica tells Mayte to calm down. Mayte jumps up, throws her glass across the room, and yells, “Don’t tell me to f***ing calm down!” Mayte storms off, Andrea follows her.

“No she did not just throw a glass out of anger,” Nicole says. “This is ridiculous.” Nicole confirms Jessica tried to reach out to Mayte.  Nicole thinks Mayte is being unfair to Jessica. Nicole says to Sheree, “How many times does she [Jessica] have to say she’s sorry?!” Sheree thinks Jessica antagonized Mayte. She says, “Apologize – and shut up.”

Sheree leaves the table to go console Mayte.

Jessica leaves the restaurant. Nicole can’t believe she’s left sitting alone. She says, “This is some bulls**t.”


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