Big Brother 14 Week 7 Spoilers: The Power Of Veto!!

Things are crazy in the Big Brother house! This week will go down in Big Brother history, for sure.

Last week’s double eviction led to Mike Boogie Malin and Ashley being evicted. Frank won Head of Household and nominated Dan Gheesling and Danielle.

This – “It’s hard to believe I spent all last night talking serious strategy with a guy in a carrot suit. Only in Big Brother.” – sums up what has happened since.

Who says that? Does Ian use his special Power of Veto? Who wins the second Power of Veto?


Power Of Veto

Leading into the competition, the best case scenario for the Quack Pack is for Shane or Britney to win. Ian could use his Pandora’s Box veto on Dan or Danielle. Shane/Britney would use the veto to save the second person, forcing Frank to nominate two new people. There would only be one “vulnerable” Quack Pack member eligible for nomination. They’d go up against Jenn or Joe. The Quack Pack controls the vote. Nice plan… for a perfect world…

The Power of Veto competition is How Bad Do You Want It?

Frank (HoH), Danielle (nominated), Dan (nominated), Jenn, Shane, and Britney play.

Worth mentioning – Dan got Houseguest’s Choice and picked Jenn.

Big Brother Art Gallery – buzz in, guess the scene in the picture, punishment revealed and if refused, eliminated from the competition.


Frank – avocado bath – 2 points

Dan – eat nasty stuff – 6 points

Jenn – burn the clothes that she was wearing (probably no big loss) – 4 points

Britney – shackled to Danielle for 24 hours – not sure the points, but no amount of points would make me do this!

Frank – chum showers for 24 hours- 7 points

Frank – wear carrot suit for a week – 3 points

Danielle – have paint thrown at her for two minutes – 6 points

Frank – cannot play the next two HoH competitions – 10 points

Dan – solitary confinement “at a RAVE” for 24 hours – 8 points

Jenn – slop for the rest of the summer – 12 points

Frank should have won; however, he was disqualified for talking. By default, Jenn wins PoV!

Everyone pretty much assumes Dan is a goner at this point. Let us not underestimate the power of giving Dan 24 hours to think, however.

Some funny stuff:

Joe tells Frank that Ian is fierce, playing everyone against each other. Frank, still, says he disagrees. Joe tells Frank that Dan sent Ian a “I’ll rat you out!” warning during the Pandora’s Box veto competition. Frank ponders this for a little bit, then says, “”Maybe he meant that he’ll tell me that Ian’s been working with them and telling them everything.” Why is this still up for discussion?! What an idiot.

Frank is so focused on Dan being the bad guy and responsible for everything, he’s completely blind to Ian‘s part. Frank goes as far as suggesting that Ian’s IQ probably isn’t much more than his own. Frank thinks… then says, “If Ian is playing me, I’ll get the jury to vote against him no matter what. Even if he’s against Dan.” Frank thinks he has an untouchable power over everyone. He ends his grand delusion with, “I don’t care about their jury votes. If I get to the final 2 and these people don’t vote for me they can jump in a lake.” About Ian he says, ““I need him out of this game. Its just a matter of time before he scumbags me again, the little shit.” But, everything is still Dan’s fault.

Frank deserves to lose Big Brother 14 just for being so dense and full of himself.

Leading into Dan‘s solitary confinement coming to an end, Frank is feeling somber. Despite escaping eviction a bagillion times and being the current HoH, he doesn’t have a final two deal with anyone now that Boogie is out of the house.

Dan comes out of solitary confinement complaining the lights and music messed up his head. He’s stumbling around… looks horrible… the hamsters are getting worried. Dan looks at the live feed cameras, gives a thumbs up, and says “I’m fine.” Danielle is freaking out, insisting he needs a medic, Dan winks at the camera. Dan is saying he’s scared. He says to Danielle, “When you touch me, I get scared.” Hilarious.

Of course, typical Danielle, she makes it all about her. I will never understand why CBS isn’t cashing in on her special brand of crazy. They could be having a field day at her expense. Instead, she’s getting a normal and favorable edit.

Dan‘s theatrics continue. Dan nearly “passes out” in the bathroom – Ian panics, Dan winks at the camera. Danielle is hovering again, Dan tells her he’d like to be alone for awhile – Danielle leaves, Dan wiggles his eyebrows at the camera. I nearly die, laughing.

Frank and Jenn are starting to wonder if Dan is faking his condition, hoping for votes. Britney is also getting worried. She makes Ian promise he’s not going to use the veto. He does, and then he goes to reassure Frank as well.

Frank to Ian, “Come give me a hug.”

Ian, “I don’t give hugs to carrots.”

Dan’s Big Brother Funeral

Dan calls a house meeting – so he can say his final goodbyes before he’s rushed out of the house on Thursday.

Dan starts, “Number one rule – no crying. The last 24 hours have been really tough. I want to welcome you guys to my Big Brother funeral. I want to put you guys at ease. At a typical funeral, you would say good things about me, but I’m going to say good things about you.”

Dan says Joe taught him how to be a good husband and father. Also, how to make turkey burgers. (Albeit dirty ones, because Joe is a dirty pig.)

Jenn is the first lesbian Dan’s ever met. Jenn has taken away any prejudices Dan had about people with tattoos. He says, “I would be lying if I didn’t say you gave me an opportunity to learn. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me that you may not even understand. You’ve opened my eyes to a lot of things. And I want you to know how much you’ve done for me and how much you’ve touched me.” (Buttering up the holder of the PoV.)

Shane is a real life Captain America. Dan tells Shane he’s a good guy. Dan says he’d be proud for his sister to date someone like Shane.

Dan is getting choked up – Shane tells Dan to picture him naked. (Hahaha, I’m sure Shane would like that very much.)

Dan tells Britney that before the game, he only knew about her stink eye and epic diary rooms. They bonded because they both miss home.

Dan warns, “the last three are going to be tougher.”

Dan tells Ian that he’s a bright kid. He says, ““The more I was around you, the more you remind me of myself. Because you love this place for everything it’s worth. You made this experience for me so much more fun. It take a lot to understand how a brain like mine works. Although, I don’t have the same SAT scores, our brains work the same way. When it’s all said and done I’ll remember you the most.” Then, Dan asks Ian not to beat himself up after Dan leaves the house. (Seriously, pure brilliance.)

Dan reminds Frank that they started the game friendly, sharing a lot of the same interests. Obviously, they’re no longer gossiping about their favorite TV shows. Dan says to Frank, “No matter what, in this game you’ll always be my arch enemy but, respect, as a former winner, I don’t give that out easily.” (Appealing to Frank’s massive ego and need to be accepted by the “legendary” Big Brother players.)

Dan says to everyone, “Don’t insult me by talking game with me. I know you all want me out.”

THEN… Dan gets to Danielle! Dan says, “The last time I played this game, I knew I had to find one person who I had to give 100% trust to, and that was Memphis Garrett. Day one, I saw you standing there, and I thoguht I could trust you. I thought if I picked you, you would have similar qualities to Memphis. I was wrong. You know what you did. You are dead to me in this game.”

Danielle is completely caught off guard. She was not expecting any of this! She’s hysterical, of course, asking “what did I do?” Everyone is shocked.

Dan leaves the room.

Jenn says, “Dan is the most dangerous person in this house.”

Danielle says, “I thought he was being so nice at first.”

Shane says, “I thought he was sincere.”

Joe says, “You can’t just say something like that and not talk about it.”

Britney says, “Who would have predicted?”

Joe says, “We have to live with this dude until Thursday?”

While everyone is either hating on Dan or tending to a wounded Danielle, Dan sneaks up to the HoH room, to talk to Frank. Dan tells Frank all about the Quack Pack… every last detail. Including that Ian was with the Quack Pack from the very beginning, even named the alliance, and he was never loyal to Froogie. Dan says he resisted nominating Boogie, but the alliance, namely Britney, made the final decision.

Dan says to Frank, “I’m not doing this for a deal. I want you to have this info because I want you to go far. My alliance stabbed me in the back, and you need to know what’s going on.”

Frank, of course, is shocked. Franks says to Dan, “Britney made a deal with me after the double eviction and before the HoH. She wanted you out.” Dan says, “I’m alone and I will take you to the end. You worked with Chill Town, now become a Renegade. Who would think that we are working together?”

Obviously, any deals cannot be made without help from Jenn, since she has the Power of Veto. Dan suggest a final four deal – Dan, Frank, Jenn, and Danielle. FRANK AGREES!

Craziness! Frank took an avocado bath, chum showers, carrot suit, and gave up playing in an HoH competition (he already wasn’t able to play in the next one) just to get Dan out, and now Dan and Frank make a final two deal.

Meanwhile, I have no sympathy for the rest of the Quack Pack. They’re quick to blame Dan for their actions.  With the exception of Danielle, they all turned on Dan, some even before Frank won HoH. At one point, Britney said to Ian, ‘The worst case scenario is…” and Ian says, “…Dan going home.” Britney’s like, no, you idiot! Dan winning the veto! But the second Dan plays for himself… Britney is going to cry and whine. It never ceases to amaze me how some of these people get so offended when others aren’t helping them win. Like, how dare they come into Big Brother and do what is in their own best interest. That said, I will miss Britney in the game, if she is evicted. She’s entertaining and she plays a great social game. I was rooting for a Britney/Ian final two.

Dan tells Danielle the truth… he needed to catch her off guard so her reaction was true and honest.

The plan: Jenn uses the Power of Veto on Dan. Then, Frank will nominate Britney. Britney is evicted. Frank and Dan want to get Ian out, but Ian has the other veto, so they’re targeting his closest ally instead. Danielle is on board.

Now, Frank needs to work on Jenn. She’s leery. After getting confirmation that Ian is the rat and Danielle stays safe, she says, “Its gonna put a big target on my back, but I have to do it.”

Shane is oblivious to anything going down around him. He’s in the pool, playing with stuffed animals… anything but paying attention.

Danielle is lying to Britney, playing up what Dan did to her.

Britney is slightly suspicious but not enough to fully grasp the magnitude of what’s happening.

Dan says to the camera, “My life depends on a rocker chick from Brooklyn.”

Danielle asks Jenn, “Are you really going to save Dan?”

Jenn says, “Yes.”

Danielle says, “Is this shit really going on right now?”

Jenn says, “This shit is going down.”

Danielle says, “You’re a badass.”

Power of Veto Ceremony

It’s a done deal, folks.

Dan has been saved.

Britney has been nominated for eviction!