It’s double eviction night on Big Brother.

Last week, Shane won HoH. Shane killed the Silent Six by nominating Mike Boogie Malin and Frank Eudy. They took it well. Frank won the PoV. Shane nominated Jenn.

Jenn‘s mad that someone finally realized she’s in the Big Brother house. “I’m on fire, being put on the block, especially as a replacement nominee,” she says. “Usually, I lean back – I like to chill. At this point, I’m going to be a force to be reckoned with.” Jenn complains her way through the house. Ian says, “This tattooed rocker is overreacting. She couldn’t be a bigger pawn right now against a legend of the game. She needs to chill out.”

Who is evicted – Mike Boogie or Jenn? What happens during the Fast Forward?


Boogie and Frank are still mad at Dan Gheesling.

Ian goes to Boogie and Frank after the Veto ceremony. He says, “This is not going to be an easy decision.” Frank and Boogie are like, what are you saying? Ian realizes his mistake and quickly recovers. Franks think they’re in a tight spot… but it’s “doable.”

The music of doom follows Boogie around the house. Boogie is mad on the couch, Boogie is mad in the kitchen, Boogie is mad while eating. Boogie finally speaks, “Shane, I’m very curious. Why did you have to give you us the run around if you were just going to make that decision?” Shane says that was not his intention, he took every option into consideration. Shane apologizes. Frank says, “Stuff your sorries in the sack, man.” Boogie says, “You’re just looking like Dan’s bitch right now.”

Boogie says to Shane, “I can’t wait to watch you get done wrong, dude.” Shane says he’s not worried. Boogie says, “You should be! You should be very worried. You’re going to be sitting on the sidelines with that key dangling around your neck, while other people play for HoH. You’re in a lot of trouble, son. You better hope your boss wins HoH.” Frank to Shane, “You weren’t my target at all. This is great for Dan. He goes from number one on my list to number two.”

Dan is lying on the couch, reading his Bible.  Boogie and Frank try to get a rise out of Dan.

Boogie says, “Frank, we have to give it up to this guy. Dan, are you going to ignore me all week?”

Dan says, “I’m not trying to ignore you.”

Boogie, “I tip my cap.”

Dan, “No need to do that.”

First Eviction

Jenn’s final plea for votes, “What a summer it has been. I’m extremely grateful to have this experience with all of you guys. This particular week got a little hot in the streets for me – being up against one of the greatest players in Big Brother history, Mike Boogie, having former teammates campaign against me, and having different scenarios play out. I think of myself as a game player. No way would I ever ask for pity, just vote to keep your loyal and trustworthy Jenn.”

Boogie thanks his business partner, sends hugs and kisses to his son, and addresses Joe directly. Boogie thinks he needs Joe’s vote.

Votes to evict:

Ashley – Jenn

Britney – Boogie

Joe – Boogie

Frank – Jenn

Dan – Boogie

Ian – Boogie

Danielle – Boogie

By a vote of 5 to 2, Mike Boogie is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Boogie gives the handshakes and hugs he vowed not to give.

Boogie now knows Ian didn’t vote for him. For reasons unknown, Ian decides to out himself before he is out of the house! Ian whispers to Boogie, “You’re going to see some things you’re not going to like but remember I respect you.”

Boogie immediately warns Frank that Ian cannot be trusted.

Ian says to Boogie, “Get to steppin’.”

Boogie’s goodbye messages:

Frank, “You worked so hard to get me out of some tight spots, I wish I could have done more.”

Britney, “<brinnnggg, brinnnggg> Oh, hey, Janelle. No, Mike Boogie is actually not here, but I was just leaving a message for him. Is there anything you’d like to say? <Chilltown laughter>”

Dan, “I don’t even know where to start, man. Entering this game, I had a high respect for you as a player and I wanted to work with you. I wasn’t the one who ratted you out.”

Ian, “I’ve watched you on this show since I was 10, and I have nothing but admiration and respect for how you play this game. Now, for the hard part, since the reset, I’ve been in an alliance called the Quack Pack with Dan, Danielle, Britney, and Shane. I’m the one who told Britney and Shane you were coming after them.”

Boogie mouths “wow.”

Ian continues, “This week, I masterminded your demise. I learned from one of the best and that is why you’re sitting with Julie right now. I’m really sorry.”

Boogie is shocked. He smiles. He applauds Ian and tips his grandpa hat to him. Boogie graciously gives credit where credit is due. He says, “I’m proud of him.”

Boogie plays a mean game of Big Brother. This reaction shows he truly does understand it’s just a game. Kudos for Boogie for going out with class… watching back later, Boogie’s words are going to mean the world to Ian.


Head of Household

Ashley, Joe, Jenn, and Dan are all out before the third question. Frank and Britney go out next. Danielle and Ian go to a tie-breaker question.

Ian wins!


Ian nominates Frank and Ashley.

Power of Veto

Somewhere Over the Veto – looks the same as the Clown Shoe game that led to Jeff Schroeder‘s demise. Will Frank meet the same fate?

Ian (HoH), Frank (nominated), Ashley (nominated), Joe, Danielle, and Shane are playing for PoV.

Shocker! Frank wins the Power of Veto. The live audience is half screaming NO! and half screaming YES!

Captain Stupid tells Frank, “Congratulations, Frank, you have won the Power of Veto. Frank, you have just a few minutes to decided if you’re going to use it.” Captain Obvious says, “The nominee has won the PoV, so the nominations are bound to change.”

Power of Veto Ceremony

Back in the house, Frank quickly approaches Britney and Shane. He asks them to vote out Joe, if Joe goes up against Ashley. Frank assure them he has their back, as he’s going after Dan.

Ian is pacing. Julie asks him to sit. Obviously, Frank takes himself off the block. Ian nominates Joe.

Second Eviction

Ashley‘s long-winded speech, “I think you guys know it’s been a rough game. The house is pretty separated. I chose this side because during this whole game everyone underestimated me as a player. They didn’t think I’m a gamer. Obviously, I’m not articulate… <audience laughs> I can’t express myself the way other people do. I don’t have that talent. I have heart. I want to be here. Ian, I thought you had my back… ” She ran out of time. Thank goodness.

Joe, via hand signals, Me Joe, She Ashley, Me stay, Ashley go.

Votes to evict:

Jenn – Ashley

Shane – Ashley

Britney – Ashley

Frank – Joe, the terrible chef

Danielle – Ashley

Dan – Ashley

By a vote of 5 to 1, Ashley is evicted from the Big Brother house.

Ashley‘s first words outside of the Big Brother house, she likes Julie’s side pony.

Frank is fuming. How dare the house vote out the girl playing for him! Why aren’t these guys playing for Frank to win?!

Frank calls out Britney and Danielle for hiding behind two strong players.

Julie asks Ashley why she thinks she’s sitting with her instead of Joe.  Bear with me… I’m going to do my best to capture her words. This is no easy task.

Ashley says, “I made the house very mad. This whole game, I’ve been considered a floater. I never had a team that I trusted and believed in. I love Janelle. She was my coach. I don’t know. It’s like this tier system. I always felt expendable … So, then, I thought I had an opportunity to work with a team that had my back. I thought that Frank, Ian, and Boogs could take me far in the game. I thought I had a little strategy there. I mad the wrong people mad … Jenn, I never knew if she had my back for sure.”

Thankfully, Julie puts an end to the rambling. Julie reminds Ashley she’s the first member of Big Brother 14 jury.

Meanwhile, in the house, the hamsters are waiting for the next Head of Household competition. The mood is tense. Frank is beyond mad. Ian is still nervously pacing.


Photo credit: CBS