Look out world, yet another Housewife may be getting her own show!  I guess that is going to happen as the women war with each other…instead of watching everyone coexist in a Bravo hour, we’ll be forced to watch fifteen different spin-offs to see all of our favorite drama queens.

The newest lady who is rumored to be in talks for her own gig is Real Housewives of Beverly Hill’s Adrienne Maloof.  I guess she needs to do something to take her mind off of her separation from her husband Paul Nassif.

CLICK THE CONTINUE READING BUTTON FOR MORE! is reporting that Adrienne has been meeting with Bravo’s parent network NBC about the possibility of creating a reality show which would follow her and her brothers in their business ventures.  A source reveals, “The show is in the works and it will focus on Adrienne and her brothers and the Maloof family businesses. The show is in the early planning stages but it will be a competition-style reality show based around family businesses.”

Adrienne, like ninety percent of the other franchise wives, wants to build her brand.  She states, “My father instilled a hard work ethic in all of us.  I want to show my children hard work and why not take it and make your own brand what else would you do?”

She adds, “I’m a very creative person and when I have an idea I actually follow though, most people don’t follow through, I do.”

If nothing else, Adrienne’s new show will be an escape from the drama she’s embroiled in on her Housewives hit.  “It’s been difficult because there is a lot of drama this year, and I’ve had to work my way through this drama. It’s life,” continues Adrienne.

The source explains, “The new show will not be a catty fight fest, but will focus on finding new businesses.  Everyone is very excited about the possible new show and the network believes in the Maloof brand of luxury, business, family and hard work ethics.”


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