Real Housewives of Miami Premieres Tonight; Cast Promises This Season Certainly Won’t Be Boring!

Real Housewives of Miami is kicking things off tonight! Following a supremely lackluster response to the first season, a complete cast overhaul happened to spice things up. 

Well, apparently it worked! The ladies are making the rounds to promote the show and they promise it is very, very dramatic and fans will not be disappointed. I'm slightly afraid by that proclamation. I sometimes like boring. I know, I know… 

Anyway, season one survivor Lea Black vows this season is a totally new ball game. "I think a lot's different," she told the Today Show. "I think the mix of the new girls has made it hot, spicy, wild, crazy, fun and … a few other things have gone on."

And just what "other things" have gone on? Oh, you know the usual Housewives antics. "More drama than ever," Lea revealed, playing coy. "And it heats up as the season progresses."


New lady Ana Quincoces admits she wasn't exactly prepared for the crazy and had no idea what to expect. "I think we're never sure of what we're getting ourselves into," she confessed.

"There's always a little bit of apprehension doing something new when you can't predict the outcome — especially when you can't predict other people's behavior. I think the key is to try and stay above the fray and keep your dignity in the process."

However despite the chaos, she says she enjoyed the experience. It's "been fun — a little bit more fun than expected," Ana reveals. 

Another newbie, Dr. Karent Sierra (the first ever Housewives doctor!), tells the NY Post she thinks last season some of the girls weren't spunky enough which caused the lukewarm fan response. "Last season, I think some of them were reserved,” Karent opines. 


“I think all these women have something to bring to the table,” she adds. They are “new, strong-willed women that have their own personalities. They are energetic and they speak their minds." 

“Thank God, we are not living like ‘Big Brother’ because when you have these seven vivacious, strong-willed women, there will always be some type of confrontation,” Karent continues. 

And although this season is full of drama, Karent assures us she is not one of the drama queens – and it's apaprently her passion for her professional credibility that helps her keep it in check! “I am too conservative, and dare I say level headed," she reveals. Calling herself “the Bethenny [Frankel] of this show,” Karent says she came on the show with a purpose. 

Well, the second season of RHOM premieres tonight with a special 75 minute episode. Titled A Tale Of Two Miamis, we will meet the new ladies and check in with the remaining cast, who in addition to Lea includes Marysol Patton and Adriana de Moura. Unfortunately things don't get off on the right foot when the cast already starts facing off immediately! 

Real Housewives of Miami premieres tonight on Bravo at 9/8c. Reality Tea will, of course, be live-tweeting all the chaos. So get your mojitos ready, put your judgey hat on, and get ready to snark the new girls to pieces! You get what you paid for ladies. 

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