I will never understand how people can not like Real Housewives of New Jersey's Kathy Wakile.  She is just so down-to-earth and (compared to her cast mates) drama free.  I'll be honest, I felt badly for her during the finale.  All she wanted to do was enjoy her salad!

Kathy plays the voice of reason in such a ridiculous situation.  Of course, she seems just as confused and bewildered as most viewers who were watching that debacle go down. 

Luckily, Kathy is trying to make sense of the madness, and she's breaking it down for us…not that she draws any conclusions.  I am still so baffled by all of it, so forgive me if I come across as a befuddled mess–and I've watched the finale three times!


In her Bravo blog, Kathy writes, "Human nature has proven that you can take any group of people and allow them to view the same scenario and each person will take away something different based on their emotions, personal identification with the players, or just plain willingness to side with one party or another. So as I sit to write this blog, I think it would be best to remove my emotions from the mix and just present you all with the facts we’ve all seen involving the events of that evening. It occurred to me that the old saying that truth is stranger than fiction was in play here for sure. You can’t make this stuff up folks."

She lays out the entire scenario very matter-of-factly as follows:

The Set-Up: To paint a negative picture of Melissa [Gorga] at a public event by exposing her alleged past employment as a stripper.

The Players: Teresa [Giudice]; Kim D; The Bald Guy aka Angelo, former strip club manager conveniently  turned PR agent for a day; Melissa; Jacqueline [Laurita]; Caroline [Manzo]; Lauren [Manzo]; and me.  

The Motive: To destroy Melissa’s reputation, embarrass her, and ultimately try to destroy a happy family of five.

The Clues: Body Language, Facial Expressions, Accusations

The Evidence:

1. There isn’t any evidence to support the statements or claims made by the creepy “Bald Guy” that Melissa was a dancer for him, so everyone will just have to take his word for the truth.

2. The texts Jacqueline was receiving all evening from a mutual friend of both she and Teresa. The texts were being sent to inform Jacqueline there was going to be some serious drama that evening. Drama that Teresa, Kim D, and “The Bald Guy” had carefully planned out at the expense of one of the lady’s reputation.

3. The Candid Taped Confession: Ah, finally some real visual evidence. The conversation the creepy “Bald Guy” was having with some woman in the distance while forgetting he was still wearing a mic. (This is reality TV, if you think because the camera is not directly in your vision you’re not being filmed, you’re wrong. Let’s not forget, in reality TV the walls have ears! Or in other words when you are mic’d or near a mic, you’re being recorded and someone is always listening.) During this conversation “The Bald Guy” gives us a confession and admission to the big drama for the evening and the players involved in the setup.     

The Plot: The events get weirder by the minute as we reach crescendo and the key players start to play the blame game, while handing out accusations and lies.

The Finale: Cast members are angry, hurt, disillusioned, tired, and wondering how on earth we will be able to make some sense of this and get up at 5:00am to be ready to film a reunion with some civility. And then, the unintended finale… It is obvious from facial expression and body language that Jacqueline is in a complete state of shock and is having a meltdown. A sense of sadness and futility pervades the conclusion of this melodrama.

The next morning we find ourselves at the Count Bassie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey sitting beside one another without Jacqueline.

Whoa.  I think she does an excellent job breaking down the events of the evening.  I have to agree with Kathy…I thought that the recorded admission when Bald Guy forgot he was mic'd was very telling.  While I believe that most of the night was courtesy of drama by Bravo, I don't doubt that Teresa had a little bit of knowledge about what was going down.  For me, the scene in that dungeon of a bathroom was extremely telling.  I've said many times that I am not Team Teresa or Team Melissa.  I think they are both ego maniacs.  I do think that Teresa was really trying to get a reaction from Melissa, and when she failed, she went off the rails.  Unfortunately for Teresa, Melissa is much more savvy in front of the cameras, so she was able to maintain composure.  It is all such a cluster!

Kathy concludes, "Where do we go from here? Well it’s been a year since we’ve all been together in one room. Tune in next week to see how that goes."

Oh, don't worry–we'll be tuning in next week…and the week after…and the week after!

Kathy does have some good news (thank goodness!), taking to Facebook to announce, "I want to share my Great news with you All ! My dessert line – Dolci della Dea – Goddess Sweets, has been approved by QVC !! I will be launching my first product "The Cannoli Kit" this Holiday season. My tentative air date is December 15, 2012 xoxo"  Who wants to bet we'll all still be scratching our heads about stripper-gate when those cannoli kits hit the shelves?


[Photo Credit: Facebook]