Well, America your worst nightmare may have just come true. First Bethenny Frankel, and now Kris Jenner! The pimpmomager who has been hinting for years that she wants a talk show, may finally get her wish! Don't I get a say?

With low ratings for this season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians and dwindling interest in the 3 million products they pimp, the Kardashians are branching out into new directions to retain their attention. Can we call what they have fame?

With Khloe Kardashian almost positively headed to The X Factor, and Kim Kardashian dating an A-lister (finally!), and Kourtney Kardashian focusing on her new baby, Kris isn't about to be left out. 

According to Deadline, the matriarch of America's tackiest family is in serious talks with Twentieth Television to get her own daytime talk show. The network is so serious, discussions are all ready underway for a test run on Fox TV Stations for early as this summer. Fox is also the network airing bethenny, no surprise! 


If Kris is successful in a six-week summer test run with limited syndication she could go national, like Wendy Williams and Bethenny. “Everyone wants to do a test with the Fox TV stations,” a spokesperson for the network commented, declining any further details. 

I guess we wait – dreadfully – for more news. Haven't we seen enough Keeping Up With The Krap?

Moving on, it seems infamous Kim ex, Reggie Bush has some exciting news! The man who never kompletely fell under Kimmie's (or Kris J's) spell, is allegedly expecting a baby with his current girlfriend. And someone with the initiials KK no likey, even though she is supposedly madly in love with someone bearing the initials KW. 

Reggie's girlfriend, Lilit Avagyan, who bears a resemblance to Kim herself is "100 percent pregnant,” according to In Touch Weekly. 

Reggie and Lillit have been dating for around a year and the expectant mom is three-months along. “She is extremely excited to become a mom, even though it wasn’t planned,” a friend of Reggie's shares.  And Reggie is "excited and can’t wait to announce it!"

While Reggie and co are ecstatic, RadarOnline claims that despite touting that Kanye West is "the one" (doesn't she mean the third?), Kim is very upset. The 32-year-old was just seen freezing her eggs on KUWTK, has reportedly been pining for a baby for a while now. 

"Kim is very upset that there are reports out there Reggie has gotten Lilit pregnant," a source insists. "Kim had pressured Reggie for a very long time to get married while they were together because she wanted to have a family with him. Reggie just thought that Kim placed too much of a priority on her fame and reality television though and he wanted none of it.

"She feels it is a slap in the face that Reggie would consider having a baby with this woman when he wouldn't with her," the source adds. 

Kim's frustrations are compounded by her never-ending divorce from Kris Humphries. Kim is ready to settle down with Kanye, but can't because she is still legally married to that other guy. 

"Kim is beyond frustrated that she is still legally married to Kris," the source reveals. "Yes, she has moved on emotionally with Kanye, but she can't marry him, yet! She is livid with Kris for dragging this out, but she won't cave in to his demands that she admit the marriage was fraudulent. So, Kim is stuck."

"Publicly, Kim is putting on a very brave face, but she just isn't happy with the status of her personal life. Seeing Reggie move on like this makes her all the more determined to marry Kanye and prove to him she's moved on too — even though she obviously hasn't!"

Well, Kim – you reap what you sow. Getting married for money and attention wasn't worth it, was it?