RHOC’s Gretchen Rossi Updates on Slade’s Son; Grayson’s Mom Calls Son “Good Little Soldier”

As we reported the other day, Grayson, the son of Real Housewives of Orange County's Slade Smiley, underwent brain surgery for a tumor hes been battling for years.  Many of our readers were upset that Gretchen Rossi was Facebooking the status of Grayson's surgery.  Unless you've been living under a rock, you know how tense things are between Slade and Grayson's mother as he claims he can't afford to pay child support or help with their son's mounting medical bills.

While Gretchen was asking for prayers for Grayson from her fans, many wondered how Grayson's mother would feel about her updating the world on her boyfriend's son.  I think she's more interested in her son's well-being and sharing how you can donate to help pay his bills than to worry about Gretchen. 


Grayson's mom, Michelle Arroyo, recently gave an exclusive interview to Radar Online, explaining that Grayson had been at Sloan Kettering for three days.  She shares, “He is fighting hard. Grayson is a good little solider."

The Talbert Family Foundation has established a fund which promises to donate one hundred percent of its proceeds “to help defray some of the catastrophic costs associated with his cancer.”

Of the generous fund, a grateful Michelle says, “The Amazing Gray Fund is so thankful that the Talbert Family Foundation is helping us out. This is a great resource for people with a medical crisis.”

When asked about her ongoing dispute with Slade over money for Grayson, Michelle refused to comment, asserting, “That is the least of anyone’s concerns.”  It certainly is…and I hope that our wonderful readers will keep sending positive thoughts and prayers to brave Grayson.

As for Gretchen, it sounds like everyone has put their differences aside for the sake of the twelve-year-old.  Gretchen posted yesterday on her Facebook page, writing, "Thank you to everyone for your kind words and prayers during this difficult time. Gray has been in serious condition the last few days after surgery, but is putting up a good fight. The hospital and nurses who have been taking care of Gray have been so kind to Michelle, Slade and I, and other family members, during our long hours at the hospital. We would like to thank the Beckstrand Cancer Foundation and everyone that has donated or has helped us raise funds to support Gray and his on going medical needs."

The RHOC star continues, "The whole family has come together this week to be by Gray's bedside in New York while he continues to fight. Please keep praying for a full recovery for this brave little boy." 

Maybe the one silver lining in this awful situation is that everyone can finally come together to support Grayson and put their other conflicts aside.  I will continue to send prayers to Grayson and his family.


[Photo Credit: Twitter]