Reality Bites – Tidbits Of Random Reality TV News! Rachel Zoe, Mimi Faust And More

Here are some of the latest bites of reality TV news this week, including tibdits about Rachel Zoe, Mimi Faust, deets on Michaele Salahi's engagement ring and even a snippet about Michael Jackson's kids. 

First up is Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star Mimi Faust.  During a recent interview, Mimi revealed that not only will she be returning for season 2, but she's also taking a page from the Reality TV Star Guide To Riches.  Mimi is writing a book, working on a kids' clothing line, as well as a home decor line. 

Mimi's book will be filled with her advice on dating. She shared, "It’s called Warning Signs, about dating men in the business. So it’s going to be very interesting.” 


Speaking of branching out, Rachel Zoe is spreading her wings far and wide.  First, she's collaborating on a new line with Jockey that will roll out in November (with a massive ad campaign).  Rachel says, "Style starts from within, and having the right foundation is critical to the ultimate success of your outfit. I love marrying comfort with style, and this new collection by Jockey does just that.”

Not only is Rachel expanding her fashion empire, but she's also breaking into comedy!  Yes, comedy!  We die.  Rachel and hubby Rodger Berman just sold a TV series to NBC, featuring a main character that is loosely based on Rachel.  Stylist, designer, reality star, and TV producer – Rachel's doing it all!

In other news, we have to squash your hopes of seeing Michael Jackson's kids featured on their own reality TV show.  Michael's daughter, Paris, said this week that there is no truth to the rumors.  "No. I like to keep some parts of our life private, you know.".  I'm sure a few of the Jackson clan members are weeping over the lost money on that deal.

Our final reality TV news snippet today involves the newly engaged former Real Housewives of D.C. star Michaele Salahi.  It seems that Neal Schon is earning some serious coin rocking it out with Journey, as he dropped over a MILLION dollars on her engagement ring.  Yes, let that sink in.  ONE MILLION dollars on her finger.   He even had it brought in by armored truck the night that he proposed. 

Seriously?  She's going to wear something that valuable on a daily basis?  I can't imagine.  I'd be at the pawn shop or Craigslisting that sucker.  Do you know what I could do with a MILLION dollars, rather than staring at it on my finger?


Photo Credit: Adriana M. Barraza/