EXCLUSIVE: Reality Tea Speaks To Lea Black About Real Housewives Of Miami – Part One!

Ahhhh… there's a huge storm brewing off the coast. And things will get wild, crazy, and unpredictable. And that's just Real Housewives of Miami! Don't even get me started on Hurricane Sandy. 

This week Reality Tea spoke with Lea Black about RHOM and we got some dirt on tonight's shocking episode where Adriana de Moura bitch slaps Joanna Krupa silly – all while wearing next to nothing mind you. Now I've never been to a lingerie party that didn't turn into a crazy mess (OK, so I've only been to one and it was from my college days and I didn't really wear lingerie) – and Lea agrees. Her take on what happened: "The drama's organic. I don't think any of the drama on this show is contrived drama. These girls they can't hold back when they want to!" 

Lea said the slap is "just the beginning." Adding, "These girls, the dynamic between them is just… explosive." 


As for how the argument with Joanna and Joe Francis has affected her relationship with Joanna, Lea says, "I have always adored Joanna. She's hard working, she takes care of her family – her mother, her sister – and she really is out there for social awareness about animals. And I think anytime someone lives in the world and makes it more about the world and less about them, that's something I'm attracted to."

"So I've never had any issues with her and it was very unfortunate that the thing happened with Joe. I didn't know she lived in California half of the time. It never occurred to me that Joe knew her. So when we first all met at the party they were all hugs and kisses, long lost friends, 'Remember that I put you on Girls Gone Wild?' I mean, it was nice, it was lovely." 

"And then it just escalated. And I felt bad for everybody because I felt that everybody was doing and saying things that they would later regret, but these people cannot hold back. They simply can't hold back. They can't help themselves. You can't save people from themselves!"

"Just out of no where that started!" Lea explained. "It was an alternate universe that night. You leave shaking your head, you know, like, 'Wow! Did all that happen in a short period of time?' I think it was a combination of people drinking, people dressed, you know, like that. I think when you're dressed in lingerie at a party the decorum changes." 

"People are free. You feel like this is meant to be a wild and crazy party. It wasn't a reserved party. And add in the cocktails. And add in the different personalities of all the people, and it just… exploded!"

Well, we cannot wait to watch it unfold. 

Lea and I discussed much, much more about drama with Karent Sierra, Lisa Hochstein, and Marysol Patton, The Black Gala and her other ventures outside of the show, and what she thinks about reality TV! We'll be revealing the rest of our interview this week. 

As for tonight's episode we'll be live-tweeting the #bitchslappindrama on the edge of our seats with wine as our only shield. We so hope you'll join us! 

Real Housewives of Miami airs tonight on Bravo at 9/10c. 

[Photo Credit: Johnny Louis/WENN.com]