Flipping Out Recap: Cat Fights

Last night's Flipping Out had Jeff Lewis and crew back to normal after the gorgeous wedding of Jenni Pulos.  However, tension flares between Zoila Chavez and Gage Edward.  It's a cat fight of epic proportions between Miss Piggy and Barbie Bitch!  This looks like a job for Dr. Donna!

Jeff's cat Monkey has an eye infection and can't keep any food down, so he has Jenni make a vet appointment.  Monkey is his first pet, and he's had him for twelve years.  Jeff begins teasing Zoila about making an unintentional but inappropriate hand gesture when asking the security guard through the window if he wanted some water.  Everyone but Jenni jumps on board and makes fun of her about it.  Zoila gets upset, and Jenni scolds everyone for bullying.  Jeff tells Zoila that she can dish it but can't take it.  Looks like that therapy session didn't help as much as one could have hoped!

In the car, Jeff jokes with Vanina about her recent break-up, promising her she'll find love again.  If Jenni can do it, anyone can!  Jenni stays quiet, but when Jeff asks her what's wrong she brings up his awful wedding jokes.  He talks about how is ADD was all over the place during speech after boring speech, and he didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings.  He admits to being rude, but only because he was subjected to so many horribly long toasts.  Jenni reminds Jeff that Jonathan hasn't known him as long as she has, so he may be more sensitive to Jeff's humor.  She gets some semblance of an apology, and all is well.


At the Venice property, Roberto has made so many mistakes.  Laura doesn't want Roberto fixing the problems, and Jeff knows that they've given Roberto enough chances.  He calls the contractor to hash it out, but Roberto isn't willing to take any responsibility and ultimately hangs up on Jeff.  At Spring Oak, Gage suffered some food poisoning from bad bacon, so Zoila is calling him Piggy and teasing that he's pregnant.  Like Zoila, Gage doesn't like everyone laughing at him, but Jeff kind of eggs on Zoila for more. 

Jeff gives Andrew the responsibility of taking over Venice.  He makes fun of Andrew's outfit, but unlike some of his co-workers, Andrew revels in being teased.  He prances around the kitchen and shows off his tramp stamp.  He shares that it means "entrance" in Chinese.  TMI.  Gage doesn't enjoy the show.  He's being very sour so far this episode.  At a carpet warehouse, Jeff pays Jenni $20 to climb a wall of carpet rolls and touch the high ceiling.  Unfortunately, getting up to the top is much easier than getting down, so a forklift is enlisted.  Oh gracious!  At least she's wearing Spanx!  Jeff is thrilled to have crazy Jenni back now that she is no longer preoccupied with her wedding planning. 

There is a storm brewing between Zoila and GageJeff begins to tease her about her eating habits, which leads Gage to call her Miss Piggy.  Zoila retaliates that Gage is a bitch…and a Barbie bitch at that.  Neither of them takes kindly to the name calling, and Jeff finds the entire exchange amazingly hilarious.  Zoila reveals that she has no respect for Gage because he doesn't respect her.  Meanwhile Andrew is concerned that Venice isn't going to be finished on time.  He doesn't want to get blamed if things aren't finished, and I have to say, he's very good at his job. 

Back at the house, Zoila has thrown away something that Gage specifically asked her not to touch.  While Jeff intervenes claiming it was likely a misunderstanding, Gage thinks it was in retaliation for calling her Miss Piggy.  It's clear that Zoila doesnt' like taking any orders from Gage.  She retrieves the box from the trash, where she had intentionally put it in a bag with pet poo.  She's tells Jeff who finds it as hysterical as she does, and she washes it off before giving it to Gage.  Zoila takes great satisfaction in knowing that Gage has no clue he has a once poo covered box sitting on his desk.  Jeff, of course, has to tell Gage who is less than thrilled with the poo news.

Jenni and Jeff are taking their time getting out to Venice.  Jeff wasn't hired as project manager, and he's frustrated that he's now taken over this role without being paid for it.  Jeff receives a phone call from the vet, and he is devastated to learn that Monkey needs surgery.  They arrive at Grandma Patty's, and she is finally happy with how her renovation is coming along.  The vet calls again to say that she found no blockage in Monkey's intestines, only gas bubbles.  Jeff is horrified that he allowed his elderly cat to be cut open for no reason.  However, I did notice that this is maybe the first time in the history of Bravo reality television that we don't hear the other side of the conversation.  At the vet's office, Jeff meets the doctor, and he's curious as to whether she did the surgery but he doesn't dare ask.  The vet only has one arm, and at one point she jokes that clearly she didn't perform the surgery.  Jeff feels so guilty about making the wrong decision with Monkey. 

Back at the house, everyone is making sure that Monkey is comfortable.  Jeff thinks that Gage is going to be a great parent based on how well he handles Monkey.  Over breakfast at the Griddle Cafe, the team is meeting with the owner who is a potential client.  Zoila overreacts about Gage asking her to pass the bacon, and she storms out of the restaurant.  Jeff thinks this calls for Dr. Donna.  Gage apologizes, and Jeff tells Zoila she's being overly sensitive.  At the Venice property, Andrew is volunteered to head into the crawl space to find out where there may be a problem with the gas line.  All of my fears about enclosed spaces are kicking big time!  Andrew is able to fix the problem, and he saves the day. 

Gage, Zoila, and Jeff go to see Dr. Donna.  She wonders why everyone is always teasing followed by resentment.  Zoila feels disrespected, and Dr. Donna questions whether she was jealous when Gage moved into the house.  Zoila thinks she was more mad because suddenly she seemed to have two bosses.  They break down the dynamic between the three.  Dr. Donna wants Jeff to stop instigating problems between the two.  She suggests an experiment for the pair to try over the following week.  In the quick scene, Jeff dares Jenni to go sunbathe next to a guy in a park so he can take pictures.  It's official!  Crazy Jenni is back!

The Venice home looks amazing, and now Jeff can step into his role as designer.  At Spring Oak, therapy isn't really carrying over between Gage and Zoila.  He blames her for his computer crashing when she vacuumed his office and unplugged his computer.  They quickly get back into teasing one another, and it's safe to say that Dr. Donna's experiment of being more respectful has failed miserably.  Jeff couldn't be more thrilled. 

Next week, Jeff plays several practical jokes on Andrew.  Andrew implores Gage to like him to no avail, and he starts making more mistakes.  Dr. Donna is back again.


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