When it comes to Kardashians one can expect everything is a PR spin machine manufactured by Kris Jenner. In the latest rumor to erupt on the scene more reports are emerging that Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are in major marriage trouble! 

In Touch Weekly touts the couple is on the brink of divorce in their newest cover story, claiming Khloe is begging Lamar to go to "couples therapy – or else!" Khloe is apparently "heartbroken" that her marriage is in such trouble.

“He’s been so distant and stressed with basketball lately," an insider reveals. "She doesn’t know what else to do.” In a desperate bid to save their marriage Khloe is going to "make-or-break" efforts because “she’s reached her breaking point in a marriage that has been struggling for months.”


Lamar has been pushing Khloe away. He shut down and wasn’t communicating with her," the source adds. "It’s been freaking Khloe out. Something’s got to give."

Following “months of ups and downs for the couple,” Khloe allegedly issued an ultimatum to her former NBA superstar husband in an effort to get their relationship back on track. 

“She’s doing everything and anything to keep their marriage together,” the insider insists. “She’s dedicated to her marriage and hates the strain they’re under from Lamar pulling back from her.”

Well, that's one story regarding Khloe's marriage and here comes another one – straight from the the Kardashian-Odom's mouth. Khloe tells The Sun, the couple is focused on becoming parents and happily married. 

Discussing her decision to feature her fertility problems on Keeping Up With The Kardashians, Khloe says she doesn't regret her decision although it's difficult to see it play out on TV. 

“This is one of those things that is really personal but, due to the show, is shared with millions. Fans have been incredibly supportive. I get so many messages from women going through the same thing who were helped by seeing me being open about it," Khloe maintains. 

“I am sure Lamar and I will get there. We are just trying to relax and have fun along the way,” she adds. 

As for living her life so prominently both as a reality star and an NBA wife, Khloe reveals it has ups and downs, but she is happy and secure. “The reality lifestyle is really hard for anyone to learn to cope with. You give up your anonymity and your privacy to a lot of extent. Your joys and your struggles are shared with millions."

“But you find so many people cheering for you at the good times and supporting you through the bad times. Lamar is and always will be my priority.”

Moving on, the Kardashians are currently in London promoting Kardashian Kollection for Dorothy Perkins. Apparently Kim Kardashian has an uber A-List agenda while she's in town. If you thought buddying up with Beyonce was a fete, wait til you hear this! 

"When Kim and her sisters go to London this week they will be taping their trip for a special reality show. Kim really loves London and is obsessed with Kate Middleton," a friend tells HollywoodLife.

"She wants to meet her and have it all on camera. Of course Kris knows what this would do for ratings. Kris is always telling Kim that she and Kate have a lot in common because they are both really into fashion,” the friend adds. 

And that folks is the surest sign that Kris Jenner is a delusional nutcase. So, Kim K and Kate Middleton have a lot in common right? I mean, Kate is twice divorced, a sex-tape star, pimping out her life in Playboy and low-budget reality shows, has constant wardrobe malfunctions… Oh! wait – that's KIM! Oopsie. 

Yeah, all those two have in common is that they both got married on TV and their names start with K.