Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert Announces Wedding Date to J.P. Rosenbaum; Bachelor Sean Lowe’s Final Four Revealed!

It's going to be the most dramatic holiday season ever…I hope you read that in your best Chris Harrison voice!  Not only do we have dirt on tiny Bachelorette Ashley Hebert's wedding to J.P. Rosenbaum (anyone want to do an over-under?  I'm calling two years), but we have an inside look at newest Bachelor dud Sean Lowe's final four.  I'm starting to think that ABC is behind leaking some of this gossip so that the franchises will remain relevant.  After all, Courtney Robertson and Ben "Flannel" Flajnik's break-up isn't going to carry us through until 2013. 

Ashley and J.P. will be following in the footsteps of the original Bachelorette couple Trista and Ryan Sutter.  Not only are they getting married, but they're doing so in a two hour televised ABC special.  Is that part of their contract?  #rhetoricalquestions  Also, we have some spoilers, so if you don't want to skip ahead 9+ episode's of Sean's Bachelor season and make your own betting pools, consider yourself forewarned.


The season 7 love birds will be sharing their "I dos" with 'Merica on Sunday, December 16, according to Ace Showbiz.  The most played out dramatic televised wedding ever will follow the bride and groom as they plan for their nuptials.  Not only will we get to see bachelor and bachelorette parties (the tame versions, of course), we'll get to be with Ashley as she heads to Gap Kids to pick out her wedding dress.  In case you were wondering, host and notary public extraordinaire Chris Harrison will be officiating the ceremony.  I can already picture it.  "J.P., do you take Ashley to be your wedded wife, for better or for worse, in sickness and in health, until death do you part?  And, more importantly, will you accept this VERY FINAL rose?"  I don't know about y'all, but I've already set my DVR!

Everyone's favorite spoiler provider (and nemesis to ABC), Reality Steve has already pegged the final four for Sean's 2013 season according to The Hollywood Gossip.  Continue scrolling at your own risk!

AshLee Frazier (no, I didn't accidentally hit the "shift" button when typing out her name) is 32, a professional organizer and the daughter of a pastor.  Score!


Desiree Hartsock designs bridal gowns.  It's meant to be…and it could save ABC a few dollars if an actual wedding occurs.


Catherine Giudici works for Amazon.  She's way too corporate and independent for Sean.  And yes, I'm just basing my entire thought process on the fact she works for Amazon.


Lindsay Yenter.  She's from Missouri.  That's all I know.

So, I guess that the old "favorites" don't make it that far.  Awkward!  Apparently, Sean and his harem filmed their hometown dates at the end of October.  Sadly, one of these ladies (I'm looking at you, Amazon!) got axed before Sean and his final three headed to Thailand for the fantasy suite dates.  That's where they are now.  Only with Sean, it's probably fantasy luncheon dates.  I'm not judging.  In fact, it would be a refreshing change from the final contestants pretending they are just staying up all night "talking" in some fabulous resort suite. 


[Photo Credit: ABC, WENN]