I'm sorry, but I'm kind of at a loss for words with this one.  People aren't really this stupid are they?  I mean, Chad Ochocinco Johnson found another idiot to date him?  What gives with these women?  Not only does Chad have a new girlfriend, but he apparently wants to marry her AND she's feuding with his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada on Twitter.  Okay, so maybe that last part isn't all that shocking. 

Given that Chad and Evelyn met on Twitter, I guess I shouldn't be surprised that they are both still lurking in one another's Twitter feeds.  However, given the fact that the world watched how Chad treated Evelyn on Basketball Wives, then saw their marriage crumble after an alleged head butt, it's a wonder that anyone would want to get mixed up with either of these two.  Add in Chad's serial cheating and both of their penchants for violence, and any sane person should be staying as far away from them as possible!


It seems that a fan reached out to Chad's mistress Tiffany on Twitter, writing, “Wow! Do u care about his marriage to @EvelynLozada?”

Evelyn then intervened, tweeting, “Is this a trick question? #ChildPlease.”

Of course, that led Tiffany to respond to her new man's ex.  She replied, "Please pull up the heart monitor app on your iPhone & take a deeeep breath before you collapse a lung, grandma. You don’t know anything about me or anything about what you think you’re watching," adding later, "It’s healthy to see you’re spending your 'new' time, 'new' energy, 'new' growth & 'new' outlook on Twitter all day, though. You’re quite the muse. I literally don’t have time for your character defects & your energy doesn’t exist in my world. Best of luck to you, I mean that. #allthewaybye.”

Chad had to break up the cyber fight by telling Tiffany to stop tagging Evelyn in her tweets.  Seriously, who are these people?  Why does Evelyn feel the need to get into her ex-husband's business?  I'm at a loss. 

On Sunday, one of Chad's followers asked how he was making ends meet since being fired from the Miami Dolphins.  Chad tweeted, "Alimony from a" and then added a slice of pizza emoticon.  Viewers of BBW will remember the time that Chad likened Evelyn to the last piece of pizza that no one wants.  When the follower asked if Chad was using emoticons because of Evelyn's restraining order against him, Chad responded with a light bulb emoticon.  Geez.

So Chad head butts his wife and she still ends up paying for his lavish lifestyle?  None of this makes sense to me.  They're all loony if you ask me!

UPDATE:  Evelyn's team reached out to Reality Tea to set the record straight.  Evelyn is NOT paying Chad alimony.



[Photo Credit: Twitter]