Basketball Wives LA Recap: Diddy Called…He Wants His White Party Back

This November, I am thankful for Basketball Wives: LA.  Seriously.  They make me feel a wee bit better about my life.  I may not have money or reality fame, but at least I've got great friends and family and don't look like a fool week after week for the whole world to see.  That is definitely something for which to give thanks!

Once again, last night's episode was the Jackie Christie show, and I have to wonder why she doesn't just get a spin-off already!  Fortunately for the viewers, the ladies seem to have veered from their whole meet for lunch/drinks/dinner/canyon/walks/cat fights premise.  Sorry, I couldn't even type that with a straight face.  We begin with Jackie meeting Gloria Govan for lunch to discuss Laura Govan's recent behavior.  Jackie needs to get her personal life sorted out so the drama doesn't interfere with the most important thing in her life–her daugters New York Fashion Week.  I am still shocked that she has a show.  Are we sure this is New York City Fashion Week?  In Manhattan?  Perhaps it could be New York Missouri Proper Fashion Week?  Jackie reveals that Malaysia Pargo will be walking in her show, and she had planned to ask Draya Michele as well.  Gloria is confused.  Doesn't Jackie hate Draya?  Gloria is too involved in her webisodes.  Jackie decides to vent about Laura to her sister, and Gloria totally flakes.  Jackie knows Gloria is the mouthpiece for the group, but she hopes Gloria will be nice when she sees Jackie's clothing line.

Malaysia and Bambi are returning to volunteer with Educated Ballers.  They have two high school girls they are going to mentor.  Well, this is a refreshing change if we have to see a "meet up" with the women.  Malaysia wonders if the girls would like to work in fashion.  One girl would like to be a social worker while the other would like to work in a correctional facility.  They are going to be roommates when college starts in the fall.  I must say that both Bambi and Malaysia are good at talking to the girls without talking down to them.  Malaysia is inspired.  She wants their next vacation to be a volunteer endeavor, like building houses in New Orleans. 


Brooke Bailey has enlisted Gloria and Draya to go with her to get a body piercing.  Draya and Gloria decide to jump on the band wagon as well.  Holy ouch!  Brooke is getting her neck pierced.  Who knew you could do that?  I'm not doctor, but he seems dangerously close to a major artery.  Gloria and Draya opt for alternative ear piercings.  Matt Barnes, who vowed he wouldn't be filmed this season, arrives to see his lady's new ear ice.  Brooke and Draya enjoy seeing how cute Matt and Gloria are together. 

The following day, Brooke invites Gloria to go shopping because she wants some advice on how to strengthen her relationship with NBA rookie Vernon Macklin.  She knows the groupies are lining up, and he's young and impressionable.  Gloria reveals that her relationship with Matt wasn't perfect overnight.  It took him a while to get to the place where he didn't want to do a bunch of other women him.  Gloria further explains that their recent break-up occurred so that she could blaze her own single trail for a while.  Now, they are both at a place where they can totally commit to one another.

Bambi and Laura meet for drinks.  This should be interesting, given Bambi's penchant for brutal honesty.  The women revisit the Laura/Jackie conversation for the umpteenth time.  Laura wants Bambi to understand that she and Jackie have a history that Brandi will never fathom.  May I suggest that Laura just buy Bambi last season on DVD?  That would solve everything!

Malaysia and Gloria mix things up a bit with a hike.  Malaysia has always allowed her husband to be more front and center in the limelight, but now she's ready to find her niche outside of just being a wife.  They both discuss the uncertainty of never knowing where their men are going to be.  Of course, Gloria is finally an "actress" and she's not leaving Los Angeles.  Malaysia then questions Laura's intentions with Jackie.  Gloria believes that once her sister has enacted her revenge, she and Jackie will happily go their separate ways.  Can we fast forward to that point?

Draya has invited the ladies to her white party.  Jackie clearly didn't get the memo and she comes dressed as a cross between Rick James and a Solid Gold dancer.  Her black and gold lame jumpsuit sticks out just a bit.  Jackie totally didn't realize she was supposed to wear all white to the "white party" and hopes she doesn't offend Draya with her outfit.  Bambi thinks it's a bit odd that Jackie can't wait for Draya to arrive to see her reaction.  Before Draya can get upset, Jackie gives her a present.  There seems to be some miscommunication.  Draya is mad because she specifically remembers telling Jackie to wear white.  Jackie, of course, is getting peeved because she thinks Draya set her up by NOT telling her to wear white.  I think I'm going to believe Draya on this one.

Laura and Gloria arrive, and Gloria reminds her that the invitation said "ALL WHITE" in caps.  A tearful Jackie asks Malaysia to join her in the restroom.  She has been set up because no one told her what to wear and now she's humiliated.  Oh my goodness.  Get over it!  It's not like they told you it was a hoedown and you showed up in overalls when it turned out to be a black tie affair!  Malaysia questions Draya as to whether she was trying to humiliate Jackie.  Draya makes the best point of the entire season when she says that she invited Jackie herself, and OF COURSE she'd tell her the dress code because she wouldn't want her showing up to her party dressed like one of Elton John's curtains circa 1979.  Malaysia immediately realizes that Jackie is playing her to get attention, and she's livid.  Draya tells Jackie that she just wants the ladies to celebrate her swimwear line, regardless of what they are wearing.  Jackie decides she needs to leave, but first, she wants to stir up some drama. 

Malaysia is hurt that Jackie is trying to steal the attention away from Draya, and she tells Jackie as much.  Draya, who somehow became the voice of reason this season, suggests that the women go to a quiet spot to talk through their differences.  Laura plans to use this time to take the attention away from Jackie to see how she reacts.  Laura starts calling Jackie out on all of her behavior from last season.  Jackie thinks that Laura needs medication.  She's never been anything but a good friend to all of these ladies.  Now, I don't condone Laura's behavior at all, but is Jackie watching the same show we are?  There is a lot of cussing, and Bambi tries to defend Jackie.  Bambi doesn't understand why Laura is holding on to this anger given that Jackie has already apologized.  Gloria tries to explain to Bambi that she is clueless about Jackie's real personality.  Laura decides to sit back and wait for another time to pounce. 

The following day Jackie and Bambi meet up so that Jackie can thank Bambi for defending her.  Bambi isn't able able to go to New York, which should make things more interesting with the core group.  Bambi asks whether her daughters will be attending.  Jackie explains that they really want to be there to support their mother, but they have to work.  Um, okay.  Draya arrives and tries to be honest.  She thinks that Laura is a bitch, but that's why they get along.  However, she also tells Jackie that Laura doesn't like her, and Draya doesn't think Laura needs to come to Jackie's fashion show.

That night, Draya, Gloria, and Brooke head out for cocktails.  Whatever fashion tape Brooke is using for her bathrobe outfit must be the stuff they use to repair the space shuttle.  It's clearly industrial strength!  Brooke says that she kind of understands why Laura is acting like she is.  Gloria wants to throw a birthday party for her sister sans Jackie.  The women's gossip is interrupted when Brooke gets a phone call.  The editor of a hip-hop magazine is calling, and Brooke makes sure to put him on speaker.  All of the girls are listening, and he grants her the cover.  Draya seems genuinely happy for her.  Of course, the editor starts talking about Draya being unprofessional, and Draya can't hold her tongue.  Brooke is appalled by Draya's behavior, but you have to wonder why Brooke has the dude on speaker phone.  Draya then starts talking smack about the magazine, and she seems totally jealous.  Green isn't a good color on you, Draya.

Next week, Malaysia is prepping for Jackie's runway show, and Brooke confronts Draya about her behavior regarding the magazine cover.  Laura foreshadows to Jackie that more is to come between them, and Jackie gets upset when it seems Laura is a no-show in New York. 


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