Bachelorette’s Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum’s Franchise Wedding List Revealed! Expect A Whole Lot Of Awkward!

Leave it to Ashley "Build-A-Bear" Hebert to buck the system when it comes to wedding etiquette.  Seriously, someone get this girl an Emily Post book stat!  No, I'm being too hard on Ashley and her fiancé J.P. Rosenbaum.  I should be applauding the Bachelorette pair for actually making it down the aisle given the curse that seems to plague all relationships born of the Bachelor franchise.  Did you know that out of twenty-four seasons there have been twenty-one engagements that failed?  I mean, yes, two of those engagements belonged to both Brad Womack and former flame Emily Maynard, but those odds aren't good!  My math is bad…I realize that Emily's engagement to Brad doesn't factor in, but I feel like it is worth mentioning.  Lots of failed relationships!

Of course, when Chris Harrison talks about the most dramatic rose ceremonies ever I never thought that he would try to orchestrate the most dramatic televised wedding ever.  I don't know whether to be disgusted or proud for what will surely be Bachelor Pad style television.  Slow clap, Mr. Harrison, slow clap.


As you all know, the miniature dentist and her construction worker beau are set to wed in an ABC special which will happen this Saturday, December 1st, and air on December 16th.  It's just the way you wanted to begin the holiday season, right?  Don't lie… 🙂

Well, Rumor Fix has the guest list for this STD laden affair, and let's hope the wedding planner has been watching the past seasons.  I'd hate to be in charge of the seating chart for this shindig!  I'm not sure if Ashley just wants to have her special occasion hijacked by screaming crazies and bitter ex-lovers or if she's contractually obligated by ABC to invite a bunch of people who can't stand one another (I'm hoping the latter), but this wedding is going to be one big ball of awkward.  I can't wait.

Not surprisingly, former franchise "winners" whose on-air nuptials are still going strong will be in attendance, so be ready to see Trista and Ryan Sutter front and center along with Molly and Jason Mesnick.  Be prepared for lots of good advice from these couples to pepper the special in between cringe-worthy run-ins from the rest of the invitees.

Ex-fiancés Emily and Brad are invited, although it's rumored that Brad is smart enough to send a gift…with his regrets.  Boring Flannel Ben Flajnik also received an invite, but why would he want to watch his former flame walk down the aisle to the guy to whom he lost her?  I think it's safe to say that he'll be too busy to attend as well.

The rest of the Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise invitation list is as follows:

Ali Fedotowsky

Ashley Spivey

Jackie Gordon

Lisa Morrisey

Michelle Money

Graham Bunn

Jillian Harris

Michael Stagliano

Ryan Park

Constantine Tzortzis

Ryan McLean

Oooh!  I'll tune in just to see Graham!  I'm betting Michelle will be hitting on Stag, and Jillian will be crying in her cosmo wondering why Ed Swederski didn't make the cut.  This may be the best franchise wedding ever.


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