VIDEOS & PHOTO: Big Rich Texas Gets Drunk In New Orleans! Plus, We Found A Picture Of The Elusive Rip!

Big Rich Texas is all new tonight! I kind of missed this crazy bunch last Sunday. Admit it… you did too! 

Last time on Big Rich Texas, Leslie Birkland announced that she and Rip were engaged. All the women were like, OMG, let me see the (assumed to be humongous) ring! According to Leslie, her billionaire asked her to marry him on the fly, so she didn't have a ring yet. Horrors! Connie Dieb and Bonnie Blossman rushed Leslie to the nearest bling shop. While shopping for an engagement ring, Bonnie asked Leslie if she and Rip would join Bonnie and Jason for dinner later that week. Leslie agreed, and then Bonnie secretly planned an engagement party for the couple! 

Imagine Leslie's surprise when she came to the party alone, as Rip's plane had been delayed in New York. Of course. A mortified Leslie attempted to distract her friends with massive amounts of alcohol and the promise of a trip to New Orleans. Despite no Rip, good times were had by all until Jason  picked a fight with Tyler immediately after Cindy Davis practically tried to bed him on the bar. Poor Tyler. Big Rich Texas ended with an embarrassed Leslie dragging one of her real/borrowed children to the car. Again.

On tonight's episode of Big Rich Texas, the ladies travel to New Orleans for Leslie's bachelorette party, but the bride-to-be is nowhere to be found. Then, before Booger asks Whitney Whatley to be his bride, he seeks Bonnie and Jason's blessing. Bonnie and Jason are all like, why? she has no money, no job, and no life goals. It's great! 

Also, imagine our surprise when we came across Leslie and Rip's engagement announcement, complete with a photo of the lovebirds! 


Well, there he is!

Suprise number one: Rip exists outside of Leslie's imagination. Surprise number two: Rip isn't as Rip Van Wrinkled as I thought he'd be. Surprise number three: the engagement announcement is dated for November 21, 2012… many, many months after the latest "Leslie's Engaged" episodes were taped.

Naturally, I went looking for some dirt.

First, Leslie's blog, explaining the latest episode:

When I bubbled out that Rip and I were discussing marriage, Bonnie suggested we meet for dinner soon. Business takes my sweetheart out of town several days each week, and on the night in question Rip's flight home to Dallas was delayed. I decided to meet Bonnie and her husband anyway; it was to have been a very casual meal, and I knew she would understand. Bonnie had expanded the plans for the evening to include family and friends…most of whom had not yet met Rip. This "surprise" was a tad embarrassing without Rip there, but we put that behind us and proceeded to have a great time.


So, "we're engaged" has been reduced to "discussing marriage" despite the next episode being described as Leslie's bachelorette party. Umm, okay.

The Style Network's engagement announcement reads: 

Wedding bells will soon be ringing for one Woodhaven Country Club member. Last Wednesday morning, Life's a Pageant owner Leslie Birkland heard the question she'd been waiting for. Her "billionaire boyfriend," LegalShield CEO Rip Mason, proposed marriage on the rooftop at Barneys New York in Beverly Hills. Check out the gorgeous ring Rip put on Leslie's finger! 
The very happy bride-to-be told us, "I was in London modeling when Diana and Charles wed, and I shared with Rip how exciting it was to be living in London in the '80s. My engagement ring is designed much like Diana's. Rip and I are taking a trip to London in March, and we will wed March 22." Congratulations to the happy couple—it sounds like a royal engagement indeed!
Meanwhile, Dominic Friesen, Leslie's spokesperson, told Celebuzz that Leslie and Rip plan to wed in June at the Four Seasons Hotel in Maui. Leslie's rep added, "Leslie is truly overjoyed with her engagement and excited about their future together. While faced with incredible obstacles this season, Rip remained supportive and completely devoted."
So, were Leslie and Rip engaged while the current episodes were taping or did they only become engaged a few weeks ago? Are Leslie and Rip getting married in March (in London) or in June (in Maui)? I suppose this engagement/wedding business is just another one of Leslie's mysteries, another chapter in Leslie's Tall Tales, another installment of Leslie's Twilight Zone… 
One thing I know for sure: I have a Big Ol' Headache… and not because I've been slamming 'em back Cindy style, though I might start before the end of the season.


Photo credit: Style Network