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Report: Kary Brittingham Filmed Real Housewives Of Dallas Reunion Virtually After Alleged Covid Diagnosis

I’ll go ahead and say it. Big Rich Texas did not walk so Real Housewives of Dallas could stumble and fall flat on it’s face. The current season has been troubled by the pandemic, cafeteria Christians, and Kary Brittingham. Much of the drama has been fueled by tequila and Kary’s unrelenting personality. She’s not a bully you guys, she’s “feisty”. Much like Kary, Brandi Redmond has also been the subject of viewer scrutiny after a video she made mocking the Asian community went viral. She’s not a racist you guys, she was “doing an impersonation“.

Now the time has come to wrap things up and have a chat with Andy Cohen. Will Brandi be held to the fire for her actions? Will Kary take responsibility for how she treats people? As the ladies flew to New York to tape the reunion, the rumor mill started going berserk. A well-known Housewives insider declared “We’re going to see something at the [RHOD] reunion this year we’ve never seen.” Now we might know what’s going on, and after this season, it probably won’t surprise you.

Housewives have fallen asleep during reunions. We’ve had a Housewife mistake fake snow for real snow and try to eat it during a reunion. And we have had some epic walk-offs. So what could have possibly happened at the RHOD gathering that jaded Bravo viewers have never seen before? Last week, Housewives expert Dave Quinn tweeted out a little gem that got people talking. He wrote, “I can say without exaggeration that we’re going to see something at the #RHOD reunion this year we’ve never seen at a Housewives reunion before.”

Did Brandi pack her bags and move to Siberia? Did D’Andra Simmons’ Shaman make an appearance in a cloud of incense and proceed to engage the group in a little Satanic meditation session? Or is someone traveling out of state when they have… the Rona? Ding, ding, ding. ALLEGEDLY. The rumor got some legs and other people latched onto it. A Twitter user shared, “Apparently the big tea is Kary B tested positive for covid and was sitting next to Brandi on the plane and holding her newborn! They were scrambling and had to find a way to do the reunion! Kary and Brandi apparently filmed from hotel rooms while the other girls were live #RHOD.” Did Covid do Tiffany Moon a personal favor?


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Kary has not confirmed the rumors, but therealhousewiveszone posted this snazzy little video on Instagram. The caption read, “Kary Brittingham all but confirms the reports she tested positive for Covid-19 thanking those who have messaged her support. The Real Housewives of Dallas reunion filmed yesterday with both Kary and Brandi filming virtually from their hotel as Kary tested positive upon arrival with Brandi in New York.” Kary filmed herself thanking fans for messaging her during her “illness”. She admits she is in New York “trying to rest up and get better so I can come back home soon”.

Again, this story has not been confirmed but is being reported by multiple news sources. Only Bravo or Kary can call the ball. Is it out of the realm of possibility that someone didn’t quarantine before flying to another state? Nope. Is it crazy to assume someone would potentially allow exposure to a newborn, fellow passengers, and the cast of RHOD? NOPE. Is it weird that Andy just didn’t fly himself to Texas to avoid circumstances of this nature? Well, Daddy doesn’t fly for the help, honey.


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After this lackluster season, a cast shakeup may or may not happen prior to Season 6 being filmed. Kary and Brandi might want to watch out, Leslie Birkland could be ready for a comeback.


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