Teen Mom 2 Recap: In Concert

With each season and every episode, Teen Mom 2 just gets more and more depressing.  I honestly don't think that Leah Messer, Kailyn Lowry, or Chelsea Houska are getting any more mature…their kids are just getting older.  Notice I didn't even mention Jenelle Evans.  Seriously, what's the point anymore with that one? 

Leah is finally getting over the divorce despite the fact that she was once in love with Corey Simms…like the day before this scene was filmed.  If you can get over it in a day and a half, chances are it wasn't true love.  She's ready to focus on getting back into school for nursing. 

Jenelle's friend Tori bails her out of jail, and Jenelle is upset that her mother wouldn't do it.  I'm more upset that Tori does!  I think she begins to regret it when she learns that she'll be responsible for paying $10,000 if Jenelle is a no-show for court.  Given Jenelle's track record, Tori could have a very hefty fine on her hands!  Both girls lament about how horrible Barbara is for taking care of Jace not springing Jenelle from the clink.  Meanwhile, Chelsea is desperate to get out of the house.  She's totally stressed out about not studying for her GED and her relationship woes with Adam.  Now that he's no longer squatting for free at her apartment, he doesn't really want to talk to her.  Not shockingly, her friend isn't that sympathetic, but she does surprise Chelsea with tickets to Deirks Bentley (jealous!) for the night before a practice GED test.  This is what most would call a conundrum…but not Chelsea.  She like so used to totally cry to Deirks' songs when she was pregnant with Aubree and Adam would treat her like crap. 


Kailyn is taking Jo to court so that she can have Isaac every other weekend.  She doesn't see the point of Jo having Isaac and just letting his parents baby-sit.  Kailyn is concerned that Jo is going to be angry about the mediation.  She's hoping she can drop off Isaac with Jo's dad without running into Jo before court.  Kailyn almost makes a clean getaway, but Jo pops up at her car window.  That was freaky!  Just as she thought, Jo is very upset about her springing this mediation on him.  I guess technically she could have tried talking to him first.  Jo is surprisingly calm while Kailyn is in tears. 

After deciding to go back to school, Leah and her friend go check out the University of Charleston to learn more about their nursing program.  She is nervous about the entrance exam, but she's excited about the prospect of college.  Leah signs up to take the test the following day.  At the courthouse, Kailyn shares her concerns with her attorney about Jo's anger.  After the mediation, Jo's visitation is lessened to every other week, and to say he's not happy about it would be an understatement.  He plans to appeal the decision.

Having spent the night at Tori's, Jenelle is livid at her mom.  She was "blowing tears" at how unfair it was that her probation officer came and gave her a drug screening after Jenelle missed a meeting, as well as the fact that her own mother wasn't willing to find additional childcare for her grandson so she could come once again bail her daughter out of jail.  Do you know the only thing that could make this situation better?  If you guessed someone who brushes their teeth with Jack Daniels and has a dollar sign in her name, you'd be correct!  It's time for a Raleigh road trip!

Chelsea drops off Aubree at her mom's before the concert and admits that she hasn't been studying for her practice test.  Her mom questions her about how things are going with Adam, but apparently the promise ring he gave her was a promise to continue being a total d-bag.  Chelsea whines about wanting to work things out with her knight in shining motor oil, and all I can do is wonder if MTV has stock in this feather hair trend.  I have a feeling I'm going to see Jo sporting one next…or perhaps Corey's trusted friend camo hat!

The Master-In-Equity has granted an interim order granting Kailyn some weekend time.  She is just concerned that Jo is so angry.  Jo shares the outcome with his mother who encourages him to spend as much time with Isaac as he can.  He reveals that he isn't hell bent on taking Kailyn to trial until he sees how the new schedule works out for them.  I'm guessing he cooled off on the drive home thinking about having every other weekend to go out with friends and have sexy times with his new video vixen. 

Corey is picking up the twins early so that Leah can take her entrance exam.  Corey and Leah seem to be getting along better, and he praises her efforts to get into college.  He really seems like such a good guy.  Leah is nervous about taking the test, and I cant' believe she'll get the results right away.  Speaking of tests, it's time for the GED practice test Dierks Bentley concert, and Chelsea's father drives her and her friends in his RV.  Chelsea decides that the studying can wait until the ride home. 

Attorney Dustin Sullivan isn't happy that his client took off to a Ke$ha concert instead of meeting with him after posting bond like he requested.  He lets Jenelle know that now she's facing the full forty-five day sentence.  He pretty much lays the smack down on her, telling Jenelle that Barbara called to see if she should bail Jenelle out of jail, and he told her it was totally up to her.  Dustin says that the judges and her probation officer are sick of all her excuses and questions whether the concert was worth a month and a half in jail.  Guess what?  It wasn't!  Get it, Dustin!

Leah gets her test results back, and she hasn't met the minimum requirements for admissions.  However, because her high school transcripts show a high GPA, they are willing to take them into consideration.  After more waiting, she meets with an Admissions Counselor, and congratulations!  Leah has been accepted to University of Charleston!  I wonder how that's working out for her now.  A sleepy Chelsea manages to pass her practice test even after a late night at the concert.  At least one teen mom's concert was worth it! 

Jo reaches out to Kailyn, and he expresses that in the future he'd like to discuss things before getting lawyers involved.  Jo drops off Isaac, and he tells Kailyn that she is welcome to come see Isaac anytime he has him, and Kailyn says the same goes for when she has Isaac.  She questions whether Jo still intends to take her to work, but he says he wants to try this schedule and see how it works.  I think that Kailyn is a bit upset that Jo is no longer fighting her on this…which just reinforces to me that one reason she did it was to get under his skin.  Yes, I think she definitely needs time with Isaac on the weekends, but I think she could have gotten it by talking with Jo first. 

Because everyone needs a fresh look for school, Leah gets her hair dyed darker.  She is finally getting over Corey, and she just got a Facebook friend request from some guy she's never met named Jeremy Calvert.  Foreshadowing!  Leah messages him to find out their connection.  Apparently, he knows Corey.  Confirm!

Jenelle goes to visit Jace, but really she just wants to yell at her mom for not bailing her out of jail.  Jenelle can't believe that her mom is blaming her for two failed drug tests.  Jenelle is cussing and yelling up a storm in front of her crying son, and she announces she's running away.  That poor child.  That poor, poor little boy.

Next week, Leah accepts a date from Jeremy, and Jenelle is hoping for another chance with the court system.  Kailyn has had her fill of Jordan, and Adam calls it quits with Chelsea.


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