Big Rich Texas Stars Whitney Whatley and Brandon Overbey Are Having A Baby!

Big Rich Texas stars Whitney Whatley and Brandon "Booger" Overbey made two very big announcements yesterday.

First – a wedding date!

Whitney and Booger will wed October 31, 2013. Whitney wants a Halloween wedding, 13 bridesmaids, 13 groomsmen, and a black wedding dress. OK! magazine has the video announcement

Second –  Whitney is pregnant! 

Grandma-to-be Bonnie Blossman tweeted: Whitney is 8 weeks pregnant and due July 24. There's no doubt in my mind that Whitney and Booger's baby will come out super cute, tattooed, and pierced. I can hear Bonnie in the delivery room now, "BRANDON!" Booger, "That was all Whitney! I can't stop her!"

Congratulations, Whitney and Booger!


It's definitely time for WhitneyBoogerBonnieJason, and Zakk to drop the drunken dead weight get their own show. In the meantime, I hope to be invited to the baby shower, bridal shower, wedding, birth… yeah… the only thing coming my way is a restraining order. (I'm a little obsessed.) That's cool too. 

PREVIEWS: Last week on Big Rich Texas, Bonnie discovered that Leslie filed a police report against Jason following his altercation with Tyler at Leslie and Rip's engagement party. Bonnie and Leslie each shared their up-to-date feelings via their Style Network blogs.

Bonnie wrote

I wasn't concerned about going on the New Orleans trip after the scene between Jason and Tyler. Leslie and I had lunch the following day, and I told her that Jason had apologized to everybody that night for his outburst. He sent her an apology email and she accepted his apology—at least to my face. It seemed like water under the bridge, so I decided to go on the trip and try to enjoy it. 
I should have realized there should have been follow-up apologies from Tyler to Whitney and Brandon for how he was attempting to provoke Brandon at the club, but Leslie only defended Tyler's actions and kept making obscure jabs at me along the lines of Whitney and Brandon being trashy for being pierced and tattooed, and about Jason being overweight. 
I never realized how judgmental a person Leslie was until I took the friendship goggles off and reflected on everything she has done and said to me and my family. She never liked my daughter; she only used Whitney to get Tyler on the show. She never liked me; she only used my friendship to get to other people.

Leslie wrote:

About a year ago, Ignacio Duarte yelled at Bonnie Blossman during the fall gala at the country club. He did not touch her, threaten her, push her, scream expletives at her, spit demands that she leave or vow to "bust up" her son. However, Bonnie grabbed her cell phone, called 911, and told the dispatcher to send the police. Someone stepped in and defused the situation. My point is this: With little provocation, Bonnie felt the right to call the police on Ignacio.
I am a woman who does not feel protected by the corpulent and craven Jason Myer, self-proclaimed "defender of women." Jason did do those aforementioned things to me and mine. 
When Bonnie Blossman and I first met, we seemed kindred souls. We exchanged the kind of confidences that women share. At the time of the Ignacio incident, Bonnie blithely mentioned that her husband would kill someone who threatened her or her family. I laughed, and she said, "No, I mean it." 

Also, Booger wants to propose to Whitney, so he asked Bonnie and Jason for their blessing. While Bonnie fully supports the idea, Jason thinks they're moving too fast. Will Jason concede? 


Photo credit: Facebook