Give me a break!  I am so over fake drama in the housewives franchises!  If what I'm writing is true, Pinot Singer has truly lost what tiny bit of respect I had for her.  On the flip side, I think that Aviva Drescher has proven herself to be slightly cray, so she could totally be making up the secret truce that she apparently has with Ramona.

Aviva has been awfully chatty lately about her friendship with Ramona when the Bravo cameras aren't rolling for Real Housewives of New York.  If you recall, the women were at an impasse at the reunion, with Ramona unable to forgive and forget being called a white trash alcoholic who enabled Sonja Morgan's bad behavior.  However, if you believe what Aviva's been saying, the ladies are practically a-okay behind the scenes.


Radar Online is reporting on a conversation that Aviva had with Tom Murro where she describes the preview process for the show while dishing on Ramona's many text messages post filming.  Aviva tells Tom, "Ok…while the show was airing…after filming. Before our fight in St. Barths Ramona was texting me from time to time. Probably four times. We got the disc on Wednesday – the world would watch it that Monday."

She continues, "Several times Ramona texted me and wrote 'you were great in this episode' or 'great job,'" adding, "I once responded 'LOL- that was when you had my back' and she wrote back, 'I will always have your back.'"

Aviva recalls, "It's weird…So way before I apologized on/off camera trying to make peace and move on – she was texting me sweet nothings!"  Weird indeed! 

However, the same site tells of another chat between Tom and Ramona herself.  He reveals, “Ramona told me that Aviva attempted to make up with her off camera, [and] Ramona wants nothing to do with it.”

Aviva has a different story.  She tells the site that Ramona isn't willing to accept her apology off-camera…she wants it to happen when Bravo starts filming again.  Aviva explains, “Ramona wouldn’t take the apology. She said save it for the cameras!”  I am so thankful I'm not friends with these women!


[Photo Credit: Stefan Jeremiah/WENN]


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